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  • Resort Incinerators
    Showcase Product

    Resort Incinerators

    By Pennram Diversified Manufacturing Corporation

    12 Ton Per Day Resort Island Waste Processing Plant: Cart upender, waste oil injection, auto ash removal, 24 hour capable. Waste from landscaping, household, restaurant, maintenance, hotel, shipping, motor fleet, ...

  • Inspection and Sorting Systems
    Showcase Product

    Inspection and Sorting Systems

    By Ventilatorenfabrik Oelde GmbH

    No matter whether waste is bio-mechanically pre-treated or burnt, it is advisable in any case to separate out any impurities. Venti Oelde offers a number of different air classifying systems, so-called wind sifters. ...

  • Composite Material
    Showcase Product

    Composite Material

    By Tenmat ltd

    FEROFORM F21 is a composite material made from woven fibre bonded with resin with a friction modifier. FEROFORM F21 has strength, durability, dimensional stability, low friction, and excellent wear characteristics. It ...

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  • Apache Manufacturing, Inc.

    Apache Manufacturing, Inc.

    Apache Pressure Products is one of the leading players in oilfield and industrial equipment. We operate globally through our representatives and ...

  • Close the Loop Ltd

    Close the Loop Ltd is an unlisted Australian public company that has developed world-first technology to recycle all imaging consumable waste. Our ...


    PRAXY - ENVIRONMENT AND SERVICES. Professional corporate network specialized in global management of industrial wastes, PRAXY offers new alternatives ...

  • Fairport Engineering Limited

    Fairport will be showcasing their project delivery capability, a concept through commissioning partnership with clients; delivering cutting edge ...

  • GICOM b.v.

    GICOM b.v.

    GICOM Composting Systems was founded in 1984 by Ge Groenenboom, the owner of GICOM BV who was a mushroom grower at the Flevohof agricultural theme ...