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Paper Trim Handling System & Cyclone Seperator

by PLAN MAKİNA LTD. ŞTİ.     based in Torbalı, TURKEY

During production in the corrugated board factory different types of waste from rotary die cutter, lamination, print coil, bobbin paper, clipping waste can be generate. Those waste materials can be conveying through pneumatic system by collecting the materials by central filter system and send to the automatic press baling machine. Especially ...

Model Minimax Tech - Door-To-Door Sorted Waste Collection Bins

by Mattiussi Ecologia S.p.A.     based in Udine, ITALY

An absolute pioneer, Minimax is the fruit of Mattiussi Ecologia’s know-how. Mattiussi Ecologia was the first to present Minimax as the ideal bin for sorted-waste collection. Minimax is the widest range of kerbside bins available on the market today. Designed for intensive door-to-door waste collection, Minimax is stackable and has a ...

Model RCV Range - Refuse Collection Vehicles

by PB Environnement España     based in Lambesc, FRANCE

Your best return on investissement ratio: A unique know-how, Full aluminium bodies & compaction system, On narrow track and compact wheelbase chassis, Ensuring an optimized loading capacity. Compact RCV : narrow track and compact wheelbase chassis, Optimized body for all 3,5t - 7,5t chassis, Hand loading, Separate waste collection ( glass, ...

Envac - Optibag - Optical Sorting Waste Management System

by Envac AB     based in Stockholm, SWEDEN

Optibag is a fully automated optical sorting system for municipal waste. The customers are municipalities, cities, local authorities as well as private contractors within the waste management sector. Users range from households to commercial developments including restaurants and shops.

Road Rake - Model 200T - Truck Powered Highway Litter Collection Machine

by H. Barber & Sons, Inc.     based in Naugatuck, CONNECTICUT (USA)

The Model 200T is Barber's truck-powered ROAD RAKE. The rear remote hydraulic valves of the towing truck power all the hydraulic functions of the ROAD RAKE 200T. It is an excellent option for operators that have access to a towing vehicle with rear hydraulic ports.

Road Rake - Model 200 - Independently Powered Litter Collection Machine

by H. Barber & Sons, Inc.     based in Naugatuck, CONNECTICUT (USA)

The Model 200 is Barber's independently-powered ROAD RAKE. A 19 hp water-cooled engine powers the hydraulic motors that turns two gutter brushes and the conveyor belt. It also powers the cylinders that lift up to 1900 lbs. of debris in the hopper to dumping height. Because it does not require an outside hydraulic power source, the Model 200 Road ...

Model C80 - Drainage Pumps

by HOMA Pumpenfabrik GmbH     based in Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, GERMANY

The C 80 scavenger is suitable for irrigation, water transfer and drainage in clear water. For flat-water exhaust to min. 2 mm. Pumping water from collection tanks, for flood relief and water removal from water courses or reservoirs. Suitable also for water circulation in garden ponds and cascades.

FATBOXX - UCO Containers with Sealed Lid

by Peter Ridley Waste Systems     based in Framlingham, UNITED KINGDOM

FATBOXX with spherical base is an innovative container for the recovery of used edible fats, oils or food waste. The special design of body and lid gives many benefits to end users and waste collection companies.

Madvac - Model LP61-D - Portable Vacuum Litter Collector and Spill Clean-Up System

by Madvac - Exprolink Inc     based in Longueuil, QUEBEC (CANADA)

Madvac LP61-D Portable Vacuum Litter Collector powered by a Diesel Kubota Engine. Compact, lightweight and ease of use. Fork lift and front loader ready. Easily transported using; a standard pick-up with 6-ft box, rough terrain vehicle or tow behind trailer conversion with standard hitch.

Street Containers For Waste Collection System

by Nord Engineering s.r.l.     based in Caraglio - CN, ITALY

Street containers for waste collection are designed specifically for cities and for domestic use.The simple, compact and functional design of these containers with their modular units make them ideal for creating and personalizing waste collection areas to respond to different needs in terms of waste collection.The design of these containers allow ...

Greenbank - Rotopac for Lower Waste Collection Costs

by Greenbank - Waste Handling & Recycling Equipment.     based in Middlesbrough, UNITED KINGDOM

For lower waste collection costs, lower overheads and more efficient use of storage space. Operation of the unit is simplicity itself. A standard wooden pallet serves as a base. Waste is collected either in a paper or plastic sack, protected by a metal enclosure. A pronged drum within the enclosure compacts waste as it rotates left and right. The ...

Tomra - Model T-83 HDual - Reverse Vending Machine

by Tomra Systems ASA     based in Asker, NORWAY

The T-83 HDual is optimized for reception of high volumes of up to two fractions of non-refillable beverage containers. The high processing speed ensures a fast customer session. The excellent compaction rate combined with the use of tall bins result in the highest accumulation capacity. This in turn considerably reduces the time the personnel ...

Poul Tarp - Dynamic Lift Weighing System

by Poul Tarp A/S     based in Randers, DENMARK

Waste truck with side lift for collection of f.ex. confidential papers. Built in dynamic lift scale.

MOL: The Underground Waste Collection System

by Crudesco Sdn Bhd     based in Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Crudesco offers in co-operation with KLIKO the underground waste container system MOL. In the development of the newest bins we have developed the underground waste container system Mol. A relative new way of collecting waste with many advantages. It can be used for different types of collection e.g. household waste, commercial waste and glass ...

Tipping Device for the Automatic Emptying of Rolling Conntainers

by Atelier Janssen Kaulille (AJK) Belgium N.V.     based in Bocholt-Kaulille, BELGIUM

AJK electrical-hydraulically driven tipping devices facilitate the emptying of your rolling containers, wire mesh containers, pallet boxes, DIN containers… Diverse handling options are possible. Tilters are available in mobile as well as fixed versions. Tipping devices are available in fixed and mobile versions. A tilter is delivered with ...

Enevo - Operate

by Enevo Oy     based in Espoo, FINLAND

Enevo Operate provides a modern set of tools for planning, managing and executing your everyday collection operations. Automated scheduling and routing combined with service execution and validation reports as well as vehicle GPS traces helps you gain insights to your collection operations and run them more effectively.

Poul Tarp - Model GPS or RFID - Identification of Waste Collection

by Poul Tarp A/S     based in Randers, DENMARK

We offer 2 methods for identification of customers in relation to waste collection: 1. GPS identification: When the waste truck starts on a route for the first time the computer stores the GPS position of each bin / skip / emptying site. The next time the truck drives the route the GPS system will automatically find the right customer or skip in ...

Plastic Film Recycling System

by Krause Manufacturing Inc (KMI)     based in Bellingham, WASHINGTON (USA)

Impact Air, a CP Group partner, has the plastic FilmVac system which consists of a series of specially designed material collection hoods that are typically mounted in the ceiling of the sorting cabin above the waste belts. A series of collection hoods can be connected together via a range of ductwork, meaning all material is transported to a ...

CURB - Curbside Organics Collection Cart

by Enviro World Corporation     based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The forthcoming FreeGarden™ CURB curbside organics collection cart will be the ideal container for municipalities that collect organics from residents. Secure, stable, and robust design; easy to operate, move, and clean; and thoroughly resistant to escaping odors and pests. The FreeGarden™ CURB will be perfect cost-effective companion ...

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