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  • Advanced Synthesis Workstation
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    Advanced Synthesis Workstation

    By Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc

    The EasyMax 102 Advanced synthesis workstation allows chemists and engineers to develop and optimize new synthetic routes, increase the speed of development and reduce cost. The EasyMax 102 Advanced delivers high ...

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  • FalconData Ltd.

    FalconData Ltd.

    We provide innovative, technology lead IT solutions for managing waste collection activities both in the commercial and public sector. WasteDataLive, ...

  • IMEC Technologies

    IMEC Technologies

    IMEC Technologies brings compliance solutions to its customers using its experience and knowledge of mobility, software development, wireless ...

  • Paradigm Software L.L.C.

    Paradigm Software L.L.C.

    Paradigm Software, L.L.C. continues to be the leader in the weighing and routing industry by providing state of the art software solutions for over ...

  • Caktus

    IT and software - waste analysis, measurement, monitoring equipment / IT and software - risk analysis, measurement, monitoring equipment / Software.

  • Driv.in

    Driv.in is a Saas transportation management solution that generates optimized delivery plans, improving customer service and reducing transportations ...