Waste Monitoring equipment for Waste and Recycling in Europe

  • Model SST-mAX - X-ray Tubes

    The SST-mAX incorporates PANalytical's groundbreaking ZETA Technology. This provides exceptional system performance by eliminating classical tungsten cathode evaporation, the major contributor to instrument drift. Conventional X-ray tubes suffer tungsten evaporation from the cathode filament, causing deposits on the inside of the tube's beryllium ...

    By Malvern Panalytical B.V. is a Spectris Company based in Almelo, NETHERLANDS. from X-ray Tubes Product line

  • Model CYN-3 - Cyanide Test Kit, Color Disc, 0.01-0.3 mg/L, 100 Tests

    Cyanide, Single Parameter Test Kit, Model: CYN-3, Color disc / Pyridine-Pyrazolone. The main sources of cyanide, an extremely poisonous substance, are metal-cleaning and electroplating baths, gas scrubber, gas works, coke ovens, and various chemical processes. It can be removed easily from waste effluents through alkaline or neutral chlorination ...

    By Hach Company - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation Distributor in Barkåker, NORWAY. from Test Kits and Portable Systems Product line

  • SmartBob2 Remote - Model SBR II - Continuous Level Sensors

    The SmartBob2 remote is the core component of a proven, reliable level measurement system using cable-based sensoring technology. When combined with its powerful Windows-based eBob software program and remote push-button control consoles, SmartBob2 offers the strongest and smartest cable-based inventory measurement system on the market today ...

    By BinMaster Distributor in Sandy, UNITED KINGDOM. from Continuous Level Sensors Product line

  • Model SE - Rotary Paddle Level Switch

    The SE series operating principle is simple. A unit is usually located through a bin wall at the top, middle or low level of a bin. During normal operation (no material present) a synchronous motor rotates the paddle at 1 RPM. When this paddle rotation is impeded by material, surrounding the paddle, motor will stall and cause the Micro-switch to ...

    By FineTek Co., Ltd. Distributor in SPAIN.

  • Model QUANTAX WDS - XSense Spectrometer

    QUANTAX WDS features the compact XSense spectrometer. This high precision instrument incorporates the latest detector technologies and provides a range of benefits that are hard to beat: Sophisticated auto-aligning optical system, Proportional counter with unique gas flow and pressure control, Distortion-free non-magnetic optics, Fully motorized ...

    By Bruker Corporation Office in Milano, ITALY. from X-ray Diffraction and Elemental Analysis Product line

  • Helesi - Model 660ltr - 4 Wheeled Containers

    Technical Specifications; Volume: 660lt. Material: HDPE, UV Stabilized. Wheels: 2 wheels 200mm with footbrake, 2 wheels 200mm without footbrake. Drain plug. Equipped with ID-Chip nest. Tested according to EN 840 2/5/6, RAL-GZ 951 & AfPS GS.

    By Helesi Plc based in Tseri Nicosia, CYPRUS. from Plastic Waste Bins Product line

  • ACP - Precast Concrete Waste Transfer Walls

    ACP Concrete Ltd's precast concrete wall panel system is a fast track construction method for push walling / thrust walls to waste transfer stations. Interlocking prestressed horizontal concrete panels span between steel support columns to produce foundation free, uniform, smooth, robust push walls. Precast vertical wall panels can be used to ...

    By ACP (Concrete) Ltd. based in Cumbria, UNITED KINGDOM. from Precast Concrete Products - Precast Concrete Wall Panels Product line

  • SmartBob - Model TS1 - Continuous Level Sensors

    The SmartBob-TS1 sensor is an economical and compact inventory tracking system that has been designed to measure solids, powders, liquids or slurries in smaller bins, tanks and silos. The compact, yet rugged design can be mounted on angled or flat roofs and can be used in vessels up to 40 feet tall. Accessories include a variety of mounting ...

    By BinMaster Distributor in Sandy, UNITED KINGDOM. from Continuous Level Sensors Product line

  • Sulfur / Nitrogen Elemental Analyzers

    Thanks to the new generation of 2M detectors, we have developed an analyzer to measure both sulfur and nitrogen simultaneously on a single sample.

    By Eraly & Associés based in Fontenay-le-Fleury, FRANCE. from Elemental Analyzers Product line

  • PB - Model RCV Range - Refuse Collection Vehicles

    Your best return on investissement ratio: A unique know-how, Full aluminium bodies & compaction system, On narrow track and compact wheelbase chassis, Ensuring an optimized loading capacity. Compact RCV : narrow track and compact wheelbase chassis, Optimized body for all 3,5t - 7,5t chassis, Hand loading, Separate waste collection ( glass, ...

    By PB Environnement España based in Lambesc, FRANCE. from Household Waste Product line

  • QED - Pump Cycle Counter

    The Cycle Counter detects and displays each AutoPump cycle via the pulse of air that occurs in the air supply line. Since the liquid volume delivered by each pump cycle is relatively consistent for a given well condition, the total liquid volume delivered can be monitored with these cycle counts. An important advantage of the Cycle Counter method ...

    By QED Environmental Systems, Inc. - A Graco Company Distributor in Leamington Spa, UNITED KINGDOM. from Air-Powered Pumps for Landfill Pumping - Accessories Product line

  • Model CET - Fixed System

    CET systems has been developed by Aquafrisch to make removing waste from train toilets easy and safe cleaning processes. Aquafrisch CET systems also enable tailored solutions for customers with special needs.When a train needs to be emptied, it is moved onto a track where the CET system is placed, either indoor or outdoor. Flexible hoses carrying ...

    By Aquafrisch S.L. based in Rivas, SPAIN. from Sewage Systems Product line

  • Total Sulfur Analyzer

    Developed in collaboration with the TOTAL Research Center, this sulfur analyzer meets the essential need of oil refineries. Users participation in its design justifies its performances, robustness and ease of use.

    By Eraly & Associés based in Fontenay-le-Fleury, FRANCE. from Elemental Analyzers Product line

  • XLNCE - Model SMX-BEN XRF - X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer

    X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysis is a powerful qualitative and quantitative tool ideally suited to the analysis of film thickness and composition, determination of elemental concentration by weight of solids and solutions, and identification of specific and trace elements in complex sample matrices.

    By EDAX Inc Office in Leicester, UNITED KINGDOM. from X-ray Metrology Product line

  • Model CNPA - Level and Pressure Sensors for Waste Water Treatment Networks

    CNPA: submersible pressure sensor with capacitive ceramic membrane. This sensor measures the pressure in lift stations despite the effluents found in sometimes very aggressive waste water networks.

    By Lacroix Sofrel based in Vern-sur-Seiche (Rennes), FRANCE. from Sensors and Accessories Product line

  • Total Nitrogen Analyzer

    Designed to meet the specific needs of petroleum refineries, this nitrogen analyzer was developed in collaboration with TOTAL Research Center. This participation of the end user in its design justifies it's high level of performance, robustness and ease of use.

    By Eraly & Associés based in Fontenay-le-Fleury, FRANCE. from Elemental Analyzers Product line

  • WASTE-O-MAT - Model 1100 lt - Electro Hydraulic Operated Units

    The WASTE-O-MAT systems are electro-hydraulic operated units for undergrounding of conventional wheeled waste bins, of capacity up to 1300 lt and are delivered with ‘’CE’’ declaration conformity, according to the European directive EC-06/42. The WASTE-O-MAT units are delivered in two pre-assembled and in factory pre-tested ...

  • Thermtech Test Unit

    In 2015 Thermtech has completed the construction of a small-scale test unit, which is now available for test projects. The Thermtech Test Unit will enable our customers and prospects to explore the feasibility of new application areas under the same conditions as a full scale TCC unit. This includes testing the ability to recover valuable ...

    By Thermtech AS based in Paradis, NORWAY.

  • BHS - Metering Bin

    The new BHS Metering Bin and Metering Bin Liberator Class provide numerous features that increase performance and decrease maintenance requirements. BHS has developed a strong platform to precisely regulate material flow through the combination of a variable speed conveyor and a counter-rotating drum at the discharge end, eliminating black-belt ...

    By Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) Office in Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS. from Sorting Equipment Product line

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific - Model Niton FXL - Field X-ray Lab

    The Thermo Scientific Niton FXL Series field x-ray lab delivers XRF-based elemental analysis with lab-quality testing performance. Housed in a compact, portable package you can operate virtually anywhere on-site, this elemental analysis lab offers unmatched performance, features, and mobility.

    By Thermo Scientific Niton Analyzers Office in München, GERMANY.

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