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  • Legionella Found in Closed Schools’ Water Pipes

    Legionella Found in Closed Schools’ Water Pipes

    Growth of Legionnaire’s disease-causing bacterium is just one risk from stagnating water systems As the world has dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic, many school buildings have sat idle for many months longer than usual. The return to these buildings is uncovering another ...


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  • Colorimetric Cassettes

    Colorimetric Cassettes

    ChemLogic colorimetric tapes for use inside the ChemLogic 1 and 2 Continuous Gas Monitors. ChemLogic colorimetric cassettes offer extremely quick and reliable detection for an extensive list of gases. Shop our available tapes above, or, if you need a full detectable gas list please contact us today! These tapes are for the ChemLogic 1 and ChemLogic 2 continuous gas detection devices. Switch ...