Water Toxicity Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Mining Emissions Effectively Monitored with Micro Pulse LiDAR Technology

    Mining Emissions Effectively Monitored with Micro Pulse LiDAR Technology

    Mining operations include blasting, excavating, scraping, and sifting large amounts of dirt. These activities create dust and other emissions that are transported by air currents to surrounding areas. It is easy to say that dangerous particulate matter (PM) generated by mining should be monitored and kept to a minimum; however, it is very challenging to measure the levels of contaminants in the ...

  • Wildfire’s Effects on Water

    Dry conditions have a hand in the genesis of wildfires, and the fires in turn compromise the availability of freshwater resources Close on the heels of the great Australian wildfires earlier this ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Acute toxicity online analyzer

    Acute toxicity online analyzer

    As a result of years of intensive research and development activities, EASYCHEM TOX Early Warning is an original direct reading on-line analyzer based on discrete analysis technology, for fully automated toxicity measurements of water samples using live cultures of luminescent bacteria. EASYCHEM TOX Early Warning is a on-line automated platform equipped with color touchscreen LCD and housed in an ...

Upcoming Events

  • InterFLOOD Asia 2018

    InterFLOOD Asia 2018

    InterFLOOD Asia 2018, supported by the World Bank and the GFDRR (Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery), will tackle the escalating problem of flooding in Asia head on. The event is about mitigating and managing the potentially catastrophic impacts of extreme weather and climate change on vital infrastructure, including water, energy, communications, agriculture and transport, as ...

InterMET Asia 2021

Jun. 21rd - 23th | Marina Bay Sands