Anthracite Water Filtration

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  • Anthracite Filtration Media (1 Cubic Foot)
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    Anthracite Filtration Media (1 Cubic Foot)

    By Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.

    Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. - Anthracite Filtration Media is selected for its high quality. This anthracite filtration media is produced from a superior vein of coal in PA. The filtration media conforms to AWWA ...

  • Anthracite Media
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    Anthracite Media

    By Standard Sand & Silica Company

    Anthracite media size shall be specified in terms of effective size and uniformity coefficient or a particle size range as provided by the purchaser. Filter Anthracite shall consist of hard, durable anthracite coal ...

  • Filter Media
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    Filter Media

    By Anthracite Filter Media Company

    Anthracite Filter Mediais thoroughly selected from anthracite which yields the highest percentage of carbon. It is then hydraulically classified to reduce mineral matter and ash to a minimum, and finally screened and ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Shanxi Global Import & Export Trade Co.,Ltd

    We are one of the largest Anthracite Filter Media Exporters in the world and very experienced in Anthracite Filter Media export, sales, and services, ...

  • EGL Puracite

    EGL Puracite are manufacturers of premium anthracite filter media. Based in Wales the filter media is produced exclusively from Welsh Anthracite and ...

  • Anthracite Filter Media Company

    Anthracite Filter Media Company has been in business since 1935 and is a dependable global supplier of filter media to the drinking water, ...

  • Aqualat™ Co.

    Aqualat™ Co.

    We are a leading manufacturer of carbon products for various industrial application: water treatment, metallurgy and other. We manufacture and supply ...



    CO-SUNNY TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED. carry a large in inventory of activated carbon for the treatment of both liquid and vapor phase, including ...