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  • Self-Adjusting Floating Baffle System
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    Self-Adjusting Floating Baffle System

    By Grande Water Management Systems

    The ACU-SELF Self-Adjusting Floating Baffle System is designed to reduce floating debris from entering storm water overflow systems, combined sewer overflow (CSO) systems, sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) systems, ...

  • Gravity Filter
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    Gravity Filter

    By ProMinent GmbH

    Filtration capacity 6.5 – 62.0 m3/h. The gravity filter INTERFILT SK is an open sand filter system for extremely economical water treatment. The filter system operates with differential pressure-controlled ...

  • Conventional Clarifier
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    Conventional Clarifier

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc.

    The WesTech Conventional Segmented Blade Clarifier is a capable option for smaller primary clarification applications. Each Conventional Segmented Blade Clarifier can be upgraded with several WesTech COP™ Clarifer ...

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  • Texas Boom Company

    Texas Boom Company

    Since 1986, Texas Boom Company has been manufacturing a wide range of equipment to support the oil spill response and prevention industries. The ...

  • JPS Industries

    JPS Industries

    Since 1964 JPS Industries has been best known for the manufacture and installation of the finest baffle curtains in the world. Baffle Curtains so ...

  • JC-Fabrications, LLC

    JC-Fabrications, LLC

    JC-Fabrications, LLC, is a U.S. based supplier of wastewater treatment equipment. Our quality products strike the perfect balance between durability, ...

  • Enduro Composites

    Enduro Composites

    Enduro`s Tuff Span Building Panels are well established as the leader in structural fiberglass panels offering outstanding corrosion protection and ...

  • McGill AirSilence LLC

    McGill AirSilence LLC

    McGill AirSilence LLC We provide noise control solutions for a broad range of industrial and HVAC applications. We accomplish that by offering a ...