Groundwater Sampling

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Schoeller diagrams in geo-chemistry

    Schoeller diagrams in geo-chemistry

    The Schoeller diagram is used to illustrate the relative concentrations of anions and cations. These concentrations are usually expressed in milliequivalents per litre. A Schoeller diagram can be used to compare concentrations from different water sources. An example is whereby samples are obtained from a variety of wells and comparison made on a single Schoeller diagram to explore patterns in ...

  • Piper Diagrams in Chemistry Water Analysis

    Piper Diagrams in Chemistry Water Analysis

    Arthur M. Piper introduced the Piper diagram in 1994. It is used for studying water chemistry and quality. The Piper diagram helps in the segregation of analytical data necessary for determining the ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Portable Quadrupole Analyser

    Portable Quadrupole Analyser

    The Hiden pQA portable gas analyser is a versatile mass spectrometer and offered with a range of interchangeable sampling inlets to suit a broad application range. MIMS inlets are offered for analysis of dissolved species in ground water, fermentation cultures, soil samples, and general applications where analysis of dissolved species in liquid sample is required. The system is suited to gas ...