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    Waste Digestant

    By Roto-Rooter Group, Inc.

    Specifically formulated to aid in the rejuvenation of failed septic tank and cesspool drain fields, Roto-Rooter Waste Digestant is a special blend of enhanced bacteria. It`s an environmentally-friendly and non-toxic. ...

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  • Association of 3 Co., Ltd.

    Association of 3 Co., Ltd.

    Association of Three Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of equipment for the “environmental industries” (the Three in the company name are earth, air and ...

  • Environomics LLC

    Environomics had become an independent consultant to anyone wishing an unbiased opinion on manure and organic waste digestion.

  • American Waste Digest

    American Waste Digest

    American Waste Digest is a national monthly magazine for the solid waste and recycling industries. The magazine provides private operators with ...

  • Rex-Bac-T Technologies

    Rex-Bac-T Technologies

    Since 1983, REX-BAC-T Technologies has been providing state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly, bioremediation products and systems for global ...