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High Charged Organic Wastewater (Biological Water Treatment) equipment

  • Biological Wastewater Treatment System for Industry and Municipalities

    Many different industries have various requirements for wastewater treatment, but all have one thing in common: The need for an optimised solution for wastewater treatment. Whether we install a single treatment step, a complete wastewater treatment plant or equip an entire factory with systems for wastewater treatment – DAS Environmental ...

    By DAS Environmental Expert GmbH based in Dresden, GERMANY. from Wastewater Treatment Product line

  • Wastewater Recycling Plants

    All over the world, limited access to drinking water, high water costs, strict legislation are high priority considerations when planning the water supply for a brewing or beverage operation and it will surely go in even more relevance in the future. The installation of modern processes and the diligent use of water can sustainably reduce the ...

    By EUWA H.H. Eumann GmbH based in Gärtringen, GERMANY. from Water Treatment Product line

  • Model LFC - Low Fouling Membranes

    LFC3-LD from the LD Technology™ innovative low fouling membranes, combines the attributes of a neutrally charged surface with hydrophilicity to achieve the lowest organic and colloidal fouling in the most demanding feed water conditions. Superior membrane technology is the key to Hydranautics’ innovative LFC (Low Fouling ...

    By Auxicolor, S.A. based in Terrassa, SPAIN. from Hydranautics Membranes Product line

  • Hydrosil - Model HS-270 - Water Filtration

    Media to remove oil and similar organics from water.

    By Hydrosil International based in Elgin, ILLINOIS (USA). from Water Filtration Product line

  • Hydrosil - Model HS-250-AC - Water Filtration

    Media to remove oil, heavy metals and similar organics from water.

    By Hydrosil International based in Elgin, ILLINOIS (USA). from Water Filtration Product line

  • Coagulants & Flocculants

    Coagulants and flocculant's are formulated to assist in the solids/liquid separation of suspended particles in solution. Such particles are characteristically very small and the suspended stability of such particles (colloidal complex) is due to both their small size and to the electrical charge between particles. Conditioning a solution to ...

    By Ecologix Environmental Systems, LLC based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Specialty Chemicals New Product line

  • Hydrosil - Model HS-200 - Liquid Phase Filtration Media

    Media to remove oil, heavy metals and similar organics from water. The liquid phase filtration media HS-200 shall be 8 x 14 mesh zeolite impregnated with no less than 125 milimoles cetyl trimethyl ammonium chloride per kilogram of zeolite. The density of the product shall be 57-59 pounds per cubic foot.

    By Hydrosil International based in Elgin, ILLINOIS (USA). from Water Filtration Product line

  • BiOzone - Ozone Drinking Water System

    Ozone has been used in drinking water plants since 1906 where the first industrial ozonation plant was built in Nice, France. Ozone as a viable process train is gaining more importance as the sources of pristine raw water are dwindling. Source waters from aquifers have to be replaced with surface waters. Without exception, these surface waters are ...

    By BiOzone Corporation based in Englewood, COLORADO (USA).

  • TriSep - Specialty Membrane Elements

    TriSep offers a broad array of spiral wound membrane products. With one of the broadest selections of of RO, NF, UF, and MF membrane chemistries, TriSep can deliver a product for your specific requirement. In addition, TriSep offers several construction varieties including sanitary TurboClean, high pressure, high temperature, and different ...

    By TriSep Corporation based in Goleta, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Thioguard - Model TST - Magnesium Hydroxide

    Thioguard TST - Technical Grade Magnesium Hydroxide 'milk of magnesia' Mg(OH)2 The Non-Hazardous, Earth-Friendly alternative for odor and corrosion with positive plant benefits. Long distance H2S hydrogen sulfide and sulfuric acid corrosion reduction through:

    By Premier Magnesia, LLC based in Waynesville, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Other Products Product line

  • ASM - Model WWTP - Clarifiers For Process Of Treating Waste Water

    ASM sonic wave technology offers the possibility for efficiency gains in the process of treating waste water, reducing the chemicals needs of the process whilst simultaneously increasing the performance of all traditional and current procedures. Our engineers and partners have designed our products for your individual needs and purposes. We have ...

    By Aqua Sonic Management International Limited. based in North ipswich, AUSTRALIA.

  • Model CEU - Central Esterification Unit

    The purpose of the Central Esterification Unit (CEU) is to convert free fatty acids (FFA), which are present in the raw material, into biodiesel by using heterogeneous catalyst and methanol. The concentration of FFA is expected to reach maximum 50 %. Aging of the raw material may cause a rise in the acidity during storage. Hence it should be ...

    By BioDiesel Technologies GmbH based in Vienna, AUSTRIA. from Other Equipment Product line

  • Ecoprocess SBR

    Premier Tech Aqua provides a complete line of treatments using sequencing batch reactors, which are collectively called the Ecoprocess SBR. This type of treatment operates in “batch-process mode” and is time controllable. Such technologies are classified according to inflow method, type of fermentor or equalization tank, or how they ...

    By Premier Tech Aqua based in Rivière-du-Loup, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Municipal And Industrial Product line

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