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  • GPS Asset Tracking
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    GPS Asset Tracking

    By Hoover Ferguson

    Liquitrac is a global asset tracking service that provides the most accurate location information via satellite technology. Our hardware is robust, reliable and most importantly, built to last! We provide tracking ...

  • Amphibious Personnel / Cargo Carrier
    Showcase Product

    Amphibious Personnel / Cargo Carrier

    By Wilco Marsh Buggies Inc

    One of Wilco’s most popular models, the amphibious personnel/equipment carrier is used universally for soft terrain work. This rugged performer can bring the workshop to the worksite, carrying personnel, supplies, ...

  • Hammer Mill System
    Showcase Product

    Hammer Mill System

    By TES-AMM

    Further size reduction of materials, Powder form.

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    For the past ten years Logistics Plus has been extensively working in developing and improving a GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management System ...


    Our product is VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEM (VTS) with security camera, two communication(J1,J2). we are also doing school buses VTS with RFID it ...

  • ANJANI Technologies

    We are into GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems providing services across various industries segments in India.Our price and services are our USP.FMCG ...

  • FastPace Software

    FastPace Software

    FASTPACE Software Company provides Order and Process through Computerization. By implementing computerized Business Specific Roll-off Routines and ...

  • CalAmp


    A proven leader in the mobile resource management (MRM) and machine-to-machine (M2M) space, CalAmp connects clients to business-critical data and ...