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Aerosol - Shredding Systems

by Meltog a Division of MMco. Limited     based in Leeds, UNITED KINGDOM

Meltog offers a number of pre-existing solutions for the safe destruction, management and sorting of aerosol cans for either indoor or outdoor operation and for either ODS or non ODS applications. All systems comply with ATEX regulations and they can be additionally adapted to comply with localised, specific environmental requirements or site ...

Model 120Ltr - Clinical Waste Bins

by BritishBins Ltd     based in London, UNITED KINGDOM

Yellow Clinical Waste Wheelie Bins With Regulation Lock and Approved Clinical Waste Symbol Sticker. 94cm High - 48cm Wide - 54.3cm Deep - Capacity 1-2 Bin Bags.

Multipocket Filter Bags

by Scottex Precision Textiles Ltd     based in Bury, UNITED KINGDOM

Multipocket type bags have the pockets joined together to give a large filter media surface area in a small space. Pockets are either shaken from the bottom (ie, DCE types) or from the top (i.e. Airmaster type).

Acid / Cyanide Scrubber

by TES-AMM     based in Irvine, UNITED KINGDOM

Adhere to acid discharge limits of local rules & regulations

In-Vessel Composting

by Agrivert Ltd.     based in Chipping Norton, UNITED KINGDOM

From waste to compost: Agrivert’s in-vessel composting (IVC) plant is a practical, sustainable and efficient waste management solution. It harnesses the natural composting process to convert problematic waste into a valuable soil conditioner. The resulting compost is rich in nutrients and humus, and is free from potentially harmful ...

BioChop Hygienisation Unit

by Landia     Office in Whitchurch, UNITED KINGDOM

We have developed and patented a new hygienisation unit for treatment of category 3 by-products and waste. The process is based on applicable EU regulation. The unique design of the hygienisation unit makes it possible to chop solid parts reducing their size, to mix, to heat-treat and to empty the tank by using the same Landia chopper pump. The ...

Hutchinson - Model Fatstrippa - Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) Removal

by Hutchinson Environmental Solutions Ltd     based in Hexham, UNITED KINGDOM

For Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) removal, Fatstrippa is the most effective waste water separation unit available to the catering and food processing industries. Driven by the unrelenting laws of gravity and thermodynamics, Fatstrippa does its job continuously, with no moving apparatus or timers, the out-flow of oil appears almost magical.

Picking Stations

by Tong Engineering Ltd     based in Spilsby, UNITED KINGDOM

Manufactured in the UK, our picking stations can be static or mobile to suit your requirements. Whether you’re looking for a complete recycling facility that incorporates a picking station or you would like to integrate a Tong Peal picking station with existing or specialist recycling equipment, our engineers can design a system that makes ...

Ecogrid - For Resin Bound Stone

by RainCatcher Products & Services     based in Wallasey, UNITED KINGDOM

Resin bound stone is a new and effective way of providing a highly aesthetic surface for your home, business premises or other external or for that matter, internal surface area that is both very robust and load bearing, but also fully permeable or porous. That means that any water or rainwater that hits the surface will freely drain through the ...

SRS - Acoustilay Acoustic Underlay - Acoustic Insulation

by Sound Reduction Systems Ltd     based in Bolton, UNITED KINGDOM

Acoustilay is the perfect product for sound insulating floors in domestic situations and can be used above most lath and plaster and resiliently fixed, double plasterboard ceilings to bring the overall floor/ceiling construction up to the standards of Building Regulations Approved Document E (2003). Acoustilay can also be used to enhance the ...

Olympus - Truck

by Manvik Group     Office in Dunston, UNITED KINGDOM

Dennis Eagle are proud to announce the launch of Olympus – based on the proven Phoenix 2 design. Building on the success of the Phoenix 2 body, the Olympus includes a number of new and enhanced features which comply with legislation changes to the Machinery Regulations Directive (2006/42/EC) effective from December 2009 and for EMC (Electro ...

Bergmann - Model RP 7700 Jumbo (Stationary) - Roll Packer Compactor

by Bergmann, Heinz, e.Kfm.- Machines for Waste Management     Distributor in St Albans, UNITED KINGDOM

BERGMANN Roll Packers have been for more than 30 years THE solution if the goal is to compact large quantities of bulky waste or re-usable materials in open containers, thus minimising the number of disposal journeys.

Active Pyrolysis - Intelligent Automated Process System

by Chinook Sciences, LLC     Office in Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM

Active Pyrolysis (or Active Pyro) is the name of our advanced thermal technology which combines gasification and pyrolysis in an intelligent automated process that results in total recycling of metal in the feedstock and generates a fuel-type syngas that is combusted for renewable energy generation, for any type of organic based feedstock. The ...

Mist-Air - Model 400A / 700A / 1000A - Wheel Washing Systems

by Mist-Air Environmental Systems     based in Shropshire, UNITED KINGDOM

The mistral A-System is a stationary wheel washer for removing light to heavy soiling from vehicle tyres. The system delivers 1 - 3 full tyre revolutions of cleaning power (depending on model) and has a maximum throughput of 60 trucks per hour.

Milton Keynes Computer Recycling

by Milton Keynes Waste     based in Milton Keynes,, UNITED KINGDOM

If you are looking to recycle your business’s old computers, we have the service for you. Just call our team in Milton Keyness for full details on our computer recycling services.

Model 1sqm - R-Pave Permeable Paver Grid Black

by RainCatcher Products & Services     based in Wallasey, UNITED KINGDOM

R-Pave is manufactured from 100% recycled polyolefins and provides a lightweight ground reinforcement system for grass and gravel stabilisation. This type of surface helps to reduce the risk of potholes, rutting or grass damage. R-Pave has been designed to support healthy grass growth, providing a minimum of 3.2cm of available height to allow the ...

Aspirators, Cleaners, Graders and Separators

by JW Installations UK Ltd.     based in Northallerton, UNITED KINGDOM

This range of machinery aims to help you remove impurities to leave a clean sample of the material that you are handling.

ebmpapst - Model AxiCool - Axial Fans for Cooling Units and Evaporators

by ebm-papst UK Ltd.     based in Chelmsford, UNITED KINGDOM

AxiCool fans set new standards on the evaporator and cooling unit market. Not least thanks to the level of system efficiency achieved through the perfect interaction of the individual components. And that's not the only good thing about AxiCool: The compact axial fan is also extremely easy to handle and offers outstanding efficiency throughout ...

The Tiger - Compressor

by Heger GmbH & Co.KG     Distributor in Aylesford, UNITED KINGDOM

The Heger THE TIGER line uses innovative technology to compress bulky foam waste EPS (Styropor) extremely efficiently into easy to manage, stackable blocks – with no re-expansion. The extreme reduction in volume thus achieved (in the ratio of 40:1) does not only produce a considerable saving in transport and disposal costs, but the blocks ...

ArnoPress - Model K Series - Baling Presses

by ATM Recyclingsystems GmbH     Distributor in Brynmenyn, UNITED KINGDOM

The ArnoPress K Series Baling Presses are available with 2 or 3 compactor steps. There are a total of five sizes in the programme. Models 100-2 to 600-2 compact in two steps, while models 100-3 to 350-3 compact the material three-dimensionally. All parts coming into contact with the scrap are lined with high-strength wear plates with a special ...

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