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  • A new solution for biosolids (sewage sludge)

    A new solution for biosolids (sewage sludge)

    It’s becoming increasingly difficult to dispose of biosolids (sewage sludge) in a safe and cost-effective way. The Dryclone® Air Drying System offers an efficient, safe, and low-cost solution that’s aligned with the future of biosolids usage. The Dryclone efficiently removes moisture content from biosolids, reducing t


Equipment & Solutions

  • Bin Compactor

    Bin Compactor

    It is estimated that up to 66% of space in a refuse bin containing loose waste is trapped air. Most waste collection companies charge per bin collection so reducing the number of collections will result in a direct cost saving. The PEL1100 bin compactor allows you to compact the waste in the bin, make more efficient use of the space available in that bin and reduce the collection costs.

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  • Inland Desalination and Concentrate Management  - Webinar

    Inland Desalination and Concentrate Management - Webinar

    With world population increasing and reliable freshwater supplies becoming more limited, desalination is a rapidly growing water supply alternative in many locations. Desalination offers a means of providing freshwater from abundant saline water sources. The increased use of inland desalination has created a need for advancements in concentrate management. AWWA Manual M69, Inland Desalination and ...

Waste Management 2020 Expo

Oct. 6rd - 7th | Kyiv


Oct. 8rd - 10th | Moscow

5th Annual Asia Hazardous Waste Treatment Congress 2020

Sep. 24rd - 25th | JiNan