Water Current Monitoring

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  • Introducing the OTT ecoN​

    Introducing the OTT ecoN​

    New generation of UV Nitrate Sensors Nutrient monitoring is becoming more important as time goes on – as human activity increases the natural amount of nitrate in water, plants and organisms are more and more negatively affected. Current nutrient monitoring relies on low temporal frequency monitoring and spot-checking, which are vulnerable to uncertainties and less representative of the ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Hydrogen Generator

    Hydrogen Generator

    Hydroxychrom is a gas generator providing high purity (grade: 99.9995%) of hydrogen used as carrier gas or fuel gas for autoGC FID (for VOCs) and FPD (for sulfur compounds). Generator of high purity hydrogen used a carrier gas for airmoVOC and chromaFID analysers as well as for the FID flame. Hydroxychrom is a high purily hydrogen generator and an important tool for the incoming H2 of FID, FPD ...