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STEINERT - Model ISS - Induction Sorting System

by Steinert Elektromagnetbau GmbH     Office in Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

In certain cases, metallic components, e.g. stainless steel and composite materials, cannot be recovered using magnetic separation and non-ferrous metal sorting processes. The STEINERT ISS is the logical solution to this problem. Previous experience has shown that the rate of both purity and recovery is considerably greater than 90%, depending on ...

STEINERT - Model NES - Non-Ferrous Metal Separator

by Steinert Elektromagnetbau GmbH     Office in Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

The recovery of non-ferrous metals is the economic basis of all recycling: The patented STEINERT NES, featuring an its eccentric pole system, is the ideal tool for the job – for more than 20 years! High yield and long service life are the benefits that ensure efficient and long-term operating results.

De-Watering Reject Waste Paper System

by RUNI A/S     Distributor in Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

Before waste paper can be converted into recycled paper, all undesirable material must be separated out. This reject has a high water content and it can be compacted and de-watered using the  RUNI Screw Compactor. Draining in a RUNI Screw Compactor reduces the water content of the reject from 65 % to 35 %, making it dry enough for use as ...

Separation of contents from metal and alu cans

by RUNI A/S     Distributor in Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

By fitting a drain to the RUNI Screw Compactor, liquids from cans made of aluminium, tin or steel can be pressed out through a matrix which has to be adapted to the specific product and purpose.

ACE Package - Screening Handling Equipment

by The Haigh Engineering Company Ltd     Distributor in SLOVAKIA

Proven Screening Handling Equipment ACE Packages treat wastewater screenings from screens of any size and manufacture.ACE Packages process screenings from raw sewage screens efficiently and effectively. The process takes raw screenings from the screen launder flow, washes and separates the faecal matter and compacts the remaining screenings as a ...

ACE - Screener

by The Haigh Engineering Company Ltd     Distributor in SLOVAKIA

Haigh’s range of ACE Screeners® cover inlet flows from 0-100 l/s per unit. They are specifcally designed for use in waste water and sewage treatment works. Installation flexibility is a key attribute, allowing project designers to use an ACE Screener® in virtually any situation, including retrofit into existing civil structures, ...

ACE - Sludge Screener

by The Haigh Engineering Company Ltd     Distributor in SLOVAKIA

Combined screen and screenings handling system for septic waste, primary sludge and imported sludges. The ACE Sludge Screener consists of a rotary arm with tines that engage in bars equally spaced across the body of the screen. Screened effluent flows from the back of the screen and out of the unit for further processing. Screenings removed by the ...

ACE - Bar Screen

by The Haigh Engineering Company Ltd     Distributor in SLOVAKIA

For channel or pipeline mounting coarse screening and automatic removal of solids from flow above bar spacing size (typically 6-10mm) in one dimension.

ACE - Band Screen

by The Haigh Engineering Company Ltd     Distributor in SLOVAKIA

Reliable Fine-Screening of Waste Water up to 300 l/s

ACQUITY - UPLC Detectors

by Waters Corporation     Distributor in SLOVAKIA

ACQUITY UPLC optical and mass detectors enhance high efficiency UPLC separations, allowing you to analyze a wide variety of environmental contaminants. The ACQUITY UPLC TUV, PDA, and fluorescence detectors provide fast data acquisition capabilities for rapid analyses and the sensitivity required for trace impurity detection and quantification. ...

ENVIA - Model CRC - Oil Separator

by PURECO Ltd.     Office in Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

The ENVIA CRC is installable into commercially available gully-holes through various adapters. It is recommended to install these equipments in parking lots, or in road sections with existing hazards of oil-contamination or drift. This equipment can be installed both in already existing facilities and in those being under construction.

ENVIA - Model TRP - Oil Separator

by PURECO Ltd.     Office in Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

The ENVIA TRP is a high-capacity stromwater treatment solution that is able to retain contaminants washed away by storm water flowing down from linear engineering structures (roads, motorways, parking lots), and is in compliance with the contamination types, it is economical to install, simple to operate, the materials used in this equipment are ...

Tana - Model 6Deco - Smart Drum Screen

by Tana Oy     Distributor in SLOVAKIA

A smart drum screen that optimises your processes. Twin scales measure the production of coarse and fine grain in real time. ProTrack enables remote monitoring of operations. Presettings for processing different materials. Shredder and screen can be linked and monitored together with Tana’s revolutionary Smart Site system. Wheeled loaders ...

Remote Calibration, Termination, And Separation

by Det-Tronics - Detector Electronics Corporation     Distributor in SLOVAKIA

The PIRTB provides termination for the PointWatch PIR9400 gas detector and the PIRECL Pointwatch Eclipse gas detector when remote calibration initiatio

Oxymat - Oil and Water Separators

by Oxymat - Oxygen Generators     Office in Vadovce, SLOVAKIA

All compressors produce a condensate with hazardous waste of oil and dirt. This condensate must be treated with care. The product is polluted and must not be led out in the sewage or on the floor. The contaminated water should be collected in an Oil and Water separator. The separator will separate the condensate into water and oil through a secure ...

Separating cartons and liquids creating two waste streams

by RUNI A/S     Distributor in Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

100 % product destruction ensures that products are not resold or used internally. Save space and handling costs by compacting cartons early in the process. Save costs by separating into two waste streams – liquids and solids. Filling plants, dairies and other producers of drinks such as juice, yoghurt and other beverage cartons, destroy ...

Sorting Plants

by Presona AB     Distributor in SLOVAKIA

The world population is increasing day by day. We have become accustomed to an increasingly high standard of consumption, more products, new products. The quantity of used material is also increasing at an alarming rate – and with it – the problem of handling this waste. We must identify and apply solutions to this problem which are ...

PE-Film System

by RUNI A/S     Distributor in Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

Drying H5flE3 is a very expensive process. By installing a RUNI screw compactor to press out as much water as possible after the washing process, a great deal of energy is saved and at the same time capacity of the washing line is increased. During the production of recycled plastic from PE film, the cut-up film is washed thoroughly and then ...

Model FF - Ceramic Microfilter

by Bilgeri EnvironTec GmbH     Distributor in SLOVAKIA

To fine-cleaning of sewage bzw.Biogas fine filters are used. This fine particles ≥ 8 .mu.m and even fog condensate can be separated, so that is a largely free of foreign substances gas available for further use gas. The EnvironTec fine filter are with filter cartridges from Pantel equipped (special fireclay). The gas flows through the filter ...

Aquastar- CityCleaner - Water Recycling Vehicle

by Kaiser AG     Office in Krakovany, SLOVAKIA

The CityCleaner is a compact jetting and vacuum vehicle in the 15 to 18-ton class with the capability to use dirty water for jetting operations. A filtration facility incorporating a flat screen with pneumatically operated scraper makes it possible to draw water from natural sources, canals and sewers. This reduces the number of refilling trips ...

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