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  • Applications of porous titanium

    Applications of porous titanium

    With its unique properties, porous titanium can be widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, water treatment industry, food industry, bioengineering, chemical industry, petrochemical, metallurgical industry and gas purification. It is a new material with broad development prospects.Typical uses include:- In the infusion of the pharmaceutical industry, small injections, eye drops, decarbonizatio

  • Introduction and Type of Check Valve Animation

    Introduction and Type of Check Valve Animation

    The check valve animation is an automatic valve. It flows forward and closes in reverse flow. The valve is opened by the fluid pressure of the system and any flow reversal closes the valve. The exact ...


  • We’re in the Public Attitudes Business

    Our keynote speaker in Banff, Grant Ainsley, made it very clear to all that we are in the public attitudes business.  While for years we have gone about quietly providing safe drinking water and making wastewater clean, we are in a very ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Single Drop Diffusers

    Single Drop Diffusers

    OVIVO single drop diffusers are at the heart of our thickened aerobic digestion (TAD) systems. Our 2-inch MS® diffusers and 1-inch TransMAX® diffusers eliminate clogging by separating the air-metering orifice from the diffuser, and locating it above the basin liquid level. Therefore, no liquids or solids are ever in contact with the orifice restriction, the point at which most other ...

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  • Cross Connection Control - Webinar

    Cross Connection Control - Webinar

    This webinar is intended to provide a "blueprint" for program managers to properly implement an effective program through the identification of required tasks. The presenters will explore potential obstacles and provide insight into obstacle resolution. The webinar is intended to provide insight to prospective and experienced backflow prevention program managers with a focus on developing, ...