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Waste Biomass equipment for Waste and Recycling

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    Flexus - Model Typhoon - Biomass and Wood Chip Baling and Wrapping System

    Flexus balers are designed, engineered and manufactured for industrial-scale heavy-duty applications, to compact and wrap a wide range of waste materials incl.  MSW, RDF, C & I, biomass, ASR, pulp etc   The Typhoon is a fully automatic mobile high-capacity baler, processing up to 40 bales/hour.   Ideal for general MSW ...

    By RDF Recycling Systems Group, LLC based in Keller, TEXAS (USA).

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    Saturn Grizzly - Model Super 50 - Medium Speed Grinder for Tyre Shredding

    The Saturn Grizzly Super 50 (S-50) is a medium speed grinder that excels at reducing tire shreds into near steel free chips. The rotor knife arrangement contributes to the extremely efficient cutting action and high production capacity. The S-50 is designed for low capacity requirements. A multi-use knife design contributes to the S-50's low costs ...

    By Granutech-Saturn Systems based in Grand Prairie, TEXAS (USA). from Grinders and Granulators Product line

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    Fingo - Air Pollution Control Technologies

    Our technologies are suitable for power generation and industrial applications, including aluminum, iron and steel, oil and gas, cement, waste-to-energy, biomass, pulp and paper, and nonferrous metals, among others.

    By Fingo based in Moscow, RUSSIA. from Technologies Product line

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    ACA - Crusher for Recycling of Organic Food Waste as Biomass

    The ACA crusher is ideal for crushing/opening organic food waste so it can be converted into biomass and used to produce green energy. This applies to both packaged and unpackaged food waste, e.g. tomato sauce, mayonnaise, juice, tartar sauce, etc. This is a truly sustainable source of energy. The ACA crusher crushes the food waste and the ...

    By ACA Industry based in Odense SØ, DENMARK.

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    Flexus - Model Breeze - Integrated MSW Baling and Wrapping System

    Flexus balers are designed, engineered and manufactured for industrial-scale heavy-duty applications, to compact and wrap a wide range of waste materials incl.  MSW, RDF, C & I, biomass, ASR, pulp etc   The Breeze is a fully automatic mobile medium-capacity baler, processing up to 15 bales/hour.   Ideal for general MSW ...

    By Flexus Balasystem AB based in Nossebro, SWEDEN.

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    Enerpat - Model MSB-G1200 & MSA-F1500 - Wood Pallet Shredder

    Wood pallet shredders MSB-G1200 two shafts shredder and MSA-F1500 single shaft shredder are high performance shredders for shredding pallets, wood waste and residual timber,bulky wooden pieces. We will select from the wide variety of ENERPAT wood shredders and configure the best option to fit your needs.

    By Enerpat Group UK Ltd based in Nantong, CHINA. from Solid Waste Shredders - Shredding Applications Product line

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    Waste Screening Technologies

    The common screening technologies used nowadays include drum screens (or trommel screens or rotary screens), disc screens, and vibrating screens. In waste processing, drum and disc screens are most common, as vibrating screens have rather limited and specific uses mainly in screening aggregates.

    By Tana Oy based in Jyvaskyla, FINLAND. from Recycling Processes - Screening Product line

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    Saturn Grizzly - Model Super 80 - Industrial Rubber Scrap Grinder

    Highest Capacity Grinder on the market (10+ tons/hr). The Saturn Grizzly Super 80 by Granutech-Saturn Systems is an industry-leading medium speed grinder that provides efficient, high performance size reduction for processing shredded tires. Granutech’s 40 years of experience designing size reduction equipment means the Saturn Grizzly Super ...

    By Granutech-Saturn Systems based in Grand Prairie, TEXAS (USA). from Grinders and Granulators Product line

  • Singnergy - Model REVOZ - Revolutionary Dryer

    REVOZ is a revolutionary dryer, the first in the world utilizing induction heating and compression to intensify the drying process. The heat is directly translated from the heating source to the heating substance. No heating medium such as hot air, steam or thermal oil is required to convey the heat. Therefore, REVOZ is capable of achieving very ...

    By Singnergy Corporation Pte Ltd based in SINGAPORE.

  • BioChar - Filtration Technology

    Urban stormwater management faces multiple challenges: variable pollutant load, composition and flow rates and episodic nature of events, which requires a technologically sophisticated, versatile and reliable filter media that is available in large quantities at low cost. Media that is compatible with other media and have a flexibility to be ...

    By EcoSense International based in Rockledge, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Bioplastics

    General Biomass Company develops advanced enzymes to make bioplastics and renewable chemicals from nonfood biomass and municipal solid waste. Our engineered cellulase and hemicellulase enzymes make biosugars - glucose and xylose - from cheap nonfood biomass. Glucose and xylose are universal substrates for all industrial fermentations, allowing ...

    By General Biomass Company based in Evanston, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Model MC2-E - 2-Shaft-Shredder

    The MC2-E 2-shaft shredder works according to the proven principle of the rotary shear and impresses with its extremely compact design. Precisely machined knives and drive parts ensure low-noise shredding. The welded, stress relief annealed and precise machined body provides superior stability and durability. A large number of available blade ...

    By H&S Scheuten GmbH based in Vettweiss, GERMANY. from 2-Shaft Shredder Product line

  • Legras - Model FMA - Reinforced Moving Floor

    For on or off road use: Transportation of bulk and palletised materials (Wood, RDF, biomass, paper, compost, household and trade waste). Available volumes 90-105 Cu Metres. TUV certified body construction. Manually operated floor canvas to protect the floor. 21 plank floor construction Type 7 floor fork lift compatable to 7T and Type 10 floor fork ...

    By Legras Industries based in Epernay Cedex, FRANCE. from Semi-Trailers Product line

  • Tidy Planet DRAGON - Food Waste to Biomass Energy Plant

    The Dragon food waste to energy biomass process, takes food waste and creates a valuable resource, biomass fuel. The raw food wastes are first converted into a dry biomass fuel using an integral drying system, the wastes are then screened to remove none organic contamination and the fuel then used to power a specially designed biomass plant. ...

    By Tidy Planet Limited based in Macclesfield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Dragon Food Waste to Energy (WTE) Product line

  • Orchid - Process Lines

    The Orchid processor drum creates a steamy environment that both sanitises and fragments the organic materials from the metals, plastics, glass and rubble. The organics (card, paper and green waste) are transformed into a dry unrefined biomass fuel.

    By Orchid Environmental Limited based in Adlington, UNITED KINGDOM. from Technology - Process Technology Product line

  • Adamoli - Fixed Tanks for Waste Treatment Plants

    In the sector of waste treatment, ADAMOLI company produces fixed tanks equipped with walking floor with sliding staves, called “ADAMOLI ITALIAN FLOOR”. It is composed of an hydraulic system which allows the horizontal movement and the automatic unloading of material/waste. Unlike a biomass storage tank, a fixed tank for waste treatment ...

    By Adamoli Truck s.r.l. based in Castellucchio, ITALY. from Bio-Storage Product line

  • Bacta-Pur - Model XLG & XLG(A) - Lakes and Water Bodies

    Bacta-Pur XLG is a liquid suspension of balanced community of natural beneficial microorganisms, which have been selected for their capacity to biodegrade organic waste. It converts pollution into bacterial biomass, which becomes natural healthful food for fishes and invertebrates. Bacta-Pur XLG(A) includes Bacta-Pur XLG together with Bacta-Pur ...

    By IET-Aquaresearch Ltd. - Bacta-Pur based in North Hatley, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Bacta-Pur Products for Lakes and Water Bodies Product line

  • BioNova - Model C50 - Accelerated Aerobic Biodigester

    Type: Accelerated Aerobic Bio-digester. Operation: Continuous. Process: Thermophilic (70ºC Nominal). Dimensions: Height 2100mm – Width 1700mm – Length 10200mm. Max Input Capacity: 50,000 Litres / week. Nominal Output Rate: Approx. 15% of input rate. Power Supply: 3phase ~ 160A isolator. Motor: 22kw with Inverter Controller. ...

    By Harp Renewables Limited based in Navan, IRELAND. from Bionova Aerobic Digester Product line

  • Ultra - 3 Way Screener

    The Ultra 3WAY is a compact three product screener, that can be fully operated from one side, giving a 180 degree operating footprint. The unit features the 10ft x 4ft double deck that is used on the Ultra Deck, and can process material at rates of up to 80 – 100 TPH. The 3WAY is suited to screening a wide range of products, mainly soils and ...

    By Ultra Screeners based in Dungannon, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Thunderstorm - Model X165 - Single Shaft Shredder Machine

    The Thunderstorm is a single shaft shredding machine, utilised for the processing of a range of wastematerials. The large rotating shaft installed with an array of blades and blade holders, rips bulky materials against the stator blades in order to provide a homogeneous output, dependent on the size of the built in screen perforations. Due to the ...

    By Donasonic based in South Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Single Shaft Shredders Product line

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