waste bag (Waste Management) equipment available in Moldova

  • Tearing Bags

      The tearing bags machines of the Protechnika are used as the first element of technological lines. These devices serve to open and removing contents and transfer it onto the conveyor belt. Their design allows for the disassembly and emptying of waste bags of different sizes, without disturbing their contents.

    By Protechnika based in Luków, POLAND.

  • Other Bags

    While specializing in the manufacture of large open top bags, Packaging Research also offers additional bags. Large tubular bags, drum liners, bags for front loaders, small dump hopper bags, and Tapered Spout Bags (for use with asbestos vacuum systems) are some of the other solutions we offer to waste industry problems.

    By Packaging Research & Design based in Brandon, MISSISSIPPI (USA).

  • Sortech - Bag Opener

    Racomanded solution for perfect bags opening to liberate material and permit highly efficient separation of plastic collected from municipal waste. The bags opener is able to open also high volume begs. Sortech integrated solutions eliminates the classic problems that are met working with different ...

    By Sortech S.r.l.s. based in Genzano di Roma (RM), ITALY.

  • WASTE-O-MAT - Model 1100 lt - Electro Hydraulic Operated Units

    The WASTE-O-MAT systems are electro-hydraulic operated units for undergrounding of conventional wheeled waste bins, of capacity up to 1300 lt and are delivered with ‘’CE’’ declaration conformity, according to the European directive EC-06/42. The WASTE-O-MAT units are delivered in two pre-assembled and in factory pre-tested ...

    By Oktagon Engineering GmbH based in Graben Neudorf, GERMANY. from Electro Hydraulic Operated Units Product line

  • Matthiessen - Bag Opener

    Depending on the regions and countries recyclables from households, offices, public facilities, train stations, airports, etc. in different colored bags are collected. Ever since the introduction of the yellow bag in Germany in the 90s waste separation is a term for the Germans. But what happens after collecting in the bag? To reach the valuable ...

    By Matthiessen Lagertechnik GmbH based in Krempe, GERMANY.

  • Bianna - Model OC180/40 - Bag Opener

    With the goal of assuring an efficient bag opener getting to urban and packaging waste treatment plants, Bianna Recycling has developed a great bag opener equipment which is characterized by its maximum efficiency and low operating costs. Bag opener great performance  (efficiency superior to 95%) avoiding aggressiveness with the inside ...

    By Bianna Recycling based in Celrà (Girona), SPAIN. from Bag Opener Product line

  • ORWAK - Model FLEX 5031 - Waste Compactors

    The 5031 model is a small, tough and versatile baler. It can make standard bales, compact waste in bags and/or be used to enclose bales in plastic bags! Press force: 3 ton. Bale weight cardboard/plastic: up to 40 kg/60 kg.

    By Orwak AB based in Sävsjö, SWEDEN. from Waste Compactors Product line

  • Bag Opener

    The Lyndex bag opener has been developed to open black bag waste making it easier to further process the contents via a sorting system. The machine can be conveyor fed or with an extension hopper fed from a grab or bucket loader. The speed of the rotor is controlled via a variable speed drive unit which makes the machine very flexible in ...

    By Lyndex Recycling Systems Limited based in Telford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Bag Opener Product line

  • Bio-Bags

    BioBags- 2W Options:Say good-bye to bags made from petroleum. Our 'plastic' bags are made from a renewable source, corn! BioBags are strong and dependable but once thrown away, they will naturally biodegrade back to their basic elements. Biobags are the natural choice.Our bags range in size from about 2 gallon (8 liter) to 64 gallon (240 liter). ...

    By 2w plastic ningbo co.,ltd. based in ningbo, CHINA.

  • Knapsack - Model 200 L-KZ2-120 - Perforated Bag

    The 200 litre Knapsacks are provided with a binder and are perforated, so they are compressible. They are packed in rolls, with 12 rolls of 10 bags per box (120 bags per box). The bags are made of recycled LDPE and suitable for the collection of plastic film waste (i.a. stretch and wrap plastic film) at smaller stores and warehouses. The weight of ...

    By Knapzak Benelux BV based in Tilburg, NETHERLANDS. from Perforated Bag Product line

  • Pakufol - Bags for Recyclable Materials - Yellow Bags

    Yellow bags for the collection of recyclable materials, Bags for biodegradable waste, Paper collection bags, Bags for tins with deposit return. Our yellow bags are available in all colours and sizes, Printed (on one or both sides, in one or two colours), Loose, on a role, or with drawstring, With side folds and PP drawstring.

    By Pakufol Folienprodukte GmbH based in Siegelsbach, GERMANY.

  • Austropressen - Model Kompakt S - Waste Compactors

    Clean solution for residual waste; Vertical baling press of the Kompakt series with integrated bag attachment for residual waste or small parts. clean solution, minimum space, universal application, simple operation. Ideally suited for hotels, restaurants and small shops. Also available as an optional extension for machines of Kompakt series.

    By Austropressen based in Seewalchen, AUSTRIA. from Waste Compactors Product line

  • Envirobale Bagging System

    The perfect system for baling waste and at the same time improving the working conditions/the environment in the plant and reducing maintenance costs. Instead of the traditional way of preparing waste for storage in landfills or storage before burning, with wires and wrapping, the waste is filled directly into a bag from the baler. The system can ...

    By Wamatech A/S based in Odense, DENMARK.

  • Luowia - Waste Container

    Bring your old waste container into the 21st century! Dated appearance. Broken and weather-beaten framing. Too low Safe Working Load (SWL). Other repair needs, for example lifting bag / lifting system. *When you increase the capacity of the waste collection point, you can harmonize the look of the old. containers with Luowia – containers and ...

    By Finncont Oy based in Virrat, FINLAND. from Waste Container Product line

  • Special Strong Bag

    Features: ultra-durable, safe, resistant. Thick bags (up to 0.2 mm) for special purposes e.g. collection of heavy and sharp building waste, storing tires, etc. Available with imprints for selective waste collection or as non-flammables. Confectioning style – packets of 5 – 20 pieces.

    By SIPEKO Sp. z o.o. based in Jarosław, POLAND.

  • Top Tie Bag

    Features: practical, comfortable, safe. Top part especially designed for easy bin application with fast and reliable tie-up after filling with waste. After tie-up special “handles” provide easy carrying of waste collected. Confectioning style – bags on a roll with practical perforation.

    By SIPEKO Sp. z o.o. based in Jarosław, POLAND.

  • Classic String Bag

    Features: strong, durable, tailor made. Classic bags, traditional with draw string to tie attached to the bottom. After filling with waste string is detached and is used for reliable tie-up, thus preventing the content from falling out. Waste content is safely transported to the landfill. Confectioning style – bags on a roll with practical ...

    By SIPEKO Sp. z o.o. based in Jarosław, POLAND.

  • Knapsack - Model KN06-300 - 60 Litre Bags

    These transparant 60 litre Knapsacks are provided with a drawstring. They are unperforated and packed in rolls, with 30 rolls of 10 bags (300 bags per box). This Knapsack is meant for the collection of plastic packaging waste at homes and offices. The size of the bags is 60 by 80 cm.

    By Knapzak Benelux BV based in Tilburg, NETHERLANDS. from 60 Litre Bags Product line

  • EnviroZone - FIBC Bulk Bags

    FIBC Bulk Bags from EnviroZone are liftable polypropylene bags with many uses, including product storage, the transport of various wastes, and as emergency flood barriers. EnviroZone Bulk Bags are available in many sizes and configurations to accommodate the countless applications which require this product.

    By EnviroZone based in Mandeville, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • AAWS - Dutch Latrine Bag

    The problem: Over the last decennia millions of latrines have been built to improve the sanitation of people in Third World countries. The human waste is captured in special dug pits. The liquid parts of this human waste seeps in the ground floor. Unfortunately these liquids contain large amounts of nitrates and are superfluously polluted with ...

    By Aqua-Aero WaterSystems BV based in Delft, NETHERLANDS. from Dutch Latrine Bag Product line

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