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air flotation unit Equipment

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    BMI - Model BM-LDAF - Dissolved Air Flotation Units with Lamella Technology

    The flotation units BMI series LDAF, due to the lamella technology, incorporate a large separation surface.The LDAF flotation systems incorporate lamella packs, made with fibreglass wavy sheets, to obtain a high surface area into a small volume. The lamella packs are positioned at an angle higher than 50 degrees to avoid the possibility of ...

    By Bio Mass Impianti srl (BMI) based in Trezzano s/N, ITALY.

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    ASTIM - Dissolved Air Flotation DAF Unit

    Where water is re-circulated for economical and environmental reasons, grease, oil, fat, floating and suspended solids, settling material, and dissolved components need to be separated to provide good and uniform water quality. Also recovery of valuable product from the water may be another additional objective. In addition, clogging and excessive ...

    By ASTIM A.S. based in Gebze - Kocaeli, TURKEY. from Grit & Grease Removal Technology - Grease Removal Systems Product line

  • Model DAF - Dissolved Air Flotation Unit

    The Dissolved Air Flotation Unit clarifies animal wastewater by removing suspended organic material using micro bubbles that float the tiny solid particles to the surface. The particles form a layer of sludge on the surface which is skimmed off by a rake assembly. The sludge contains a high percentage of NPK.

    By Manure Systems Inc. based in Abbotsford, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Dissolved Air Flotation Unit

    Depending on the application, flocculation addition may be required and inlet connection is provided for addition of dilute polymer to the dissolved air spin mixer inside the DAF itself.In addition, a coagulant such as PAC or Ferric Chloride may be used where emulsions or stable colloids may exists, or in the case of milk products, pH may need to ...

    By SEPA Pty. Ltd based in Sutherland, AUSTRALIA.

  • Envotech - Model DAF - Dissolved Air Flotation Units

    Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) units, when compared for instance to plain sedimentation units, are economic and performing machines to achieve separation of suspended solids, and/or sludge thickening, floating them through the action of a rising air stream. Air is dissolved under pressure into water to produce, once pressure is released, air ...

    By ENVOTECH LTD based in Plovdiv, BULGARIA. from Wastewater Treatment Product line

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    Lugan - Model DAF - Compact Flotation Plants

    Our Lugan compact flotation plants either use dissolved-air flotation or electroflotation, depending on the version. They are designed for a capacity of 0.75 - 20 m m³/h.

    By EnviroChemie GmbH based in Rossdorf bei Darmstadt, GERMANY. from Flotation Plants Product line

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    EnviroDAF - Dissolved Air Flotation Clarification Process

    The EnviroDAF technology is a Dissolved Air Flotation clarification process for the separation of solids, grease and oils. It works by producing a stream of micro-fine air bubbles that attach to solids and float them to the surface, where they can be removed by a surface scraping mechanism.

    By Ovivo (Formerly Eimco Water Technologies) based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Physical/Chemical Treatment Systems Product line

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    Model ADF-I - Double Stage Dissolved Air Flotation Plant

    Operation ace. to the dissolved air flotation principle. Emulsion splitting and flotation plant with 2 largely dimensioned flotation stages for an effective cleaning process. Emulsions with oil, grease, solvents and detergents are reliably cracked, the purified water is clear and transparent. Discharge to sewer or partial recycling. The system ...

    By AWAS International GmbH based in Wilnsdorf, GERMANY. from Emulsion Splitting and Flotation Plants Product line

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    BMI - Model DAF - Dissolved Air Flotation

    A range of modern machines compact and fully pre-fabbricated for high performance in treatment of primary water, industrial and municipal effluents. Bio Mass Impianti designs Dissolved Air Flotation systems with Know-How matured in more than 35 years activity.

    By Bio Mass Impianti srl (BMI) based in Trezzano s/N, ITALY.

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    Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) System

    The Dissolved Air Flotation units are used to remove the suspended matter and fats from the wastewater (or from water). These particles, together with dissolved solids (COD or nitrogen compounds), constitute an important source of pollution that can be regulated.

    By SYMBIONA SA based in Warszawa, POLAND. from Chemical Treatment Product line

  • Purac - Standardised DAF Units

    Under the brand Flootek, Purac undertakes delivery of ready-made skid mounted DAF units of stainless/acid-proof steel that are prepared for swift and simple plug-in installation. The units are widely used for wastewater treatment, mainly within the food industry, oil refineries, pulp and paper mills, and metal finishing.

    By Purac AB based in Lund, SWEDEN. from Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Product line

  • VODATECH - Model UF - Flotation Units

    Flotators or the flotation units of the VODATECH company operate on the principle of flotation. Flotation is a physical process in which, unlike the sedimentation, there is a lifting of solid, in water suspended particles by fine air bubbles to the surface. On the surface gradually forms a compact layer of compacted sludge that is wiped.

    By VODATECH, s.r.o. based in Svatobořice-Mistřín, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Flotation System Product line

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    BMI - Model BMC-HR - High Rate Dissolved Air Flotation Systems

    Modern concept for circular shaped DAF systems: High rate dissolved air flotation units BMC.HR, are innovative high rate machines, developed as a result of long experience and experimentation, where the flotation process fulfils each of the third generation technologies, as defined in the acts of the most recent international specific conferences ...

    By Bio Mass Impianti srl (BMI) based in Trezzano s/N, ITALY.

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    AWAS - Model Type ADF - Emulsion Breaking and Flotation Systems

    The AWAS ADF Flotation systems are specially planned and configured for different types of waste- and process water. Depending on the technical requirements the systems are designed in full or partial stream. In full stream, the feed water is saturated up to 100% with air or another gas in the saturator. In the partial stream ...

    By AWAS International GmbH based in Wilnsdorf, GERMANY.

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    Elgin - Solids Removal Dissolved Air Flotation System

    A Dissolved Air Flotation (“DAF”) systems are installed to target emulsified oils and ultra-fine solids between 0 and 30 microns.

    By Elgin Separation Solutions based in Stafford, TEXAS (USA). from Industrial Wastewater Solutions Product line

  • Ecologix - Model V-Series - Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Systems

    Ecologix V-Series Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) systems are highly efficient at removing suspended solids and other contaminants from wastewater. Our revolutionary V-shaped design includes a bottom auger for the automatic removal of heavy solids, a co-current scraper design featuring zero dead zones, and a uniquely designed weir system that ...

    By Ecologix Environmental Systems, LLC based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Dissolved Air Flotation Product line

  • ITS - Integrated Treatment System

    Hydraulic fracking sites require a wastewater treatment system that is robust enough to process millions of gallons of wastewater per well, versatile enough to service several wells in geographic sequence, and expandable enough to meet compliance standards anywhere in the world. Ecologix has once again raised the bar with its highly efficient ...

    By Ecologix Environmental Systems, LLC based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Dissolved Air Flotation Product line

  • Flotation Unit

    As opposed to settling, flotation is a solid-liquid or liquid-liquid separation process which is applied to particles whose density is lower than that of the liquid they are in. In water treatment flotation units are mainly used for oil separation and for sludge separation. Flotation units can be: Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF), Dissolved Gas ...

    By GEMWATER s.r.l. based in Milano, ITALY. from Water Product line

  • M.GH. - Flotation Unit

    Clarification by flotation can be used  alternatively to clarification by gravity. Dissolved air flotation is a  method  for separating and removing  suspended solids from liquid, based on changes in the solubility of gas as pressure varies.

    By M.GB. S.r.l. based in Santorso, ITALY.

  • Model GPL - Flotation Units

    The GPL flotation units are robustly built and characterised by large 'free surface' areas. For waste water containing large solids contents, the design provides sufficient retention time for separation and pre-dewatering of the skimming.The GPL units have been designed for waste water with COD contents of 10 000 mg/l and higher. In the same ...

    By Redox Water Technology B.V. based in Winterswijk, NETHERLANDS.

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