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  • Battling the waste sector´s common enemy: moisture content

    Battling the waste sector´s common enemy: moisture content

    Moisture content has always been a barrier to maximizing profit from many waste streams. The problematic moisture content is mainly contained in the cell structure of organic materials. Conventional mechanical and thermal dryers like belt, drum, and liquidized bed dryers can’t open the cell structures of organic material and remove the moisture inside. Any dryer with mechanical pulverizing ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Dual Aperture Drum Screen

    Dual Aperture Drum Screen

    With the growing popularity of finer screening to protect sensitive processes and downstream equipment, plants been installing two-stage fine screens. While this approach is beneficial, it can be costly. Ovivo® offers the ideal solution. The smaller footprint and lower operating costs of the dual aperture Duet™ screen combines a 3mm fine screen with a much finer mesh screen of 300-1800 ...

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  • EkoSfera 2020

    EkoSfera 2020

    The International Trade Fair for Environmental Protection POL-ECO SYSTEM is the largest and most important event in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, presenting advanced technologies, solutions and products for sustainable development. The novelty of this year`s edition is to open up to a wide audience and reach local residents.


Sep. 13rd - 17th | Brno