Submerged Bed Filter (Biological Water Treatment) equipment available in Nepal

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    Bio-Pac - Model SF30 - Media for Trickling Filters, Submerged Beds and Anaerobic Reactors

    Preferred media for replacing rock media in existing trickling filters. Manufactured of reprocessed UV stabilized polypropylene for long life. Used extensively in anaerobic and aerobic submerged attached growth reactors. Low installation costs.

    By Raschig USA Inc. based in Arlington, TEXAS (USA). from Trickling Filter Media and Products Product line

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    Dura-Pac - PVC Trickling Filter Media

    Cross Flow and Vertical Flow PVC Sheet Media for Trickling Filters, Submerged Fixed Bed, Tube Settlers and IFAS Processes.

    By Raschig USA Inc. based in Arlington, TEXAS (USA). from Trickling Filter Media and Products Product line

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    Dura-Pac - Model XF and VF Media - Sheet Media for Trickling Filters

    Crossflow and vertical flow PVC sheet media for trickling filters, submerged fixed beds, and other wastewater treatment applications including oil/water separators.

    By Raschig USA Inc. based in Arlington, TEXAS (USA).

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    Bio-Rings - Plastic Media for Trickling Filters

    Materials: Plastic Jaeger Bio-Rings are manufactured in weighted or un-weighted polypropylene to give a specific gravity greater than 1.0 or less than 1.0, depending on the application.

    By Raschig USA Inc. based in Arlington, TEXAS (USA). from Additional Products Product line

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    Bio-Pac - Random Packed Media

    Bio-Pac is Jaeger Enviromental's random packed polypropylene media ideally suited for trickling filter applications and submerged bed applications, including submerged aerated filters and submerged anaerobic systems. Wide range of material specific gravity available for varying media buoyancy. Bio-Pac is available with 30, 31 and 60 ft2/ft3 (100 ...

    By Raschig USA Inc. based in Arlington, TEXAS (USA). from Additional Products Product line

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    Dura-Pac - Modular PVC Media

    Dura-Pac is Raschig USA's modular PVC sheet media capable of withstanding loads in excess of industry standards. Available with surface areas of 30, 31, 40, 48, and 68 ft2/ft3 and in vertical or cross-flow configurations, Dura-Rac is ideal for trickling filter applications, submerged fixed bed applications and oil/water separators.

    By Raschig USA Inc. based in Arlington, TEXAS (USA).

  • ENVICON - Model Type BIOPAC - Fixed Bed Filter Blocks

    The ENVICON Fixed Bed Filter blocks type BIOPAC are particularly suited for use in submerged-filter tanks and trickling filter tanks. The filter blocks consist of tube-shaped individual elements of equal length and equal diameter, with meshed walls. The ends of these individual net pipes are welded to each other to form permanent blocks.

    By ENVICON GmbH & Co. KG based in Dinslaken, GERMANY.

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    TETRA - Model ColOX - Advanced Aerobic Biological Treatment System

    The TETRA ColOX system is an advanced aerobic biological treatment system which combines the best elements of activated sludge (suspended growth) processes and trickling filter (attached growth/fixed-film) systems with innovative design features to achieve superior performance. Configured as a Submerged Packed Bed Reactor, the ColOX system ...

  • Model HGF - Gravity Filter

    The Filtertech Model HGF Deep Bed Gravity Filter provides effective clarification for a variety of applications. This is accomplished by using our patented labyrinth side seal design, which provides an efficient seal along each edge of the filter media. This eliminates the migration of solids around the edge which is a common problem with ...

    By Filtertech based in Manlius, NEW YORK (USA). from Gravity Filters Product line

  • BIOFOR Biological Aerated Filtration System

    BIOFOR™ is a biological submerged filter containing a fixed, dense granular bed with influent wastewater flowing in an upward direction. The system employs a proprietary media that serves as a biological contactor as well as a filter, eliminating the need for separate clarification and saving space.

    By Degremont Technologies - a subsidiary of Suez Environnement based in Dübendorf, SWITZERLAND. from Infilco Degremont Line Product line

  • Extended Aeration Sewage Treatment Plants

    Pure Water Technology's range of advanced wastewater treatment technologies of Membrane Bio-Reactor systems (MBR), Submerged Aerated Filter (SAF,) Extended Aeration Plants, Moving Bed Bio-Reactors (MBBR) provides high treatment efficiencies and lower foot-prints through designs that integrate processes.We are engaged in offering Wastewater ...

    By Pure Water Technology based in Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. from Wastewater Treatment Plants Product line

  • Sewage Treatment Plants

    Treatment of sewage & recycle of it to get reusable water has now been acknowledged as an economical & commercially viable proposition. Above all, reuse of sewage recycled water is seen and acknowledged as an ecological necessity. This process drastically reduces the rate of depletion of surface and ground waters. Plants are offered using a range ...

    By Concepts India Pvt. Ltd. based in Sanpada, Navi Mumbai, INDIA.

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    2H BIOdek - Vertical Flow Fills

    BIOdek vertical flow fills form vertical channels and have open interfaces. Thus the sludge of thick biofilms does not accumulate and solids are easily expelled. The fill’s reinforced edges increase the bearing capacity and give a high resistance to erosion.

    By ENEXIO Water Technologies GmbH based in Hürth, GERMANY. from Fills for Biofilm Processes Product line

  • Stand Alone Systems

    Multi-Phase Filtration – Stand Alone Systems are self contained and do not require a central filtration system. The Aquaneering system employs a four-stage filtration system to provide the cleanest recirculated water in the industry.

    By Aquaneering, Inc. based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Aquatic Housing - Zebrafish Aquatic Housing Systems Product line

  • Rotating Biological Contactors

    Established in 1910, Tuke and Bell Ltd. have been one of the U.K's major manufacturers of sewage purification equipment, the range includes grit plants, scrapers, aerators, filter distributors and picket fence thickeners as well as rotating biological contactors. We have a wealth of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of our ...

    By Tuke & Bell Ltd based in Wednesbury, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • BIODISK - Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Wastewater treatment using a BIODISK is a natural biological process based on the principle of the rotating biological contactor (RBC). It is self regulating, a complete treatment plant and can be sized to meet your needs. The treatment process has capabilities of secondary, tertiary and advanced treatment with an additional capability of ...

    By BIODISK Corporation based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA).

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