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  • How the Pandemic has Changed How Much we Recycle at Home

    How the Pandemic has Changed How Much we Recycle at Home

    Its hard to believe the U.S. is now in its sixth month of emergency status due to the Covid-19 virus.  A lot has changed during the past six months.  In addition to the incredible health, economic, and social changes in our country, our nation’s supply chain has been drastically altered by the pandemic. Many of us have also had to adjust to new household routines.  Some ...

  • What is Hexavalent Chromium?

    What is Hexavalent Chromium?

    The dangerous compound made famous by the movie Erin Brockovich can occur naturally or through industrial pollution Hexavalent chromium, a toxic compound sometimes found in water, is a ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Fully Automated Balers

    Fully Automated Balers

    The Bollegraaf fully automated HBC balers turn large quantities of waste into homogenous bales. The installations are perfect for wastepaper, cardboard, synthetics and cans, and can deal with all these types of waste without any problems.The capacity and compaction force of the HBC balers ranges from 25 to 180 tonnes. This means that capacity can be entirely tailored to the volume of waste ...

Upcoming Events

  • Ecomondo - 2020

    Ecomondo - 2020

    An international exhibition with an innovative format that brings together all sectors of the circular economy in a single platform: from material and energy recovery to sustainable development.

RWM Resource Revolution - 2020

Nov. 3rd - 4th | Birmingham