Watershed Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Is Watershed Restoration Working?

    Is Watershed Restoration Working?

    Researchers call for standardizing methodology among smaller projects It’s well understood that damage to watersheds leads to freshwater access problems for the populations that depend upon them. That’s why we now spend much more money on watershed upgrades and mitigation of damage done to soil, water, and rivers than we did a decade or two ago. But after years of large-scale ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Rain Gauge Datalogger

    Rain Gauge Datalogger

    The 3002 Rainlogger 5 is used with Levelogger Software and most standard tipping-bucket rain gauges to log rainfall events. It is excellent for use along side Leveloggers to allow correlation between precipitation events and changes in groundwater levels, and is excellent for measuring local precipitation, larger scale remote monitoring of watersheds, and localized stormwater event monitoring. ...