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Algaecides equipment for Water and Wastewater

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    Verderflex - Model VP1-Timer - Peristaltic Dosing Pump

    Digital timer peristaltic tube pump is suitable for dosing flocculent, enzymes and algaecides. The pump is easy to install and maintain, featuring a segmented digital display and 10 starts/stops for a daily programming.

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    AMSA BCP™ - Multi-Purpose Organic Deposit Cleaner 2430

    BCP™ 2430 is a multi-purpose product with several key uses. Its primary use is as a powerful organic deposit cleaner, deposit penetrant, and deposit dispersant in industrial water systems. BCP™ 2430 and biocide provides a cost effective Biofilm Control Program (BCP™). In particular, BCP™ 2430 can be used in Legionella ...

    By AMSA, Inc. based in Auburn, MICHIGAN (USA). from AMSA BCP™ 2000 Series - Biofilm Control Products Product line

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    Kurita Ferrodor - Water Treatment System for Swimming Pool

    Kurita’s comprehensive and innovative technology for swimming pool treatment offers a broad range of products.

    By Kurita based in Tokyo, JAPAN. from Water Solutions Technologies Product line

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    Lenntech - Algaecide Water Treatment Chemicals

    Algaecides are chemicals that kill algae and blue or green algae, when they are added to water. Examples are copper sulphate, iron salts, rosin amine salts and benzalkonium chloride. Algaecides are effective against algae, but are not very usable for algal blooms for environmental reasons. The problem with most algaecides is that they kill all ...

    By Lenntech Water Treatment based in Delfgauw, NETHERLANDS. from Water Treatment Chemicals Product line

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    AMSA BCP™ 2175 - Cleaning Fouled Systems

    BCP 2175 is a multi-purpose product. Its primary use is as a powerful organic deposit cleaner, deposit penetrant, and deposit dispersant in industrial water systems. This is a “cross-over” product and thus, it provides the benefits of 2 active ingredients, a blend of the classic DTEA II (BCP 1000 chemistry) and BCP 2000. BCP 2175 and ...

    By AMSA, Inc. based in Auburn, MICHIGAN (USA). from AMSA BCP™ 2000 Series - Biofilm Control Products Product line

  • Biocide and Algaecide

    MICRO2 is a Special formulation blend to combat the disease causing bacteria, spores and viruses. It is highly effective against both Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria. MICRO2 is a Point-of-use liquid which meets all the water purification needs and an effective remedy for water borne maladies. Micro2 is a Broad spectrum Biocide, Fungicide ...

    By OIL FIELD TEKNIKS based in Hyderabad, INDIA.

  • Captain - Model XTR - Algaecide

    Through INFUSION, Captain XTR is the best available technology for the control of all types of algae. Captain XTR is optimized to increase the penetration of copper (INFUSION) into algae cells and enhance efficacy. This formulation feature is especially impactful when targeting tough to control mat forming, colonial and mucilaginous species. ...

    By SePRO Corporation based in Carmel, INDIANA (USA).

  • Alken CLEAR-FLO - Model 4007 - High Activity Anaerobic Digester Aid

    ALKEN CLEAR-FLO 4007 is a concentrated dry formulation of specially selected, non-pathogenic, Biosafety Class 1, facultatively anaerobic strains of bacteria, including six endo-spore forming Bacillus and three gram-negative, vegetative strains, designed to accelerate liquefaction and digestion of grease, sludges and other high strength organic ...

    By Alken-Murray Corporation based in Flint Hill, VIRGINIA (USA).

  • Captain - Liquid Copper Algaecide

    Captain is the right tool for economical and effective control of a broad spectrum of filamentous and planktonic algae. This premium quality aquatic algaecide is 9% double chelated copper. Algae control occurs in 3 to 7 days following application when applied according to label directions. Water treated with Captain may be used for swimming, ...

    By SePRO Corporation based in Carmel, INDIANA (USA).

  • Cutrine - Model Plus - Granular

    Cutrine-Plus Granular with copper ethanolamine complexes is a highly effective algaecide.

    By Aquacide based in White Bear Lake, MINNESOTA (USA).

  • Alligare - Model 8% Copper - Aquatic Algaecide

    Water treated with Alligare 8% Copper can be used immediately for recreational activities, for drinking, for watering livestock, and for irrigation of crops, golf courses, ornamental plantings, and turf areas.

    By Alligare LLC based in Opelika, ALABAMA (USA).

  • Argos - Algaecide & Herbicide

    Potable water sources treated with Argos may be used as drinking water only after proper additional potable water treatments. Argos is a liquid copper-based formulation containing ethanolamine chelating agents to prevent the precipitation of copper with carbonates and bicarbonates in the water. Argos effectively controls a broad range of algae. ...

    By Alligare LLC based in Opelika, ALABAMA (USA).

  • Stocktrine II - Model 32 oz Treats 8000 Gallons - Algaecide

    Stocktrine II Algaecide effectively and economically controls algae growth commonly found in stock watering tanks, troughs and ponds. Treated water can be used immediately for stock watering.

    By NewTechBio, Inc. based in Howell, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Herbicides and Algaecides - Algae Control Product line

  • GreenClean - Model 1523 - Granular Algaecide 2 Lb. Pail

    Powerful GreenClean Granular Algaecide works on contact to control algae in water gardens, ornamental ponds, fountains, and other water features. Through its patented formula, GreenClean immediately begins fighting algae blooms, releasing vital oxygen into the water body as it biodegrades. GreenClean also quickly eliminates algae on a wide ...

    By NewTechBio, Inc. based in Howell, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Herbicides and Algaecides - Algae Control Product line

  • SteriTab - Health care disinfection

    Steritab releases Chlorine dioxide gas who is a stronger disinfectant than chlorine and chloramine. Ozone has great micro biocide effects, but limited residual disinfection capability. Recent research in the United States and Canada demonstrates that chlorine dioxide destroys enteroviruses, E. coli, amoebae and is effective against cryptosporidium ...

    By GlobalEx Official based in REPUBBLICA DI SAN MARINO, ITALY. from GlobalEx product range Product line

  • NewTechBio - Model 1483 - Cygnet Plus Surfactant 1 Gallon

    Cygnet Plus is a strong, non-ionic surfactant that is used to greatly enhance the overall effectiveness of many algaecides and herbicides by breaking down the waxy cuticle on plant leaves providing better adherence for the chemical solution to the vegetation. Cygnet Plus is a wetting agent, sticker, activator, and penetrant all in one. Cygnet Plus ...

    By NewTechBio, Inc. based in Howell, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Herbicides and Algaecides - Algae Control Product line

  • AUVS - Model P Series - Low Pressure Mercury Vapour (LPMV) Lamps

    Our P-Series Units utilise Low Pressure Mercury Vapour (LPMV) lamps with the cylinder utilising our high quality Australian Made 316L Stainless Steel cylinder. Built onto a baseplate with all electrical contained within an electrical compartment, the units run off a 240V standard power outlet, and include hour run meter, lamp fault indication as ...

    By Australian Ultra Violet Services Pty Ltd based in Thomastown, AUSTRALIA. from Water Disinfection Units Product line

  • AquaSpherePRO - Biodegradable - 500,000 gallons

    Our best selling product, 100% natural. Designed to prevent pond issues before they arise, promoting pond health. This biodegradable product is hassel free, you just gently toss the sphere in your pond and forget about it. Sphere ships complete with our 24/7 30 day PROFormula. Will treat fresh water ponds and lakes for up to 30 days. Remember to ...

    By Bioverse, Inc based in Worthington, MINNESOTA (USA). from Golf Courses Product line

  • Di-Sol - Water Soluble Packaging System

    Di-Sol is a blended water soluble material that is formulated for specific applications and manufacturing processes. The polymer is then either molded or extruded to give the customer a product for the required application. Most of these products have been specifically manufactured to serve as an enclosure for carrying chemical substrates in the ...

    By Randolph Austin Company based in Manchaca, TEXAS (USA). from Water Soluble Packaging Product line

  • PermaFence - Containment Boom

    The PermaFence containment boom is designed for permanent installations and minimum maintenance. This heavy-duty boom is capable of withstanding long-term deployments and the arduous conditions of permanent installations. Our specially molded foam filled floats have a unique design that greatly enhances the impact resistance while providing high ...

    By Elastec based in Carmi, ILLINOIS (USA). from Booms and Curtains - Invasive Aquatic Plant Boom Product line

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