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  • Subsurface Aerators
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    Subsurface Aerators

    By Fluence Corporation

    With thousands of units in operation around the world, Tornado subsurface aerators have a proven record of maximizing performance while minimizing energy consumption.

  • Solar-Powered Floating Fountain
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    Solar-Powered Floating Fountain

    By Fluence Corporation

    Combining Function and Form to Provide Energy-Efficient Aeration of Residential and Commercial Ponds. The AuraAER solar-powered floating fountains provide an environmentally friendly solution to distribute oxygen, ...

  • Ballasted Flocculation System
    Showcase Product

    Ballasted Flocculation System

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc.

    The WesTech RapiSand™ ballasted flocculation system is a high-rate clarification process using rapid mixing and multi-stage flocculation, followed by sedimentation. RapiSand sedimentation is extremely fast and can be ...

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  • SIGMADAF Clarifiers - Wastewater Solutions

    SIGMADAF Clarifiers - Wastewater Solutions

    SIGMADAF Clarifiers is a water treatment company with over 20 years of experience in the field of DAF manufacturing and whose infrastructure is based ...

  • Eco Pond Rescue

    Eco Pond Rescue

    Eco Pond Rescue utilizes a patented Venturie aeration system to circulate and aerate ponds and lakes. We also specialize in safe non-toxic turbidity ...

  • BiOzone Corporation

    BiOzone Corporation

    BiOzone Corporation is a world-leading manufacturer of ozone generators and ozone water treatment process trains designed to meet a wide range of ...

  • Ecological Laboratories Inc

    Ecological Laboratories Inc

    ECOLOGICAL LABORATORIES INC. selects, grows and formulates bio-formulations specifically to meet the requirements of on-site wastewater systems. Our ...

  • Liverpool Water Witch Marine and Engineering Co. Ltd.

    Liverpool Water Witch Marine and Engineering Co. Ltd.

    Liverpool Water Witch - World Leaders in Waterway Maintenance Solutions. Liverpool Water Witch is a 3rd generation family-run business established in ...