Waste Management equipment for Waste and Recycling available in Dominican Republic

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    Rotowrap - Model TT - Bale Wrapping Systems

    Rotowrap TT is the practical and reliable machine for wrapping your waste bales. It is an economical solution for plants with a throughput of up to 15 bales per hour for bale weights of up to 850 kg. The machine meets the highest of requirements while ensuring the efficient and exact wrapping of square and round bales during stationary operation. ...

    By PTF Häusser GmbH based in Borgholzhausen, GERMANY. from Bale Wrapping Systems Product line

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    Valvan - Automatic Bagging Press

    The automatic bagging press is similar to a semi-automatic bagging press, but the operator that puts a bag over the channel is replaced by an automatic form-fill-seal wrapping system that forms a bag from a roll of foil, fills the bag and seals all sides to obtain a nice rectangular bag. By adding on optional bale feeding ...

    By Valvan Baling Systems NV based in Menen, BELGIUM. from Automatic Bagging Press Product line

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    Challenge Technology - Model AER-800S - Soil/Compost Research Respirometer

    The AER-800 Research Respirometer System facilitates the automated, precision measuring, and continuous recording of respiration rates for both aerobic and anaerobic lab-scale cultures. The AER-800S Research Respirometer utilizes eight specially designed reaction chambers for use with solids such as soil, compost, or plastics in biodegradability ...

    By Challenge Technology based in Springdale, ARKANSAS (USA). from Soil/Compost Research Respirometer Product line

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    VacuDry - Waste Treatment Mobile Solutions Unit

    With the new VacuDry 2,000 and VacuDry 6,000 series, the innovative VacuDry® technology is now available as fully mobile unit. This incredibly flexible design still offers all of the advantages that our customers have come to expect, many of which lead the market in the field of industrial waste treatment. The mobile plants consist of ...

    By econ industries services GmbH based in Starnberg, GERMANY. from Waste Treatment Mobile Solutions Unit Product line

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    Model GreenPak - Rack Refills

    Ideal Refill Solution for Filter Tip Users. GreenPak™ consists of individually packaged and wrapped refill-packs for our traditional tip racks. They are especially useful for filter tip users, where the popular SpaceSaver™ is not available.

    By Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc based in Greifensee, SWITZERLAND. from Rack Refills Product line

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    B&W MEGTEC - Water Distillation & Purification Systems

    B&W MEGTEC designs, builds and installs distillation systems to separate water and solvent, and solvents from each other. These can be continuous or batch processes, as well as vacuum, atmospheric or pressure, depending on the solvents and purities required.

    By Babcock & Wilcox MEGTEC LLC based in De Pere, WISCONSIN (USA). from Water Distillation & Purification Systems Product line

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    Harden - Model EPS - Coarse Shredder

    EPS Shredders are optimum solution for different shape of EPS waste recycling, allowing you to recycle your scrap completely back into the production process. The EPS shredder is featured with a rotor crusher and can be combined with a fine grinder. The shredder output EPS flake size is in the range of 30-80 mm, and the grinder output EPS particle ...

    By Harden Shredder Machinery Ltd. based in Zhongshan City, CHINA. from Coarse Shredder Product line

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    HARDEN - Model TD912 - copper wire shredder

    Harden Industries Ltd. studied and manufactured two shaft shredders for over 12 years. With hundreds of shredding test and technological innovation, our exclusive designs are proved in making shredders more durable and low cost in maintenance. A particular chamber resists impacts of shredding materials to seals and inside parts. It makes a long ...

    By Harden Shredder Machinery Ltd. based in Zhongshan City, CHINA.

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    HARDEN - Model SM1200 - Shredders for plastic

    Plastic Shredding is an integral part of the recycling of plastics.,the recycling of plastics is not the easiest operation due to the vast amount of different plastics, often combined with additives and fillers. Input plastic material for Shredding can be very different in both their physical properties, their dimensions and overall shape. For ...

    By Harden Shredder Machinery Ltd. based in Zhongshan City, CHINA.

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    Harden - Screw Drum Shredders

    Screw drum crushers or screwing crushers, are high productive type of shredders. In particular the twin drum screwing crusher, which is high capacity and diversity.

    By Harden Shredder Machinery Ltd. based in Zhongshan City, CHINA. from Screw Drum Shredders Product line

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    Harden - EPS Compactors

    HARDEN supplies EPS compactors that helps you to dispose EPS boxes/blocks in a cost effective way. EPS compactors makes it profitable for municipalities and businesses to recycle EPS. By recycling EPS, you make a valuable contribution toward a cleaner environment and give the EPS scrap a second life.

    By Harden Shredder Machinery Ltd. based in Zhongshan City, CHINA. from EPS Compactors Product line

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    Flexus - Model Breeze - Baling System

    High efficiency waste processing for medium sized projects. Our Breeze model is suitable for medium sized projects of up to 15 tonnes per hour, requiring no more than around 35 kW of power. Excellent efficiency for sites that doesn't require continuous operation 24 hours per day, but still need high reliability.

    By Flexus Balasystem AB based in Nossebro, SWEDEN.

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    Flexus - Model Breeze Mini - Baling System

    Waste processing for small islands or remote locations. The Breeze Mini handles up to 10 tonnes per hour at around 25 kW of power, making it a perfect fit for smaller installations, e.g. on small islands or in remote places. High reliability for seasonal or irregular operation, with high energy efficiency as an added bonus.

    By Flexus Balasystem AB based in Nossebro, SWEDEN.

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    Erdwich - Systems for Special Waste Recycling

    High-efficiency solutions for the shredding and sorting of special waste, bulky items and industrial waste. The shredding and sorting of rubbish and refuse is one of the key challenges within the waste management cycle. And with ERDWICH systems, there is a perfect set of solutions for meeting any of these application scenarios: Household rubbish, ...

    By Erdwich Zerkleinerungssysteme GmbH based in Igling, GERMANY. from Systems for Special Waste Recycling Product line

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    ELDAN - Model SC1412-II/SC2118-II - Super Waste Chopper

    The Super Chopper-II has a unique double rotor design. A low speed and high torque makes the Super Chopper suitable for processing of tough materials. It is powered directly by two Hägglund hydraulic motor and power unit. Both rotors are equipped with flying knives and there are two tables for static knives. The twin rotor technology is ...

    By Eldan Recycling A/S based in Faaborg, DENMARK. from Super Waste Chopper Product line

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    REDWAVE - Model 2i - Sensor Based Sorter

    REDWAVE 2i has been equipped with the new interactive 'intelligence' which can not only be used directly on the sorting machine, but also anywhere, anytime on mobile devices and computers in real-time. This development of advanced human-machine-computer communication and access to real-time analytics and statistics provides the ability to monitor, ...

    By REDWAVE a division of BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH based in Gleisdorf, AUSTRIA.

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    Enerpat - Model EMCB5300 - Waste Car Body Compactor

    The EMCB( Enerpat Moble Car Baler) is one high quality and reliable baler machine for baling scrap car into density bales.The bale length is 2 meters,the width is 1100 mm,the height is 600 mm.the car baler comes with 5300 mm length pressing chamber.loading the scrap car into the pressing chamber easily for fast pressing.the grab which can lift max ...

    By Enerpat Group UK Ltd based in Brentwood, UNITED KINGDOM.

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    ANDRITZ - Model BDS - Belt Drying System for Sludge

    Municipal sludge drying and granulation using waste heat. The patented ANDRITZ AG belt drying system (BDS) is characterized by its flexibility and ability to use a wide range of energy sources, particularly low-grade waste energy. BDS can be used for drying a broad range of products, such as industrial and municipal sludge, cow manure, biomass, as ...

    By ANDRITZ Separation - ANDRITZ Group based in Graz, AUSTRIA. from Belt Drying System for Sludge Product line

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    Eldan - Model WST - Water Separation System

    The Water Separation System is a cost effective solution to recover metal dust and fine wires from the plastic fraction after the metal separation. By using a well-balanced combination of water, table inclination and oscillating movements you will get an almost clean plastic fraction with metal losses as low as 0.2%. The metal fraction will have a ...

    By Eldan Recycling A/S based in Faaborg, DENMARK. from Water Separation System Product line

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    Mellegard & Naij - Model SP - Screw Press

    Simple single tube trough construction. Robust wear steel lined screw and thick wear bars. Compact design with selectable drive unit gives flexibility. Enclosed, safe & hygienic. Screw Press SP is used for compaction och conveying of screenings and wet waste.

    By Hydria Water AB based in Borås, SWEDEN. from Screw Press Product line

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