Water Flow Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Fill Media

    Fill Media

    ThermoTrade s.r.l.'s fill media are made of a series of high-quality thermoformed PVC sheet. They are arranged in blocks to raise the contact surface between air water, in order to use the evaporative heat exchage. Cooling towers The X13 fill media are used in cooling towers with moderately clean water and a minimized tower volume (such as in the air conditioning sector); they are also used in ...


  • Reintroducing the OTT SVR 100

    Reintroducing the OTT SVR 100

    The Surface Velocity Radar OTT SVR 100 now comes with an integrated SDI-12 interface making it the ideal sensor to collect surface water velocity measurements. This simple and compact radar sensor provides data during floods or times of high ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Self-Supporting Dust Control Machine

    Self-Supporting Dust Control Machine

    Every dust problem is unique. That's why we work closely with our customers to find the right solution. We specialize in machines made to measure. Each dust problem needs a specific solution.