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waste processing screen (Waste Handling) equipment

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    Presona - Waste Sorting Plants

    We are specialized in designing customized, cost effective installations for waste handling and garbage baling. A typical sort plant can be designed for two or more fractions with a yearly material flow of 30.000 to 300.000 tonnes. Presona offers each customer an optimum solution – with respect to individual components and the entire system. ...

    By Presona AB based in Tomelilla, SWEDEN.

  • Premium

    HARDEN - Model TS61 - Medical waste crusher

    Presently, Medical Waste Processing has different ways, such as sanitary landfill, incineration by pyralysis, autoclave sterilization, chemical disinfection, microwave sterilization, thermal decomposition, and plasma process, ect. Harden Machinery has lots of experience in medical waste processing, we offer kinds of professional shredders to ...

    By Harden Shredder Machinery Ltd. based in Zhongshan City, CHINA.

  • Ultra - Deck Screen

    Ultra Plants Ultra Deck Screen has experienced a lot of success with soil recyclers, grab and tipper companies, waste processing firms and a whole host of aggregates and materials producers. The soil screeners popularity stems from its diversity. The Ultra Deck is easy to move, boasts a large 10ft x 4ft double screen deck, well able to handle a ...

    By Ultra Plant Ltd based in Tyrone, UNITED KINGDOM. from Deck Screen Product line

  • Solid Waste Handling and Waste Treatment

    The Process: The system receives municipal waste where it is transferred to a primary screen (after primary sorting). Within the screen are elements to tear the plastic bags. The screen divided the material into organic and non-organic materials on the principle of size and density. The non-organic material is passed to the sorting stage (plastic ...

    By Elkayam Metal Industries Ltd. based in Beit Shemesh, ISRAEL.

  • TITAN - Model DT-011 - Automatic Chain Screen

    The objective of screening, amongst others, is to separate and to protect the station or process of the possible unseasonable arrival of large objects, to separate and evacuate easily the voluminous matters, etc.

    By Estruagua based in Les Franqueses del Valles, SPAIN. from Automatic Chain Screen Product line

  • Fine Screening Unit

    Fine screenings removal. Fine screenings are removed on screen. open type trough.

    By REŠETILOVS SIA based in Raubeni, Cenu pag, LATVIA. from Fine Screening Unit Product line

  • Model MRF - Waste Handling system

    Manufactured in the UK to the highest standards, Tong Peal is dedicated to providing a custom built solution to your MRF requirements. Whether you are processing source-segregated or commingled waste, Tong Peal can ensure that your MRF waste handling facility enables you to achieve the highest quality recyclates for the reprocessing sector. With ...

    By Tong Engineering Ltd based in Spilsby, UNITED KINGDOM. from Waste Handling system Product line

  • Model PG-1000 - Wood Waste Recycling Equipment

    If you manage a community recycling program, pallet processing operation or large landscape environment, the ProGrind™ 1000 delivers the processing power you need to handle everything from brush to pallets. And the portable configuration makes this unit ideal for multi-site projects.

    By Precision Husky Corporation based in Leeds, ALABAMA (USA). from Wood Waste Recycling Equipment Product line

  • Waste Handling Systems

    Our waste processing systems can be suited for handling communal or biological „green” waste, pre-sorted waste, various industrial scraps or even building construction refuses.

    By Gépsystem Kft. based in Zalaegerszeg, HUNGARY.

  • Moyno - Model DISCAM - Unique Grinder and Screen System

    The Discam is a unique grinder and screen system, which offers a much more effective and low maintenance alternative to handling screenings than conventional systems.

    By Moyno, Inc. based in Springfield, OHIO (USA). from Unique Grinder and Screen System Product line

  • Waste Water Treatment Plants

    Waste Water Treatment is a multi - technology multistage process. The typical stages are » Screening » Equalisation & pH Control» Oil Removal » Primary Settling» Bio-logical Digestion» Secondary Settling» Sludge Handling & Disposal» Tertiary Treatment Concepts offers the entire range of technology for waste water treatment. Systems are custom ...

    By Concepts India Pvt. Ltd. based in Sanpada, Navi Mumbai, INDIA.

  • Tidy Planet DEHYDRA - Maxi Bulk Food Waste Dewatering System

    Tidy Planets unique Maxi food waste macerator has the ability to process bulk loads of food wastes in timely 3 minute, 90 litre batches. The all stainless steel Maxi incorporates a large loading hopper with an automatic screw feed auger system, which drives the food into an inbuilt macerating system. This revolutionary new design allows the ...

    By Tidy Planet Limited based in Macclesfield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Maxi Bulk Food Waste Dewatering System Product line

  • RUNI - Separating cartons and liquids creating two waste streams

    100 % product destruction ensures that products are not resold or used internally. Save space and handling costs by compacting cartons early in the process. Save costs by separating into two waste streams – liquids and solids. Filling plants, dairies and other producers of drinks such as juice, yoghurt and other beverage cartons, destroy ...

    By Runi A/S based in Tarm, DENMARK. from Separating cartons and liquids creating two waste streams Product line

  • FSM - Back Pressure Device

    The FSM back pressure device is an optional extra which is installed downstream of a screenings washing press to optimise the dry solid matter content (TS). The FSM screening washing press is synonymous with hygienic and efficient handling of screenings. Waste disposal is a cost factor at every installation – wet screenings are heavy ...

    By FSM Frankenberger GmbH & Co. KG based in Pohlheim, GERMANY. from Back Pressure Device Product line

  • FSM - Model FK100 - Septage Receiving Station

    The FSM-Septage Receiving Station is used for screening, dewatering, washing, compacting and physically treating of septage waste. This process is used both by municipal utilities and industry. Septage handling is a further development of the screenings press for use on this application.Septage tanker waste or industrial waste water is vacuum ...

    By FSM Frankenberger GmbH & Co. KG based in Pohlheim, GERMANY. from Septage Receiving Station Product line

  • Donasonic - Model Typhoon Series - Pre-Shredding Machine

    The Donasonic Typhoon Series is a pre-shredding machine that prepares your initial waste materials. Compare the Volume of the Input Waste Material. Preparation of the Waste for Other Recycling Process Technology. Preparation of the Waste for Incineration.

    By Donasonic based in South Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Pre-Shredding Machine Product line

  • Model 10 up to 84 m3/hour - Fine Mechanical Treatment Plant

    Fine screenings removal. Fine screenings are removed on fine screen. Grit removal and dewatering. Grit is removed in grit chamber and dewatered on gravity type unit.

    By REŠETILOVS SIA based in Raubeni, Cenu pag, LATVIA. from Fine Mechanical Treatment Plant Product line

  • Model 15 up to 760 m3/hour - Fine Mechanical Treatment Plant

    Models range from 15 up to 760 m3/hour. Fine screenings removal and dewatering. Fine screenings are removed on fine screen and dewatered on hydraulic press.

    By REŠETILOVS SIA based in Raubeni, Cenu pag, LATVIA. from Fine Mechanical Treatment Plant Product line

  • Airscreen

    The AirScreen is at the heart of many of Paramount waste extraction systems. The patented design separates the airflow from the conveyed waste which then drops into a waste compactor or baler.

    By Paramount Waste Extraction Ltd. based in Camberley, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • WTP - Screw Conveyors

    Shaftless screw conveyors, an enclosed conveying system designed without internal shafts or bearings to eliminate wrapping and plugging, are the equipment of choice for handling wet, coarse, sticky and stringy materials: wastewater screenings, dewatered sludge, grit, food processing and pulp and paper wastes. Choose from standard equipment designs ...

    By WTP Equipment Corp. based in Brampton, ONTARIO (CANADA).

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