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Organic Waste Treatment Systems

by WT Energy SMEA S.r.l     based in Repubblica di San Marino, ITALY

For the disposal of organic materials, WT ENERGY can develop a custom treatment facility that is both profitable for you and the environment.

Effective Sewage Odour Control Systems

by ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd     based in Horsham, UNITED KINGDOM

Used as a stand-alone package, or in combination as part of a DryCat system, ERG's biofilter provides trouble-free odour control for small to medium sized sewage treatment plants.

ERG - Dry Media Filters

by ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd     based in Horsham, UNITED KINGDOM

In partnership with our carbon and dry media framework suppliers, ERG offers a comprehensive range of activated carbon, impregnated carbon, oxidising alumina media, and hybrid, multi-media filters. For the Middle East market we also offer in situ water and chemically regenerable carbon.

ASTIM - Shaftless Conveyor Compactor

by ASTIM A.S.     based in Gebze - Kocaeli, TURKEY

The screenings to be treated can be directly discharged from a screen into the feed trough of the Shaftless Conveyor Compactor “ SCC”. A conveying and compacting screw transports the screenings into the washing and compacting zone where they are exposed to powerful introduction of wash water. The washing achieves perfect separation of ...

ASTIM - Screenings Press

by ASTIM A.S.     based in Gebze - Kocaeli, TURKEY

The screenings to be treated are discharged directly from a screen or conveyor into the feed trough of the Screenings Press “ASP”. A robust conveying and compacting screw transports the screenings into the wash zone where they are exposed to powerful wash water. The washing achieves perfect separation of organic particles and thus ...

Mighty Mike - U&F-BOOST! Sewage Treatment Tablets

by Bio-Microbics, Inc.     based in Shawnee, KANSAS (USA)

Mighty Mike U&F-BOOST! (Billion Onsite Organisms Sewage Treatment) Tablets can simply be flushed down the toilet or tossed into a troubled area. If desired, tablets can also be crushed and poured down a drain. The Mighty Mike U&F-BOOST! Tablets utilizes a special formulation over 25 billion active, robust class 1 organisms per gram ...

Model IMS - Integrated Membrane Wastewater Treatment System

by RODI Systems Corp.     based in Aztec, NEW MEXICO (USA)

The RODI Systems IMS integrated membrane water recycling system is a high-performance wastewater treatment system designed to treat challenging waste streams such as oily wastewater or waste streams containg large amounts of suspended solids. It can provide purified effluent suitable for discharge or reuse. The RODI IMS is suitable for treating ...

Biomar® - Biological wastewater treatment

by EnviroChemie GmbH     based in Rossdorf bei Darmstadt, GERMANY

One special characteristic of anaerobic technology is that it acidifies and ferments organic carbon compounds to produce the end products, methane and carbon dioxide. Anaerobic methods do not require any oxygen aeration and produce little excess sludge. Our Biomar® anaerobic systems are particularly suitable for the treatment of waste water ...

FreshAWL - Model FUEL-WASH™ - Fuel Desulfurization System

by FreshAWL, LLC     based in Concord, CALIFORNIA (USA)

FreshAWL FUEL-WASH removes sulfur compounds from fuels before they are burned and can be added to contaminated fuels to scrub out unwanted sulfur and control Hydrogen Sulfide in bilge waters contacting contaminated fuels. FUEL-WASH not only captures and converts all of the H2S into recoverable elemental sulfur  but it also eliminates ...

Biological Drying

by GICOM b.v.     based in Biddinghuizen, NETHERLANDS

In addition to composting organic material, Gicom applies the tunnel composting technique for biological drying of other waste streams containing organic material. The organic part will be composted. During composting the organic part produces heat, which is applied directly for the drying process.

Biofilter Systems

by LIKUSTA Umwelttechnik GmbH     based in Lich, GERMANY

Waste gas treatment and odour control systems LIKUSTA biofilter systems are designed as single or multistage units according to the actual requirement for instance with a preset humidifier, bio- or chemical scrubber.Due to close cooperation with universities, and research centers, latest scientific knowledge is available during process ...

Biocelle - Model CSA - Composting System

by Syntal Italy Srl     based in Borgo Priolo (PV), ITALY

This is a composting system that achieves Static Accelerated maturation of the organic fraction in a single week. Thanks to the air distribution system the biocell is fully ventilated and the recirculation does not limit the amount to be sent to deodorization. The perfectly sealed environment in which the process takes place allows for the ...

Organica - Bio-P Removal System

by Organica (UK) Limited     based in Birkenhead, Wirral, UNITED KINGDOM

Organica Bio P Removal contains adapted micro-organisms specifically formulated for use in waste-water systems to remove phosphate biologically even in low strength effluent.

Organica - Model Formula 33 - Microbial Aid for Waste Water Treatment Systems

by Organica (UK) Limited     based in Birkenhead, Wirral, UNITED KINGDOM

ORGANICA FORMULA-33 contains adapted micro-organisms specifically formulated for use in municipal and food processing waste-water systems. ORGANICA FORMULA-33 is composed of aerobic and facultative anaerobic micro-organisms. These microorganisms have been carefully selected from nature and adapted for optimum performance in most treatment plants.

Screening Capture and Washing System

by Ekotakas UAB     based in Kaunas, LITHUANIA

The Screenings Washer Monster is a self-contained, hopper-fed system used to effectively grind, wash, compact and dewater screenings that have been captured by a wastewater screen.

Ten Cate Geotube - Industrial Fabrics Dewatering Systems

by Ekotakas UAB     based in Kaunas, LITHUANIA

UAB 'Ekotakas' presents  TEN CATE Geosynthetics geotubes for waste water treatment and sludge dewatering. Geotube technology priorities comparing to other dewatering systems: Used for big capacity works. Less investment. No construction works. Quick implementation. Big capacity, quick dewatering process. 99% solids are captured - more then ...

PRAB - Ultrafiltration Systems (UF)

by PRAB, Inc     based in Kalamazoo, MICHIGAN (USA)

PRAB's line of Ultrafiltration Systems (UF) are designed to separate emulsified oils and suspended solids from wastewater and coolant and reduce oily water volumes by as much as 98% without the use of chemical additives. For this reason, Ultrafiltration membrane technology is quickly becoming the process of choice over conventional filtration ...

Aerated Floors

by GICOM b.v.     based in Biddinghuizen, NETHERLANDS

The aerated floors are constructed with spigotpipes that are designed by Gicom. These spigotpipes are available in 2 different dimensions, depending on the amount of aeration that is needed. The floor can be driven upon with a front end loader. The floors can be indoor as well as outdoor. A Gicom fan supplies a central ductwork with air. On this ...

LARCH (dry burn) - Point-of-Use Waste Gas Treatment System

by DAS Environmental Expert GmbH     based in Dresden, GERMANY

LARCH is our latest Point-of-Use waste gas treatment system especially designed for MOCVD processes. It is capable of treating large flows of Hydrogen and Ammonia as well as small flows of metal-organics and dopants, which are typically found in common LED processes. The treatment combination of oxidation und pyrolysis extends DAS´ ...

20 Foot Containerized Dewatering and Waste Oil Treatment System

by Elgin Separation Solutions     based in Stafford, TEXAS (USA)

As the drilling industry isregulated by a myriad of environmental regulations that continue to become increasingly more stringent, having the right solids control and dewatering equipment has become vital to successful drilling operations. Dewatering presents a great deal of benefits and advantages. One such benefit includes discharge compliance, ...

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