Underground Waste Collection

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  • Semi-Underground Waste Systems
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    Semi-Underground Waste Systems

    By Sotkon Waste Systems

    An semi-underground container completely watertight and with a great resistance. Exclusive design. Economic. The empty process is simple, quick and easy.

  • Compact Underground Waste Systems
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    Compact Underground Waste Systems

    By Sotkon Waste Systems

    Open bottom containers are connected with both the cover and the input bin forming a complete system. The input bin is made of stainless steel. The bin is easy to clean and very low-maintenance.The intake bin has a ...

  • Underground Waste Container
    Showcase Product

    Underground Waste Container

    By Erhan Machinery System Ltd (EMS)

    DescriptionEMS Makina manufacturing underground waste containers with metalic and plastic material. With the capacity of 3m3-5m3. This system works vertically in small area,enables all waste to be collected in ...

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  • Zweva Environment

    Zweva Environment

    At Zweva environment we take the resposibility that every producer should take. One of the aspects we strongly believe in is quality for a ...

  • Teksin


    Our Company has provided to be a leader in the production of waste container with highest quality, most powerpul, the best serial production and ...

  • Öge Metal

    Öge Metal

    Öge Metal has been founded in 2008 as first manufacturer of underground waste containers & vehicle equipment in Turkey. Now we are serving in a 1.900 ...

  • Electro – Metal BOEM

    Electro – Metal BOEM

    BOEM company was founded in 1988. The company is located in the town of Trzebiatow(West Region) however part of the production is located in the ...

  • Seracc

    Seracc Germany, provides semi-underground waste containers for diaper waste and incontinence waste. The beauty is that they are not perceived as ...