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activated sludge tank aeration (Activated Sludge) equipment

  • Continuous Flow Activated Sludge Reactors with Clarifiers or Flotation Biological Reactors

    Wastewater flows through biological reactor in continuous plug-flow system ended with a clarifier for waste biological sludge and effluent separation. In case of our flotation biological reactors (FloFBR™) traditional clarifier is replaced by sludge flotation as activated sludge clarifier. It makes system more compact due to higher ...

    By Symbiona SA based in Warszawa, POLAND. from Aerobic Biological Treatment Product line

  • Syskill - Model SYS SBR - Sequential Batch Reactor

    The Sequential Batch Reactor utilizes the Activated Sludge Process and the two steps of biological oxidation and phase separation take place in the same tank, on an cyclic basis. This process provides complete nitrification and substantial de-nitrification by controlling the aeration and fill/draw cycles. The single tank is operated in a cyclic ...

    By Syskill - WWTS P/L based in Castle Hill, AUSTRALIA.

  • Taset - Surface Aerator

    Activated sludge process. Oxidation Ditch process. Floating aerator. Equalizing Tank.

    By Taset based in Hwaseong-si, SOUTH KOREA.

  • Flat Sheet Membrane for MBR

    Membrane bioreactor (MBR) is a novel high-efficiency technology of sewage water treatment, combining high efficiency membrane separation technology and conventional activated sludge process. In this technology, modules composed of flat sheet membrane elements are submerged in the aeration tank, therefore active sludge is completely retained the ...

  • DEPURBIOX - Model 50-550 Plant - Biological Purification Plant

    The 'civil' waste is purified 'biologically' because this is the most suitable system to obtain performance exceeding 90%.WTEC plants work on decomposition of the BOD5 throught active sludge total oxidation processes, with mineralization of sludge in excess (extended aeration). The correct supply of oxygen contained in the air and the homogeneous ...

    By WTEC Plants Srl based in Trani (BT), ITALY. from Wastewater Purification Product line

  • LINPOR - Cubes of Polyurethane (12-15mm)

    LINPOR® Technology uses highly porous cubes of a foam material that are integrated into the traditional activated sludge process as carriers for preferably attached growing microorganisms. The LINPOR cubes usually occupy 10 to 30% of the activated sludge tank. Fine bubble aeration supplies the required amount of oxygen as well as the necessary ...

    By Mixing & Mass Transfer Technologies LLC based in State College, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Sewage Aeration

    For the fine bubble aeration of sewage in activated sludge tanks tubular or dome diffusers of Pantel-B, Flexolith or membrane material are used. Special advantages are a high oxygen supply at a minimum pressure drop for many years. For area aeration disc diffusers are used, achieving highest oxygen efficiency. Didier also supplies complete sewage ...

    By DIDIER Filtertechnik GmbH based in Eisenberg/Pfalz, GERMANY.

  • NAPP - Model NAPP/WWTP/506 - Wastewater Treatment Plant

    We Design, Fabricate, Supply, Erect and Commission Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) for treating sewage generated by Industry, large colonies, Hotels, Hospitals, IT Parks and commercial buildings. Principle of Treatment: Its working on the principle of Aerobic Treatment with the help of aerobic bacteria, which is most conventional and proven method ...

    By National Anti Pollution Projects based in Gurgaon, INDIA.

  • Model Bio-Wheel™ - Advanced High Efficiency Wastewater Treatment System

    The Bio-Wheel biological treatment system has been developed to combine the compactness and flexibility of the activated sludge process with the stability and sinplicity of the fixed film process. The Bio-Wheel system integrates the two processes in a single tank by using a simple mechanical drive system. The rotation of the Bio-Wheel provides ...

    By H2O Innovation based in Quebec, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Wastewater Treatment Product line

  • Model 50PE - CVC - OXI - DEP - TC - Low-Load Activated Sludge (Extended Aeration) With Inverted Conical Settling Tank

    WWTP by low-load activated sludge (extended aeration) with inverted conical settling tank. Organic matter (BOD5) removal.

    By Salher based in Madrid, SPAIN. from Secondary Treatments - Activated Sludge Treatment Plants Product line

  • Bidirectional Jet Aerators

    Four bidirectional mix jet aerators in round tank for a paper manufacturer. Three bidirectional mix jet aerators Three bidirectional mix jet aerators in an lagoon for a food manufacturer. Bidirectional mix jet aerator One of seven bidirectional mix jet aerators in an activated sludge lagoon for a pulp manufacturer. Bidirectional mix jet aerator ...

    By Mixing Systems, Inc. based in Dayton, OHIO (USA). from Jet Aerators Product line

  • Fuchs Oxystar - Aerator

    FUCHS OXYSTAR Aerators are used to introduce oxygen into lagoons, equalization tanks or activated sludge basins. In addition to a fine-bubble deep aeration they also provide for circulation and thorough mixing of the wastewater in the basins. OXYSTAR Aerators essentially consist of an air-cooled a.c.-motor in mounting position B 35, a coupling ...

  • OXYMOP - Model 6334 - Reinforced Water Treatment Plant

    The OXYMOP are water treatment plants with activated sludge developped in GRP tanks. They are composed by an aeration basin and a clarifier installated downstream from a primary decanter.

    By Simop based in Sainte-Mère-Eglise, FRANCE. from Wastewater Treatment- Water Treatment Plants Superior Product line

  • Model Series SBR - Purification Plants

    The SBR system (sequential discontinuous reactor) consists of one or more parallel reactors, which provide for aeration, sedimentation, extraction of the effluent and sludge recirculation. Each reactor, after the filling phase, is conducted, by means of a PLC, in a (discontinuous) way for a predefined period and then the sewage, once clarified ...

    By Naldi Ecologia S.r.l. based in Imola (BO), ITALY. from Water Treatment - Fibreglass - Systems Product line

  • Biotip - Model Max - Modern Conventional Device for Biological Wastewater Treatment

    BIOTIP max is a modern conventional device for biological wastewater treatment. The process of treatment with or without recovery of return activated sludge. I made aeration” branches” that provide good mixing bioaeration all parts of the basin. The main objects of the device BIOTIP maxare: space for the plant to fine-mechanical ...

    By Interplan d.o.o. based in Karlovac, CROATIA. from Devices Product line

  • Sequencing Batch Reactor System (SBR)

    Sequencing batch reactor system is called as single batch system and is included by the group of fill-and-draw reactor. Contrary to continuous active sludge systems, biological reactions and settlement of biomass occur in the same tank. Sequencing batch reactors are charged and discharged in certain periods. After charging phase is completed, the ...

    By ARI Arıtma based in Kullar-Başiskele, TURKEY.

  • Model ISAM - Sludge Reduction Systems

    Fluidyne is the first company to commercially design, build and operate SBR technology based on the activated sludge process with over 300 plants operating worldwide. Our intimate process knowledge in biological treatment has led to reducing solid content through biological means. The ISAM sludge reduction system from Fluidyne Can be used as a ...

    By Fluidyne Corporation based in Cedar Falls, IOWA (USA). from Sludge Reduction Systems Product line

  • Model AF - Submersible Flowmakers

    Flowmakers are used in waste water treatment, namely in nitrification, denitrification, activated sludge treatment and disinfection tanks. These mixers are also applied in industrial mixing, chlorination tanks and digesters of biogas plants used to homogenize, destratify and prevent formation of surface hardpans. The slow rotation of blades, ...

    By SCM Tecnologie based in San Giorgio (MN), ITALY. from Wastewater Treatment - Mixers Product line

  • Mittem - Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor MBBR System

    MBBR systems are highly efficient activated sludge processes using biofilm carrier biomedia. Biomedia used in aeration tank in MBBR system allow extended surface area for microorganisms to grow. Through that, microorganism concentration in unit tank volume increases and required tank volume decreases. MBBR systems can be used in treatment of both ...

    By Mittem Environmental Technology based in Pendik /Istanbul, TURKEY. from SBR and MBR Compact Water Treatment Product line

  • Residential Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Jet’s residential wastewater treatment plant breaks down wastes via a three compartment tank. A pre-treatment compartment receives influent where heavy solids settle and form sludge at the bottom of the tank. The second compartment of Jet’s residential wastewater treatment plant is the treatment compartment. Here wastewater or grey ...

    By Jet Inc. based in Cleveland, OHIO (USA). from Residential Product line

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