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  • Waste collection at home is key to killing coronavirus

    Waste collection at home is key to killing coronavirus

    COVID-19 is not the first pandemic the world has experienced. As such, there are lessons to be learnt which can aid an efficient slow down in the spread of this disease.During the outbreaks of SARS and Ebola, for example, efficient waste management processes were implemented which acted as an integral force in halting their spread, which ultimately led to the saving of many lives.How


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  • Twin Shaft Shredder

    Twin Shaft Shredder

    Harden has the experience of the manufacturers from Germany and Italy with 16 years of develpment in China. Two shaft shredders reduce size of materials via shear, tear, and crush.We know what is the most suitable parameters for shredding many kinds of solid waste according the data of hundreds of test and projects we have done. Not only reliable shredding machines we offered, also systemic ...