Groundwater Quality Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • The Federal Interim Groundwater Quality Guidelines

    The Federal Interim Groundwater Quality Guidelines

    The Federal Interim Groundwater Quality Guidelines was developed by federal authorities to facilitate the assessment, remediation and risk management of federal contaminated sites which are under the funding of the Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan (FCSAP). The guidelines are applicable in Canada until the time when groundwater guidelines will be developed. FCSAP was established to identify ...

  • Canadian Soil Quality Guidelines

    Canadian Soil Quality Guidelines

    The Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) is responsible for the provision of Canadian environmental quality guidelines aimed at the protection of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems ...


  • Effects of Intraborehole Flows

    Effects of Intraborehole Flows

    Two new research papers published in 2019, by an Australian research group led by David Poulsen, build on earlier work by McMillan et al (2014) and others in improving our understanding of the depth origin of water samples collected from ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

    Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

    The Ampac USA Commercial Reverse Osmosis 400 GPD | 1500 LPD Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis system is designed for well (Ground) Water Applications were the water quality conditions do not meet WHO Standards. The system production capacity is 400 gallons per Day | 1500 Liters per Day. The Ampac USA Reverse Osmosis Model APRO400 is equipped with a set of pre-filters to remove heavy contaminants and ...