Atmospheric Water Generation

Equipment & Solutions

  • Airbricks
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    By Floodguards Systems Ltd

    Air Brick Covers are designed to prevent water from entering a building via `Air Bricks` (bricks designed to allow air to circulate in the cavity of the wall or to allow fresh air into a building or vents). FGSL ...

  • Vehicle Atmospheric Water Generation Unit
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    Vehicle Atmospheric Water Generation Unit

    By Water-Gen Ltd

    Troops on combat missions rely on continuous supply of water to successfully perform their mission. Today many militaries have defined a requirement of three days of logistics independence, with an average of 10 liters ...

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Companies & Suppliers

  • Atmospheric Water Generators-WaterMicronWorld

    Atmospheric Water Generators-WaterMicronWorld

    WaterMicronWorld, Ltd. is engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, marketing, and worldwide distribution of atmospheric water ...

  • Maithri Aquatech

    Maithri Aquatech offers you a spectrum of atmospheric water generators that extracts fresh, safe and the purest drinking water from the air, loaded ...

  • Ambient Water Inc

    Ambient Water Inc

    Ambient Water pioneered atmospheric water generation technology for extracting water from humidity in the air. Drawing from the renewable ocean of ...

  • Water Maker India Pvt. Ltd.

    Water Maker India Pvt. Ltd.

    Established in 2004, WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Ltd. A global leader in atmospheric water technology. Technology Provider for clean safe drinking water ...

  • Talisa Water

    The Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) are state of the art units ranging from the Home/Office unit producing up to 30L of water a day up to the 10 ...