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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Garbage Recycling Machines Automate Waste Sorting Process

    Figuring out the best way to effectively cope with garbage is one of the biggest challenges facing modern society. Together with the population constantly growing, increasingly more waste has been generated daily. Handling this waste in ways that is economical, efficient, and great for environmental surroundings is no easy task.Fortunately, a few of today's most brilliant engineers and designers ...

  • Closing the Loop on Chemical Recycling

    Around the globe, pressure on our resources is rising due to population growth and a growing middle class whose level of consumption is increasing. In order to match limited resources with this ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Largest Incinerator for Burning Solid and Liquid Waste

    Largest Incinerator for Burning Solid and Liquid Waste

    The 2400 SL (B/XL) WS M is the largest incinerator for burning solid and liquid waste with a high water content, (above 50%), available with a 30L, 70L or 120L (waste bag) sluice size, and suitable for the biggest merchant vessels.

Upcoming Events

  • Waste Management 2020 Expo

    Waste Management 2020 Expo

    International Exhibition for municipal & industrial waste collection & recycling Waste Management 2020 will be conducted on 6-7 October 2020 in Kyiv, Ukraine, at ACCO International EC.The international forum is devoted to issues of legislative, financial and technological regulation of the waste management and has already become a platform for attracting investments and advanced technologies into ...