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  • Investment Giant Takes Aim at Plastic Pollution

    Investment Giant Takes Aim at Plastic Pollution

    Demand for climate-friendly bonds expanding due to demand from issuers and investorsA new report from Morgan Stanley shows the investment giant is bullish on the power of capital markets to fight plastic pollution. Although investment options geared toward specific environmental issues like pl

  • Tips On Running A Tyre To Oil Plant

    Among the most popular online business offerings that individuals are searching out today may be the conversion of waste tyres into fuel. If you have not been aware of this before, it can be ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Vertical Cuttings Dryer

    Vertical Cuttings Dryer

    Elgin’s CSI-D3™ VCD brings direct-drive technology to the industry leading vertical cuttings dryer on the market.  Capable of processing oil-based or water-based waste without the need for a conversion kit at 25 to 40 tons per hour.  The CSI-D3 is the perfect solution for processing clay-based waste cuttings in today’s operations. By incorporating a proprietary ...