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Biofouling Control services for Water and Wastewater

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    Service and Maintenance

    Annual service prolongs the life of your instruments and ensures accuracy. We recommend you send instruments in for service and maintenance every 12-18 months. This small yearly investment can have a substantial impact on the lifespan of your equipment and protects your data readings from instrument drift and fouling.

    By In-Situ, Inc. based in Fort Collins, COLORADO (USA).

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    Biofouling Expert Service

    With our team of some of the most experienced biologists in the world having implemented hundreds of Biofouling control systems across the globe we can offer an expert review of the fouling as observed on the fouling coupons. The service is provided based on photo images of the fouling coupons of the biovision monitors and data interpretation from ...

    By H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V. based in Bemmel, NETHERLANDS.

  • Slagging & Fouling Minimization Services

    Slagging and fouling describe two different ways that ash can accumulate inside the furnace as a result of combustion. Molten or partially fused ash formed on the furnace walls becomes slag, while the fouling process happens when vaporized compounds condense on surfaces like the superheater or reheater.

    By STEAG SCR-Tech, Inc. based in Kings Mountain, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Slagging & Fouling Minimization Services Service line

  • Product Support Services

    Every product supplied by VeryPC should reach you in perfect condition and continue to work perfectly for the duration of the warranty period within the warranty terms and conditions. If you have an issue with any VeryPC supplied product you have received, contact us immediately. For VeryPC made hardware, you can submit your support request via ...

    By VeryPC Ltd based in Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Services

    Repair and reconstruction nets regardless of the type. Soaking - Painting (Antifouling). Manufacturing of all types of nets. Material strength measurement.

    By Diopas S.A. based in Thessalonica, GREECE.

  • Coatings & Materials Services

    From corrosion-fighting smart coatings to novel high pressure/high temperature materials, some of today’s most innovative breakthroughs in materials science start at Battelle. We’re working at the cutting edge of scientific discovery, from functionalized nanomaterials to sustainable bio-based solutions.

    By Battelle Memorial Institute based in Columbus, OHIO (USA). from Coatings & Materials Services Service line

  • Resin Testing Services

    It is important to take resin samples and to send them out periodically for analysis. This will enable the plant to follow the normal degradation of the resins and to catch fouling problems before they become serious. The recommended frequency of testing is once per year for softener resin more than five years old. Demineralizer resin should be ...

    By O3 Water Systems, Inc. based in Cle Elum, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Research and Development Services

    In order to maintain product efficacy and to identify and introduce improved formulations Flexabar-Aquatech continually conducts efficacy studies on its existing formulations and potential modifications and or reformulations. These studies are done at two different levels. At the first level or initial investigation, panels are exposed at a ...

    By Flexabar Aquatech Corporation based in Lakewood, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Product Development and Manufactuiromg

    Getting a new chemical, pharmaceutical or food product to market isn’t easy. You may have to develop a whole new process and then build specialized equipment to handle it. This can add months to your time to market. Artisan’s Product Development & Manufacturing division can help you build process equipment to handle the most viscous, fouling, ...

    By Artisan Industries, Inc. based in Stoughton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

  • Unknown Odors

    StinkInc knows that there is nothing quite as annoying as an unidentifiable, foul odor in the home or work place. Lucky for you (but not so much for us) we’ve experienced just about every bad smell that exists.

    By StinkInc based in Englewood, COLORADO (USA).

  • Biofouling Services

    Biofouling is the unwanted growth of microorganisms on surfaces. In the industrial sector it usually results in additional costs and downtimes because cleaning and maintenance are required more frequently. Biofouling can also have an effect on the efficiency of processes, for example in heat exchangers because of a reduction in heat transfer, or a ...

    By Bioclear earth b.v. based in Groningen, NETHERLANDS. from Biofouling Services Service line

  • Chromatic Elemental Imaging Services

    Pioneered by Avista Technologies for customers worldwide, Chromatic Elemental Imaging (CEI) is an extremely accurate, high resolution imaging technique that identifies the exact location and concentration of elements in a foulant sample. CEI is excellent for analyzing mixed foulant samples when other analytical tools provide limited results.

    By Avista Technologies, Inc. based in San Marcos, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Antifouling Coatings Services

    If antifouling coatings are part of your fouling management strategy, nets are treated as the final part of the process, and fully dried before despatch. Net polish, to assist with abrasion, can be applied either alone or in conjunction with antifoulant.

    By W&J Knox Ltd based in Ayrshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Tank Farm

    The fermenting block or cold block is a strategic step of the brewing process. During the fermentation organic and inorganic deposits are formed and can alter the quality of your products. If not completely removed by the cleaning process, these foulings will leave an unsanitary surface that can harbour microorganisms. Sopura has developed for ...

    By Sopura based in Crawley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Tank Farm Service line

  • Resin Examinations

    If you would like to have again clear solutions we offer: Examination of your resins in operation Capacity Fouling, scaling or mechanical state Ageing

    By MionTec GmbH based in Leverkusen, GERMANY.

  • Increase Diffuser Lifetime

    Proper preventive maintenance and cleaning can increase the diffuser lifetime up to 50%. Before choosing one of these techniques it is necessary to check the material resistance of the diffuser membrane and to verify the type of fouling. Every wastewater is special and may effect its own type of fouling.

    By Jäger Umwelt-Technik GmbH based in Hannover, GERMANY. from Increase Diffuser Lifetime Service line

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