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BOD sample (Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) Monitoring) equipment

  • Premium

    OxiTop IS - BOD Self Check Measurement

    Respirometric OxiTop measuring system for BOD self check measurement with undiluted samples – measuring ranges up to 4,000 mg/l BOD possible.

    By WTW - a xylem brand based in Weilheim, GERMANY. from BOD Self Check Measurement Product line

  • MANTECH PeCOD - Model Automated L100 - Grab Sampling Analyzer

    The PeCOD L100 Analyzer can be configured for direct connection to low flow, low particulate water lines. You can either set this to run automatically or interrupt with a grab sample to test manually. The technology is able to auto calibrate, rinse, run control checks and analyze samples making it an autonomous COD, BOD and NOM solution. ...

    By MANTECH Inc. based in Guelph, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Grab Sampling Analyzer Product line

  • Jenway - BOD Accessories

    Biological Oxygen Demand or BOD serves as an indicator of water pollution in water quality management. BOD5 measures the amount of oxygen consumed by aerobic bacteria in the breakdown of organic matter in a sample of water over 5 days in the dark at 20°C. The greater the value, the higher the degree of pollution.

    By Cole-Parmer Instrument Company based in Vernon Hills, ILLINOIS (USA). from BOD Accessories Product line

  • Waste water meter

    The universally applicable measuring device ' bio sense ' serves to support the plant maintenance, sampling and control, both in the laboratory and on site. The measurement result can be read out and documented in just a few minutes.Using intelligent optical scanning, the spectral absorption coefficient (SAK) at 254 nm is ...

    By seelcon GmbH based in Poggersdorf, AUSTRIA.

  • Model ST BD 2 - BOD Incubators

    BOD determination. Microbiological research. Plant growing and microorganisms breeding at specified temperature. Storage of liquids and samples for physicochemical analysis.

    By POL-EKO-APARATURA sp.j. based in WODZISLAW ŚLĄSKI, POLAND. from BOD Incubators Product line

  • BOD Bottle

    Standard 300 ml size clear glass BOD bottle features tapered ground glass stopper to prevent air entrapment, flared lip for water seal, and white marking area for identifying sample. 3/4ý ID mouth opening.

    By Forestry Suppliers, Inc. based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA). from BOD Bottle Product line

  • MANTECH - Model BOD Mini™ - Biochemical Oxygen Demand Analysis System

    This small automated system is ideal for a laboratory that analyses a small number of samples per day. Get all the benefits of a PC-BOD™ system in a smaller size.

    By MANTECH Inc. based in Guelph, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Biochemical Oxygen Demand Analysis System Product line

  • Skalar - Model SP2000 - Robotic BOD Analyzers

    With the SP2000series Skalar introduces the most flexible Robotic Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) platform available today. Besides the modern design and latest technology innovations, it has a flexible set up (from 18 up to 144 BOD bottles) and is developed to fit your exact laboratory requirements with respect to sample throughput, level of ...

    By Skalar Analytical BV based in Breda, NETHERLANDS. from Robotic BOD Analyzers Product line

  • Model EZ-BOD - Portable Respirometer

    BOD, or Biochemical Oxygen Demand, is the amount of oxygen used by microorganisms when they biodegrade organic material in a water sample. It is used as a measure of the degree of water contamination. In biological wastewater treatment, the BOD test is used to determine the waste content of influent streams and to measure the removal efficiency of ...

    By Shanghai Besters Ltd based in Shanghai, CHINA. from Portable Respirometer Product line

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants Aerobic Digesters

    This pilot was formulated to assess the effects of large volumes of Oxygen in a 100,000 Gal. Aerobic Digester and to evaluate its ability to reduce both hauling and energy costs. Specifically we were looking for Total Solids reduction and increased Supernate. Other compounds tested include: TSS (total suspended solids , TP (total phosphorous), VSS ...

    By Advanced Industrial Aeration based in Orlando, FLORIDA (USA).

  • CONBAR - Model W1229 - Sludge Nabber

    The NASCO Sludge Nabber makes sample collection of liquids fast and easy. It has an adjustable aluminum pole that extends from 4 to 6½, feet, making it easy to reach the liquid to be sampled and carried. The Sludge Nabber is ideally suited for numerous sampling requirements including chlorine in solution. Sample bottles of various sizes ...

    By CONBAR ep based in Monroeville, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Sludge Nabber Product line

  • KORBI - BOD Analyzer

    When organic matter found in wastewater is introduced into the BOD High Accuracy BOD Sensor 2000 analyzer (HABS-2000), it is oxidized by electrochemically-active bacteria attached on the electrode of the microbial fuel cell and as a result, electrons are produced. These electrons move through the electrode producing an electric current. The amount ...

    By KORBI Co.,Ltd. based in Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, SOUTH KOREA.

  • Model ST 1 - Cooled Incubator

    BOD determination. Microbiological research. Plant growing and microorganisms breeding at specified temperature. Storage of liquids and samples for physicochemical analysis.

    By POL-EKO-APARATURA sp.j. based in WODZISLAW ŚLĄSKI, POLAND. from Cooled Incubator Product line

  • Model D1001 - BOD - Disposable & Glass Biochemical Oxygen Demand (B.O.D.) Bottles

    Disposable BOD bottles provide huge labor savings and improved quality in any environmental laboratory. Lightweight unbreakable and recyclable disposable bottles offer safety as well as convenience. Bottles are formed from PET resin the most easily recycled plastic available. Simply use once and toss into the recycling bin.Consider how many ...

  • ParkUSA - Sample Well Basin

    A Sample Well is used in sewer applications to allow for periodic sampling of the wastewater (usually required by the Administrative Authority). Wastewater samples are used to monitor the performance of Grease/Lint interceptors, Oil/Water Separators or Acid Neutralization Tanks. Samples are taken from the sample port or by removing the cover. The ...

    By ParkUSA based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Sample Well Basin Product line

  • Biological Oxygen Demand System (BOD)

    Biological Oxygen Demand is the amount of oxygen used by micro-organisms when they bio-degrade organic material in a water sample. It is used as an important measure of the degree of contamination in a supply. The conventional BOD system comprises 6 bottles and 6 mercury capillary tubes with a constant scale of up to 1000mg/L. This ...

    By Wagtech Projects Ltd. based in Thatcham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Biological Oxygen Demand System (BOD) Product line

  • Tintometer OxiDirect - BOD Analysis

    The Lovibond OxiDirect is a manometric, respirometric BOD measurement system. Manometric respirometers relate oxygen uptake to the change in pressure caused by oxygen consumption while maintaining a constant volume. Thanks to the modern integral pressure sensors, it is no longer necessary to use mercury for pressure measurements. Data is stored in ...

    By Tintometer GmbH based in Dortmund, GERMANY.

  • Tintometer OxiDirect - Model BD 600 - BOD Measurement System

    Accurate, automatic and direct control of your wastewater samples. Respirometric methods provide direct measurements of the oxygen consumed by microorganisms from an air or oxygen-enriched environment in a closed vessel under conditions of constant temperature and agitation. Carbon dioxide produced metabolically by the bacteria is chemically bound ...

    By Tintometer GmbH based in Dortmund, GERMANY. from BOD Measurement System Product line

  • Model ZAW-LAB / ZAW-FIX - Respirometry/BOD analysers

    The ZAW-LAB and ZAW-FIX Respirometry analysers are measurement devices for more or less continuous online determination of Respirometry. Respirometry implies the drop in oxygen content of a sample within a specified period of time. Respirometry is a measure of microbial breathing activity.

    By GIMAT GmbH Umwelttmesstechnik based in Polling, GERMANY. from Respirometry/BOD analysers Product line

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