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activated sludge treatment plant (Activated Sludge) equipment

  • Model epST-iic series - Packaged Compact Wastewater Treatment Plants

    epST -iic wastewater treatment plants are continuouse flow activated sludge systems which are operated on a batch basis . Turbulent aeration of incoming sewage and batch treatment of the bio-mass are achieved in separate aeration and settling chambers. The discharged effluent is a completely odorless, almost clear in color and with a substantial ...

    By EPECO - epeco group based in Nasr City, EGYPT.

  • Model AS-DEHYDRATOR - Sludge Thickening & Dewatering Processes

    The spiral dehydrator is used for the thickening and subsequent dewatering of sludge. The equipment is small and lightweight and can work in automatic operation with minimal maintenance requirements. The device guarantees the thickening of activated sludge to at least 18% of dry matter, for sludge from municipal WWTPs.

    By ASIO, spol. s r.o. based in Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants - Sludge Management Product line

  • iTURBO - Compressor

    INVENT has a long tradition of providing energy efficient products, systems and solutions for wastewater treatment plants around the world. The iTURBO – Compressor is specially suited for supplying air to aeration systems in activated sludge plants. The iTURBO  – Compressor is a single stage high-speed turbo compressor.

    By INVENT Umwelt-und Verfahrenstechnik AG based in Erlangen, GERMANY. from System Solutions Product line

  • ECOfluid - Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) / Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge (IFAS)

    ECOfluid provides two fixed film wastewater treatment processes: Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) and Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge (IFAS), both of which are suitable for the upgrade of existing systems, or construction of new plants. The processes utilize media to provide a large surface area for the biomass to attach and grow in a ...

    By Ecofluid Systems Inc. based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Daxtro - Model DAXT-SBR - Biological Treatment System

    Daxtro Water is a company that design and produce the line known as DAXT-SBR which consist in a last generation biological treatment system, based on the concept of “Sequencing batch reactor”. Is applied when the quality of the effluent at the output of the system must meet with the all most exigent regulations around the world. With ...

    By Daxtro Swiss International Engineering Company SARL based in Canobbio, SWITZERLAND. from Daxtro Waters Product line

  • B & P - Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) Sewage Treatment Plant

    B&P Water Technologies has a relevant expertise in the field of mbbr sewage treatment plant, whatever the pollutant present in the water is, even with high COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) levels. The moving bed biofilm reactor (mbbr) implies a process to purify wastewater not so different from an activated sludge system. The process is suitable ...

    By B&P Water Technologies s.r.l. based in Rome , ITALY. from Industrial RO Systems Product line

  • Model BFL 5050VF - Biological Degradation

    The main problem with the effluent from the processing of vegetable oils such as palm oil, olive oil, rapeseed oil, etc. is the large amounts of oils present. These create major problems by coating drains, pumps, pumping stations, inlet screens and primary clarifiers. In many activated sludge plants excessive quantities of oils can give rise to ...

    By Biofuture Ltd based in Dublin, IRELAND. from Industrial Products Product line

  • VERTREAT - Self-Contained System

    NORAM’s patented VERTREAT system is a proprietary, high-rate activated sludge effluent treatment process. High on Environmental Friendliness: The low visual impact of VERTREAT, self-contained and largely hidden from view underground, gives it a significant advantage over the large surface tanks of a conventional plant. The subsurface and ...

    By NORAM Engineering and Constructors Ltd. based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Biosystems Group Product line

  • GRM - Bee-Cell Filter Media

    Compact High Surface to Volume Ratio and Extra Mechanical Strength. developed and produced in Denmark since 1998. Bee-Cell 2000 is used in many wastewater treatment plants and fish farms based on recirculation. Based on the biofilm principle, using the advantages of activated sludge and fixed film technology. Can be packed in large units thus ...

    By Global Resources Management Limited (GRM) based in Central, CHINA. from Biological Filters Product line

  • Model F-10300 - Process Centrifuge

    F-10300 Process Centrifuge has been a workhorse for industrial applications. From wastewater to wine, this is the centrifuge that process engineers rely on more than any other. Just load and go. The digital countdown timer alerts you at cycle end. Tracking the percent of solids in a given sample provides operators with proactive information for ...

    By Raven Environmental Products, Inc. based in St. Louis, MONTANA (USA). from Centrifuge and Centrifuge Tubes Product line

  • Envotech - Aeration Systems and Disc Diffuser

    Oxygen supply and aeration systems are both critical and qualifying points of any civil or industrial aerobic biological waste water treatment.The reliability and the performances of an aeration system are decisive factors affecting the choice and design of the system itself since, for instance, in an activated sludge waste water treatment plant ...

    By Envotech Ltd. based in Plovdiv, BULGARIA. from Wastewater Treatment Product line

  • VIT Nocardia - Fast and Reliable Filamentous Bacteria Detection

    VIT Nocardia specifically detects nocardioform Actinomycetes directly within your activated sludge sample. Branch growing, gram-positive filaments and single cells such as Nocardia, Gordona, Rhodococcus, Skermania and Tsukamurella are various genera of Nocardioform Actinomycetes. These bacteria are considered primary cause to floating sludge and ...

    By Vermicon AG based in Munich, GERMANY. from Wastewater viable bacteria detection Product line

  • Partech - Model Handy Polaris - Portable Dissolved Oxygen Monitor

    The Handy Polaris is the first Handy with the second generation Handy Probe and microprocessor controlled electronics. The Polaris benefits from advances in sensor performance and improved calibration accuracy whilst maintaining the ease of use of the Handy Beta. Measuring Dissolved Oxygen in Activated Sludge Plants is a vital part of process ...

    By Partech (Electronics) Ltd. based in St Austell, UNITED KINGDOM. from Portables Product line

  • Model BFL 5000FG - Biological Degradation

    Biological degradation of fats and greases, proteins, lactose and other organic materials in dairy effluents. The main problem with the effluent from dairies is the large amounts of animal fats present. These cause major problems by coating drains, pumps, pumping stations, inlet screens and primary clarifiers. In many activated sludge plants ...

    By Biofuture Ltd based in Dublin, IRELAND. from Industrial Products Product line

  • Global Mold - Model MPHR - Biomedia System

    Global Mold’s Multi-Pollutant, High Rate Biomedia (MPHR Biomedia). MPHR is designed as a suspended media for improving the performance of activated sludge wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). It offers all the benefits of IFAS systems, without any of the disadvantages of fixed media. Its unique design consists of a high impact resistant, high ...

    By Global Mold Incorporated based in Coeur d`Alene, IDAHO (USA). from Air & Gas Treatment Product line

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