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Articles & Whitepapers

  • PEWE Ehrmann Dairy Case Study

    PEWE Ehrmann Dairy Case Study

    Ehrmann Dairy manufactures Greek style yogurt products at its new Casa Grande AZ facility. As part of the construction the plant needed to install a primary wastewater treatment system. A wwt location was selected on the east side of the property. The wwt system DAF is an HD2XLRatorTM LS-375. This unit utilizes counter-cross flow hydraulics with regenerative turbine aeration. The DAF ...

  • Regenerative Turbine Aeration Technology

    Regenerative Turbine Aeration Technology

    In order to acquire precise control of input and output fluid/gas parameters, wastewater managers and technicians can utilize a regenerative turbine pump, which fully optimizes the gas dissolution ...


  • PEWE HD XLRator DAF Maximizes TSS, FOG and BOD Removal

    PEWE HD XLRator DAF Maximizes TSS, FOG and BOD Removal

    Oregon Ice Cream is as committed to dairy product quality as it is to the protecting the environment. The company has built a strong following within the community by being a good neighbor. When it came to wastewater management they had their ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Low Speed Surface Aerator

    Low Speed Surface Aerator

    Specially designed for wastewater treatment, the hydrodynamic shape of the polyester rotor (in reinforced polyester) encourages an optimal mixing and oxygenation of the water.