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ship ballast water (Ballast Water) equipment

  • HyCator: BWT Reactor System

    A high technology solution for the treatment of ballast water. The introduction of invasive marine species into new environments by ships’ ballast water attached to ships’ hulls and has been identified as one of the greatest threats to the world’s oceans. HyCator™:BWT Reactor System meets the need for the treatment of the ballast waters to meet ...

    By HyCa Technologies Pvt. Ltd. based in Goregaon (E),, INDIA.

  • SeaCURE - Ballast Water Management System

    To help meet ballast water treatment management standards as outlined in the 2004 IMO Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments, Evoqua Water Technologies has developed a ballast water treatment system that provides a reliable, environmentally sound solution that is designed to protect against the ...

    By Evoqua Water Technologies LLC based in Warrendale, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Chemical Feed and Disinfection Product line

  • Ballast Water Treatment System

    The International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments, 2004, mandates that all ships that carry ballast water install a treatment system by the year 2016. Ratification and implementation of the United Nations’ International Maritime Organization (IMO) ballast water management convention will ...

    By Concorde Water Supplies (CWS) based in Co. Dublin, IRELAND.

  • C-TREAT - Ballast Water Treatment System

    The most commonly occurring method of Global transfer of non indigenous species has been found to be transfer through shipping industry ballast water. The resulting ecological and economical damage has been enormous and resulted in whole new market for Cumberland traditional disinfection technologies.

    By Cumberland Electrochemical Limited based in Bicester, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Ships & Offshore

    The element of water is not only the route of transportation in worldwide navigation. It is also required as an important provision and necessary operating resource on ships, yachts as well as offshore platforms. Due to the long transport over the most diverse waterways and seas without natural sources of drinking water, the water carried is ...

    By WEDECO - a Xylem brand based in Herford, GERMANY. from Application Product line

  • BloomFoss - Model AHT - Anti-Heeling Systems

    The Anti-Heeling Control System is used to detect the heeling angle of the vessel and to rebalance the ship automatically by pumping ballast water from starboard to port or vice versa. The systems can operate with reversible or non-reversible pumps, using Remote Controlled Valves to ballast water flow.

    By BLOOMFOSS PTE LTD based in singapore, SINGAPORE.

  • CECO Peerless - Dissolved Gas Floatation Units

    Dissolved Gas Floatation units are utilised in Produced Water Separation, Produced Water injection, Refineries, Ship bilge and ballast water applications for separating oil and solids from water. The Dissolved Gas Flotation produces much higher separation efficiencies than the traditional induced gas flotation units. During more than 40+ years of ...

    By CECO Environmental based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA). from CECO Peerless - Produced Water/Oily Water Treatment Product line

  • MSI - Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS)

    Maritime Solutions Inc.’s safe and environmentally sound shipboard ballast water treatment system (BWT System) (patented) addresses the global ballast water problem of the shipping industry that caused contamination of the world’s harbors and waterways by delivering aquatic nuisance species during ship ballast operations (taking on or ...

    By Maritime Solutions, Inc. based in Linthicum Heights, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Aerocompact - Model S - Flat-Roof Racking System

    AEROCOMPACT S is our aerodynamic south-oriented racking solution for mounting framed modules on flat roofs with 5°, 10° and 15° mounting tilts. TESTED on the HIGHEST STANDARDS Our patent pending system is wind-tunnel tested with the newest standards, is TUV certified to UL 2703, and has a 25-year limited product warranty. Aerocompact S ...

    By Aerocompact GmbH based in Satteins, AUSTRIA. from Flat-Roof Product line

  • Aerocompact - Model Plus - Aerodynamic East/West-Oriented Flat-Roof System

    AEROCOMPACT+ is our aerodynamic east/west-oriented flat-roof system with material and cost savings up to 30%. The rolling design of the module layout has very little uplift and therefore less ballast is needed. With AEROCOMPACT+ each kWp is simply and quickly mounted in three minutes. Like the Aerocompact S system, the AEROCOMPACT+ also comes with ...

    By Aerocompact GmbH based in Satteins, AUSTRIA. from Flat-Roof Product line

  • FKAB - Model 7 500 m3 - Ballast Free LNG Carrier

    Unique cost saving design – Joint Development FKAB & GTT.

    By FKAB Marine Design based in Uddevalla, SWEDEN. from Ballast Free Vessels Product line

  • Hyde Marine - Ro-Ro / General Cargo Vessels

    Hyde Marine offers a compact, customizable solution to meet the specific needs of the cargo ship industry. The Hyde GUARDIAN Gold® Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) also has a completely scalable solution. Additionally, the Hyde GUARDIAN Gold BWTS has no dwell time requirements. Therefore, vessels that have short runs, operate in ...

    By Hyde Marine - a Calgon Carbon Company based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Hyde Marine - Container Vessels

    Hyde Marine offers a compact, customizable solution to meet the specific needs of the container ship industry. The Hyde GUARDIAN Gold® Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) also has a completely scalable solution. Additionally, the Hyde GUARDIAN Gold BWTS has no dwell time requirements so vessels that have short runs and quick turnarounds ...

    By Hyde Marine - a Calgon Carbon Company based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Cathodic - Sacrificial Anodes System

    In cathodic protection, pieces of metal (known as Sacrificial Anode) are linked electrically to the ship’s hull. These anodes, are made of metals more reactive than the material used for the ship’s body and systems. As such, they will corrode in place of the ship’s body and systems while the ship stays protected, giving rise ...

    By Cathodic Marine Engineering Pte Ltd. based in SINGAPORE. from Cathodic Protection Product line

  • Ballast Water Channel Compliance Support System

    Below is a 20 second clip of one of the many lesson plans that is unlocked with a subscription to The Ballast Water Channel. Based on our experience with shipboard water quality testing and use in ballast water treatment system development; Assure Controls understands that crews will be in unfamiliar territory, and that personnel changes ...

    By Assure Controls, Inc. based in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • AMRI - Butterfly Valves

    AMRI is a global manufacturer of butterfly valves, actuators and accessories. Our group is the largest manufacturer of butterfly valves in the world, in terms of volume. With more than 400,000 butterfly valves delivered each year, AMRI is a worldwide leader for this product.

    By Automated Valve & Control based in La Porte, TEXAS (USA). from Butterfly Valves Product line

  • Oyster - Model 700 - Submersible Pressure Transducer

    Submersible Pressure Transducers for water depths up to 2,000 feet. The Oyster 700 Series provide accurate and reliable level measurement utilizing the latest miniature microprocessor technology. The transmitter contains a piezo-resistive sensor that outputs a signal proportional to the hydrostatic pressure on the diaphragm. This signal is ...

    By Echo Process Instrumentation, Inc. based in Shalimar, FLORIDA (USA). from Level Product line

  • Hydromea - Underwater Drone

    EXRAY™ – the first-ever tether-less underwater drone specially built for infrastructure-rich confined flooded spaces. EXRAY™ drone is capable of taking 360-degree HD quality scans of the interior structures and take wall thickness measurements to deliver a consistent and comprehensive class inspection report time after time ...

    By Hydromea SA based in Lausanne, SWITZERLAND. from Products Product line

  • Ferrator - Model Fe50 - On-Site Ferrate Reactor

    The Ferrator is the first patented, on-site Ferrate reactor for municipal and industrial applications. With this breakthrough of small, inexpensive, transportable on-site synthesis reactors, Ferrate can now be delivered continuously for chemical, industrial, and environmental treatment processes in commercially significant quantities. The Ferrator ...

    By Ferrate Treatment Technologies, LLC based in Orlando, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Balpure - Electrolytic Disinfection Ballast Water Treatment System

    With its flexible footprint, ease of operation and significant economic benefits, the De Nora TYPE Approved BALPURE electrolytic disinfection ballast water treatment system is fast becoming the preferred method of ballast water treatment among ship owners and managers. De Nora BALPUREballast water treatment offers new and retrofit vessels with a ...

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