waste management (Waste Management) equipment available in Malawi

  • KOSUN - centrifuge for waste water & industrial waste management

    KOSUN LW series horizontal decanter centrifuge is used in separating suspension of solid phase with 2~70% solid concentration, liquid viscosity ≤0.01Pa•S, particle diameter d≥2μm, in clarifying suspensions with little solids as well as amorphous material that brings difficulties for filtering cloth regeneration and suspensions which have a big ...

  • Aikan - Integrated Waste Technology

    Aikan technology manages 60 % of the total volume of waste from cities in a cost effective and environmental friendly way. That is why Aikan is a good robust place to start. See how it works.  Biodegradable waste makes up for at least half of the total waste volume from cities. When the organic waste is spread on landfills it creates huge ...

    By Aikan A/S based in Hedehusene, DENMARK.

  • Small Batch Oxidation System (SBOS)

    Designed for communities, industries, facilities and organizations that seek a clean and smart solution to landfilling or incineration, our sBOS is a proven gasification technology and management solution that provides a clean, smart and affordable method to deal with batches of +/- 1.5 tonnes of waste.

    By Waste to Energy Canada Ltd (WTEC) based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • NatureVel - Model SW - Solid Waste Management

    NatureVel - SW is a brand created, manufactured and marketed in India specifically for treating solid waste by Clover Organic Pvt. Ltd. under agreement with Biosa, Denmark

    By Clover Organic Pvt. Ltd. based in Dehradun, INDIA.

  • e-ROOK - Energy Generation and Management System

    Discover a system of energy generation and management of self-consumption with zero waste.

    By Cegasa based in Vitoria, SPAIN.

  • X-Press - Model 200

    Waste Compactors model X-Press are unique compactor solutions for compacting general waste into manageable plastic bags. The volume reduction achieved by compacting the waste is at a ratio of up to 10:1. The X-Press waste compactors can either be located close to the source of waste or in a designated area where the bags can be placed directly ...

    By Mil-tek based in Ulfborg, DENMARK. from X-Press - Model 200 Product line

  • Model RSD-Mini - Solids & Waste Management System

    The decentralized waste management concept of Renergon ensures certainty of disposal, as well as a certainty of supply (energy, recyclables, compost / fertiliser), while transport costs and efforts are reduced. The mixed garbage is delivered, prepared, separated and disposed. Valuable recyclable materials (metals, plastic, etc.) can be recycled ...

    By Renergon International AG based in Kreuzlingen, SWITZERLAND.

  • Syscon - Model MGB pro - Mobile Garbage Bin

    The requirements on mobile garbage bins in the waste management industry have significantly increased in recent years. Throughout the world, a wide range of lifting and tipping systems using rear and side loading vehicles is being used, and combined with an increased degree of waste separation this means that high mechanical forces impact on the ...

    By SYSCON Umweltsysteme GmbH based in Freudenberg, GERMANY. from Mobile Garbage Bin Product line

  • EMS - Picking Stations for Waste Separation

    For larger facilities relying on manual separation. Our picking stations allow secure and efficient manual management of waste materials. Each picking bay is essentially a conveyer belt system letting valuable items be removed by hand.

    By EMS Ltd. Environmental Marketing Solutions based in Killyman, NORTHERN IRELAND.

  • Model P-300 Series - Tilt Trucks Carts

    The Poly-Trux 300 Series tilt trucks handle up to 2,000 pounds of trash, scrap and recyclables and roll easily with ergonomically engineered designs. Our tilt trucks are in use all over the world as an integral part of recycling and waste management programs. Their rotationally molded, polyethylene construction withstands non-stop, punishing ...

    By MODRoto based in Madison, INDIANA (USA). from Tilt Trucks Carts Product line

  • Model NHP300 - Process Pellet Durability Tester

    The Holmen NHP300 Pellet Durability Tester is ideally suited to a busy mill. Samples are automatically taken from the production line, tested, returned to the line, and a PDI result provided to the NHP300 control software, or to your current mill management software. Taking a sample from the process line enables changes to be made at a point that ...

    By TekPro Limited based in North Walsham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Process Pellet Durability Tester Product line

  • Gradeall - Model GPC P24 - 24 Cubic Meter Pendilium Type Portable Compactor

    The 24 Cubic Meter Pendilium Type Portable Compactor GPC P24 is the largest Pendulum Compactor in the Gradeall Range. It comes with a large Hook Lift point allowing it to be lifted and transported using any CHEM compliant Hook Lift Lorry. This makes it a durable and extremely convenient waste management solution for any company that deals with or ...

    By Gradeall International Limited based in Dungannon, UNITED KINGDOM. from 24 Cubic Meter Pendilium Type Portable Compactor Product line

  • Titan ClosureTurf - Closure System

    Titan is Proud to be a supplier and certified Installer of ClosureTurf closure system for the waste and waste management industry. ClosureTurf consists of an impermeable structured geomembrane with a covering engineered synthetic turf. The heavy duty geomembrane includes studs on the top for high capacity drainage of rainfall, and spikes on the ...

    By Titan Environmental Containment Ltd. based in Ile des Chenes, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Closure System Product line

  • Tidy Planet DEHYDRA - Food Waste Processing Station

    The food wastes are added to the hopper by the operator, the integrated food waste disposer shreds the food waste into tiny particles, the foods with a flow of water are pumped to the Dehydra Hydro Extractor, where through centrifugal action, the WasteStation forces out the excess liquid from the macerated waste. This “grey water” is ...

    By Tidy Planet Limited based in Macclesfield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Food Waste Processing Station Product line

  • GreaseBeta - Model Aer8 - Hydraulic Pump Station Conditioner

    Sumps, wet wells and pumping stations pose continual problems to all those responsible for managing and maintaining them, from pubs and supermarkets to drainage contractors and water companies. The most common problem is the build-up of fat, oil and grease (FOG waste) which can damage the pumps, resulting in floods, burnt-out pumps, offensive ...

    By Cleveland Biotech Ltd. based in Cardiff, UNITED KINGDOM. from Hydraulic Pump Station Conditioner Product line

  • Sotkon - Adaptable Components

    All the components are modular and all the main elements can be interchangeable between the different Sotkon waste systems. With the Sotkon systems you upgrade and optimize the waste management and significantly reduce the investment. It will be enough to equip your own truck with a small and adaptable crane.

    By Sotkon Waste Systems based in Porto, PORTUGAL. from Adaptable Components Product line

  • Swivel Conveyors

    Swivel screw conveyors are used in the waste management industry. Drill cutting screw conveyors are mainly used to collect drilling cuttings separated from solids control equipment such as shale shakers, desanders, barite recovery centrifuge, etc.

    By Screw Conveyor Limited based in Aberdeen, UNITED KINGDOM. from Swivel Conveyors Product line

  • Closed-Loop Organics Management System

    This is a 48 tank system designed to handle the effluent from an approximate 12,000 lactating cow dairy. A steel building is erected over the vertical tanks and roof structures aid in shade and odor control. Manure is vacuumed from the feed-lanes delivered to a reception pit.  The manure is pretreated to correct impurities and enhance its ...

    By Environmental Products & Technologies Corporation (EPTC) based in Visalia, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Waste Management Centrifuge

    Drilling waste management and cuttings disposal have become a critical issue for any drilling operations because of stringent effluent limitations on the discharge of contaminated drill cuttings to the environment. The wastes discarded by the drilling mud circulation system must be disposed in safe way to the environment. GN Solids Control offers ...

    By GN Decanter Centrifuge Ltd based in Hebei, CHINA.

  • Model PRRS - Plasma Resource Recovery System

    Proven out by the US Department of Defense (DoD), the game-changing PRRS harnesses the power of plasma to provide industry, municipalities and the defense sector with a comprehensive, all-encompassing solution to waste management, while producing much-needed clean energy to meet our growing needs. Our team of technology professionals has ...

    By PyroGenesis Canada Inc. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Plasma Resource Recovery System Product line

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