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Kusters Fuchs - Self Aspirating Aerators

by Kusters Zima Corporation     Distributor in AUSTRALIA

The Fuchs self aspirating aerators are used around the world in industrial and municipal applications including Lagoons, Aeration Basins, Oxidation Ditches, and Retrofits to existing systems. The high precision shaft design utilizes extremely tight tolerances and eliminates the need for a lower guide or bearing. The result is a lubrication free ...

Isotopic N2O Analyzer (N2O, δ15N, δ18O)

by Los Gatos Research - a member of the ABB group     Distributor in AUSTRALIA

N2O is a linear, non-symmetric molecule (N–N–O), with one nitrogen atom at the center (alpha site) and one at the end (beta site). Therefore, one can distinguish between two structural isomers containing one heavy isotope of nitrogen, namely 14N15N16O and 15N14N16O, referred to as 15Nα and 15Nβ, respectively. The ...

Model SAF - Submerged Aerated Filter System

by Tristar Water Solutions     based in Western Australia, AUSTRALIA

The Submerged Aerated Filter (SAF) is a biological treatment process based on a submerged aerated biofilter using a fixed film, attached biological growth process. The high rate biological oxidation process is performed using an extremely efficient Submerged Aerated Filter with a very high specific surface area.

AquaTex SBR - Advanced Water Treatment Systems

by Australian Water Recycling Institute     based in Williamstown, AUSTRALIA

WRI has extensive experience in the use of membrane filtration, sequence batch reactors, and advanced oxidation technologies for wastewater treatment. Coupled with advanced in-house capabilities for system automation and communication has allowed WRI to become the premier provider of water reclamation systems in the country. The newest addition to ...

Moving Bed Bio-Reactor Plants (MBBR)

by Septech Holdings Limited     Office in Spit Junction, AUSTRALIA

MBBR is an activated sludge process that produces a fixed film of biomass on a large population of small, inert carriers or Bio-media. The Bio-media provides a large protected surface area and optimised conditions for the bacteria culture to grow and thrive. The rapid biofilm growth delivers high efficiencies in the biological oxidation of organic ...

Syskill - Model SYS SBR - Sequential Batch Reactor

by Syskill International Pty Ltd.     based in Castle Hill, AUSTRALIA

The Sequential Batch Reactor utilizes the Activated Sludge Process and the two steps of biological oxidation and phase separation take place in the same tank, on an cyclic basis. This process provides complete nitrification and substantial de-nitrification by controlling the aeration and fill/draw cycles. The single tank is operated in a cyclic ...

Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Analysis

by Aqua Diagnostic     based in South Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Treatment Plant Optimisation With increasing costs for power and effluent discharge, process optimisation through real time, accurate monitoring of COD levels at key points throughout the treatment plant is a necessity. The PeCOD™ COD range of analysers will provide critical monitoring information to optimize secondary treatment aeration ...

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