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Waste Removal equipment for Waste and Recycling

  • Premium

    TOMRA - Dry Peel Separator (DPS)

    The efficient separation of peel waste is an important objective for vegetable and root processors. TOMRA’s Dry Peel Separator or DPS provides you with a method to separate peel waste with zero water usage and minimal yield loss.

    By TOMRA Sorting GmbH. based in Mülheim-Kärlich, GERMANY. from Dry Peel Separator (DPS) Product line

  • BOKI - Kiefer GMBH - Municipal Range

    Vehicle HY 1251 Sides / HY 1351 is a municipal vehicle for the versatile application. He can be used for not only municipal work but also by private contractors and individuals of road maintenances. He enables to perform the most various tasks starting from the transport, sweeping up and washing streets, collecting leaves or waste removal. The ...

    By INTEGRA Sławomir Kamiński based in Gdynia, POLAND.

  • Tufway - Portable Toilets

    A unique combination of durability and comfort is why operators and end users have made Tufway the most used restroom in the world. By design, the Tufway interior is built for user comfort. It has a spacious, well ventilated interior to reduce odors due to simple, yet important features. A combination of floor and molded-in wall vents facilitate ...

    By Satellite Industries based in Brussels, BELGIUM. from Portable Toilets Product line

  • Commercial Wizard Unit

    We provide a bespoke D&B solution tailored to each application.  Prior to any installation we will first determine the effluent flow and load characteristics (inc. BOD, COD, SS, NH3 etc).  We then set up a pilot plant at the premises to determine the most suitable design to meet the required standard. This approach ensures that ...

    By Wastewater Wizard Ltd based in Fortrose, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Impact - Trim Extraction Systems

    Impact Air Systems have been providing trim collection systems since the early 1980’s and have provided solutions to remove waste materials from production processes in a wide variety of industries.

    By Impact Air Systems based in Leicester, UNITED KINGDOM. from Trim Extraction Systems Product line

  • KK - Gyropress Compactor

    This labour saving compactor crushes card and general waste neatly into plastic sacks. The pre-set pallet under the sack makes for simple waste removal. Waste is stored hygienically and tidily ready for collection.

    By KK BALERS based in Weybridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Gyropress Compactor Product line

  • Filquip - Vacuum Conveying

    ilquip can design, specify and provide vacuum conveying systems to move product from trucks, bulk bags, hoppers or silos to any location.Filquip can also provide industrial vacuum systems to move product from suction heads to bins or bags for simple waste removal.

    By Filquip Pty Limited based in LOGAN, AUSTRALIA.

  • Autobren - Model SV - Satellite Dump Truck

    Ideal for door to door waste removal, satellite vehicles equipped with 35 quintal capacity chassis were designed to guarantee extreme durability and reduced maintenance. The construction material thicknesses limit tare and the use of wear-proof steel for the tank lifting mechanism and Fe510 for the tank carpentry guarantee durability. All pins are ...

    By Autobren s.r.l. based in Brendola (VI), ITALY. from Satellite Dump Truck Product line

  • Handy Bin

    TOP-TEC Industrial's Handy Bins enable fast and clean waste removal.  Just fill it up, push it out of the way and use a forklift to dump the waste or stack it on the optional special plinth. Designed with a clear open top, drop-bottom base panel and self-closing latches this is an ideal tool for disposing of all kinds of production ...

    By Dalen Limited based in Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Handy Bin Product line

  • PAC - Matrix Removal Systems

    Precision AirConvey feels so strongly that our waste matrix removal solutions will increase your productivity, decrease your downtime, and lower your material and labor costs, that we guarantee you a full return on investment in less than 12 months.

    By Precision AirConvey Corp. (PAC) based in Newark, DELAWARE (USA). from Matrix Removal Systems Product line

  • Airdeck Sytems

    The Paramount AirDeck removes board waste from rotary printer slotters avoiding the use of problematic conveyor systems. It utilises a laminar airflow to move offcuts to a collection point conveniently located at the side of the machine.

    By Paramount Waste Extraction Ltd. based in Camberley, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Top-Tec - Tidy Bin

    TOP-TEC Industrial's Tidy Bins are ideal for light waste in your warehouse or factory and feature two top opening doors. The bins are emptied via a drop-bottomed base, which incorporates self-closing latches.  Fully enclosed fork guides are mounted at the top to enable a completely clear exit of the waste. The bins are fitted with heavy-duty ...

    By Dalen Limited based in Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Tidy Bin Product line

  • BedaTec - Vacuum Filters

    For the clarification of soluble oil solutions, low viscosity oils & alkaline liquids. Cutting, grinding and turning of steel/cast iron. Rolling mill quench liquids. Machining of aluminium and aerospace alloys.

    By Beda Technology Ltd. based in Corby, UNITED KINGDOM. from Vacuum Filters Product line

  • Muck trucks - Power Barrow Mini Dumpers

    Muck trucks, power barrow mini dumpers, the incredibly cost effective solution to fast waste removal, skip filling and load shifting tasks. Muck trucks go anywhere a tracked machine will at twice the speed and one third of the cost and is the essential material handling machine for builders, plant hire centres, landscapers, equestrian yards, ...

    By Severnside Plant based in Gloucester, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Makron - Working Bridge

    Walls are automatically advanced into the workstation, clamped, and squared. The nailing/stapling bridge moves automatically to each position via CAD instruction. The nailing and stapling pattern for fastening the sheeting is also controlled via the CAD information.

    By Makron Engineering Oy based in Hollola, FINLAND. from Working Bridge Product line

  • PAC - Venturi Systems

    Venturis offer paper, film, foil, plastic, label matrix and other continuous-trim waste removal with a compact footprint and low up-front costs.Precision AirConvey's durable venturi-based systems apply PAC's proprietary engineering advances to the venturi’s classic design.PAC's venturi systems excel in label, converting and other ...

    By Precision AirConvey Corp. (PAC) based in Newark, DELAWARE (USA). from Venturi Systems Product line

  • Rubbermaid BRUTE Dolly

    BRUTE® Standard Round and Square Dollies are equipped with standard 3'' swivel casters for easy mobility and maneuverability of heavy loads through work areas. Attach container to dolly with easy twist-on/off action. Brute® Quiet Dolly is perfect for noise-sensitive environments. Precision marking quiet casters. BRUTE® Trainable Dolly for an ...

    By BASCO, Inc based in University Park, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Autobren - Model SVC - Dump Truck Compactor

    The Autobren waste removal vehicle range was expanded with the arrival of the SVC series dump truck compactor. The dump truck compactor is an intermediate vehicle, positioned between mini MVR compactors and satellite vehicles. The SVC has a high specific load obtained with an adequate compacting ratio and extreme manageability in city centres, as ...

    By Autobren s.r.l. based in Brendola (VI), ITALY. from Dump Truck Compactor Product line

  • Metal Stamping

    Much as we at Res pride ourselves on our collaborative approach to metal stamping, our ability to deliver a top-notch product also comes down to our facilities and equipment. Both rank among the industry’s finest. Unique custom control systems integrated into our press lines substantially reduce set-up time while providing our team precise ...

    By Res Manufacturing Company based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • Garic - Waste Tanks

    Garic can supply waste tanks to contain a variety of dirty and discarded liquids and are available in three sizes – either 500, 1,000 or 2000 gallon tanks. It goes without saying that each steel tank is manufactured to the highest quality to prevent leakage and avoid environmental hazards.

    By Garic Ltd. based in Pilsworth, Bury, UNITED KINGDOM. from Waste Tanks Product line

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