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Vacuum Waste Collection Equipment

  • Movac - Mobile Vacuum Waste Collection System

    The mobile vacuum system was developed in the late 1980's, primarily for small and medium-sized areas. The third generation - Movac - has a greater capacity than it's predecessors and is designed for urban and suburban environments. Movac is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to other mobile collection systems.

    By Envac AB based in Stockholm, SWEDEN. from Waste Collection Systems Product line

  • Envac - Stationary Vacuum Waste Collection Systems

    The stationary vacuum systems handles waste and recyclable materials. Replacing old-fashioned refuse rooms and bins with underground vacuum technology eliminates the typical problems associated with waste including unpleasant odours and unsightly bins. Also, as the system is underground, nobody needs to come into contact with waste bags or ...

    By Envac AB based in Stockholm, SWEDEN. from Waste Collection Systems Product line

  • Premium

    VacuDry - Vacuum Distillation Unit For Refinery And Drilling Waste

    Applications and design, Process: Indirect Heated Vacuum Thermal Desorption / Vacuum Distillation. Source: Tank cleaning sludge from crude oil tanks. Oil lagoons, oil pits, sedimentation ponds. Solid phase from centrifugation. Drill cuttings, oil based mud (OBM). Contaminated materials from pipeline leakage. Input Material: Sludges with varying ...

    By econ industries GmbH based in Starnberg, GERMANY. from Indirect Heated Thermal Desorption Product line

  • In-Line Samplers

    If the requirement is sampling from an enclosed pipe then it is more sensible to use a properly designed In-line Sample Acquisition System. The SIRIS Guillotine Sampler is an extremely robust and reliable in-line sampler, and built on the same module as the MCERTS approved Efconomy vacuum sampler. The unit is specifically designed for In-line, ...

    By SIRIS Limted based in Sunderland, UNITED KINGDOM. from Water Waste Samplers Product line

  • Model XMIT BIO - Automatic Vacuum Transfer System for Organic (BIO) Waste

    XMIT BIO system improves the efficiency of the modern and professional food center and kitchen. It eliminates the odor and the bacteria risks when compared in to the smelly and dirty waste bins. The saved floor space can be used for the food processing.

    By Ecosir Group Oy based in Espoo, FINLAND.

  • Abington High Vacuum Waste Control Systems

    Abington originated high vacuum / pneumatic conveying technology for textile waste control. Now Abington industrial vacuum systems are used in facilities manufacturing a wide variety of products including: Fiberglass, carpet, textiles, nonwoven textiles, golf balls, plastic flim, extruded fibers, paper trim, concrete.

    By Nederman Pneumafil LLC, a Nederman company based in Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Textile Air Filtration & Conditioning Product line

  • Scanship Foodwaste Vacuum System

    Onboard a modern cruise ship a substantial amount of foodwaste is collected from galleys, pantries and preparation. To align with future requirements, the cruise industry chooses to process foodwaste onboard. Scanship has developed an efficient vacuum system for collecting, transporting and further processing of foodwaste. Transportation by vacuum ...

    By Scanship AS based in T√łnsberg, NORWAY.

  • Pentek VAC-PAC - Vacuum System for Hazardous Waste

    This HEPA vacuum waste collection system provides large, steady vacuum flows to entrain and transport waste over a wide range of operating conditions, like lead paint removal.

    By Pentek Inc. based in Coraopolis, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from HEPA Vacuums Product line

  • Pentek - Knock-Out Drum - Wet Waste Separation System

    The Pentek Knock-Out Drum is the perfect accessory to your HEPA vacuum waste collection scheme. When inserted between the waste and the VAC-PAC, you are assured of trouble-free, automated operation with no downtime and minimum maintenance cost.

    By Pentek Inc. based in Coraopolis, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from HEPA Vacuums Product line

  • Envac - Self-emptying Litterbins Collection with Vacuum Technology

    Self-emptying litter bins are ideal for the public realm, such as parks and entertainment venues. The system eliminates the problems associated with overfull litter bins . It also reduces the risk of pests and bad smells.

    By Envac AB based in Stockholm, SWEDEN. from Waste Collection Systems Product line

  • Stokota - Model Powertrailer 6000 - Powerful Vacuum Unit

    The state of the art PowerTrailer 6000 is the most powerful vacuum unit of its kind. It is capable of handling all your local and industrial suction jobs like catch basin draining, debris removal, tank emptying, deep trench cleaning, ship cleaning etc. The PowerTrailer can be used in the chemical, petro-chemical and marine industries for a variety ...

    By Stokota NV based in Lokeren, BELGIUM. from Waste & Cleaning Product line

  • Vacuum Samplers

    The SIRIS Efcomomy Sampler is an extremely robust and reliable MCERTS-approved fixed site wastewater vacuum sampler, which has been designed to provide long-term reliable sampling operations. The unit is constructed to ensure that the electrical components, the wetted sampling area and the refrigeration are all kept segregated. The majority of ...

    By SIRIS Limted based in Sunderland, UNITED KINGDOM. from Water Waste Samplers Product line

  • Pentek VAC-PAC - Wet Separator / Hazardous Waste Transfer Lid System

    Pentek waste Transfer Lids helps move liquids and semi-liquid materials continuously through your  waste collection system without taxing its operating performance envelope. In particular, VAC-PAC systems are designed to operate in continuous, maintenance free service for extended periods of time; up to one (1) year between service intervals. ...

    By Pentek Inc. based in Coraopolis, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from HEPA Vacuums Product line

  • Screenpod - Model Airvac 1200 - Conveyor Belt and Screen Vacuum Unit

    Screenpod Airvac 1200 Belt Vacuum; A compact yet efficient conveyor-mounted high efficiency lights recovery separation system comprising an adjustable vacuum head unit fitted to the fines stockpile conveyor, a freestanding vacuum fan unit and a lights recovery cage.

    By Screenpod International based in DUNGANNON, NORTHERN IRELAND. from Waste Screening and Recycling Solutions Product line

  • Muck-truck - Vacuum

    The muck-truck is simple to operate and easy to start, the Kawasaki petrol engine creates a vacuum in the container to offer powerful suction through the 5' pick up hose. The 350 litre capacity container is made from high density durable plastic and empties easily by folding the lid upwards and locking in position. The vacuum can be used for ...

    By Muck Truck UK Ltd based in Launceston, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • L.E.A.D. - Model SL-CR-IL - Imidazoline Corrosion Inhibitor

    SL-CR-IL is kind of filming corrosion inhibitor, it is suitable for refining crude oil with high content of sulfur and acid, and it has good effect in waste water treatment. After combined, it can be used in Atmospheric & vacuum distillation unit, Hydrogenation unit, delayed coking unit and Catalytic unit at refinery. It has excellent ...

    By Qingdao Lead Oilfield Solutions Co.,ltd based in Qingdao, CHINA.

  • Model FB 2000 - Vacuum Blowers

    Fruitland vacuum blower is perfect for application in liquid and bulk waste tankers, industrial process system, chemical and petrochemicals, sugar industry, depuration, pneumatic transport, water treatment and much more.

    By Fruitland Manufacturing based in Stoney Creek, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Vacuum Blowers Product line

  • Drum Filters

    Drum filters are used in Alumina refineries, mineral processing, waste water and chemical processes to separate particulates from slurry.Our extensive knowledge of technical fibres and fabric performance allows us to engineer drum filter media with improved flow performance, cake washing effectiveness and cleanability combined with increased ...

    By SOLAFT Filtration Solutions based in Tuggerah, AUSTRALIA. from Vacuum Filters Product line

  • Model ST SERIES - 2500 Gallon Vacuum Tanks

    Standard one-compartment 1/4' carbon steel vacuum tank fully equipped for septic service, wastewater hauling and waste cooking oil collection. ST Series tanks are available with a wide variety of options and customization.

    By LMT, Inc. based in Galva, ILLINOIS (USA). from Vacuum Tanks Product line

  • Model ME1 and ME1C - Compact Oil-Free Diaphragm Pumps

    Vacuum filtration is one of the most common applications used for sample preparation in chemistry, microbiology, waste water control and other analytical processes. The new ME1 and ME1C diaphragm pumps offer a compact, high performance and easy-to-use solution which is perfect for both single and multiple filtrations. The functional, space saving ...

    By BrandTech Scientific, Inc. based in Essex, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Laboratory Vacuum Product line

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