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  • Vacuum Waste Collection Drum
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    Vacuum Waste Collection Drum

    By Pentek Inc.

    The Pentek Knock-Out Drum is the perfect accessory to your HEPA vacuum waste collection scheme. When inserted between the waste and the VAC-PAC, you are assured of trouble-free, automated operation with no downtime and ...

  • Abington High Vacuum Waste Control Systems
    Showcase Product

    Abington High Vacuum Waste Control Systems

    By Pneumafil - a Nederman company

    Abington originated high vacuum / pneumatic conveying technology for textile waste control. Now Abington industrial vacuum systems are used in facilities manufacturing a wide variety of products including: Fiberglass, ...

  • Single Piston, Air-driven Scabbler
    Showcase Product

    Single Piston, Air-driven Scabbler

    By Pentek Inc.

    Pentek’s SQUIRREL-I is a single piston, air-driven scabbler with localized exhaust that safely removes PCBs, radioactivity, lead-based paints, chromium and other hazardous materials from flat concrete surfaces. ...

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  • Ecosir Group Oy

    Ecosir Group Oy

    Ecosir Group Ltd is specialized in energy-efficient vacuum waste pipeline transfer solutions (called generally as AWCS/PWS- systems). The wide system ...