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  • Analog Gas Mass Flow Controller
    Showcase Product

    Analog Gas Mass Flow Controller

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc.

    Get accurate, reliable mass flow control with SideTrak 840 analog mass flow meter and controller. This traditional mass flow meter: Features precise primary standard calibration to measure any gas with low pressure ...

  • Submerged Fixed Film System
    Showcase Product

    Submerged Fixed Film System

    By Brentwood Industries, Inc.

    Complexities such as stringent discharge limits, space constraints, and regional variations present a growing burden for plants facing demands to treat greater flows. Brentwood’s AccuFAS FBBR system offers a ...

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  • bioLIVE China 2019
    Showcase Event

    bioLIVE China 2019

    By United Business Media Ltd (UBM)

    In recent years, with the rapid development of cutting edge bio technologies and the mass emerge of new target drugs and cytotherapies, the biopharmaceutical industry is entering a blooming new age. In view of the ...

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  • American Water Works Association (AWWA)

    American Water Works Association (AWWA)

    Established in 1881, the American Water Works Association is the largest nonprofit, scientific and educational association dedicated to managing and ...

  • Remosa - Recubrimientos y Moldeados s.a.

    Remosa - Recubrimientos y Moldeados s.a.

    Remosa is an enterprise founded in Súria (Barcelona) in 1981, with a high vocation for progress and innovation. At present, 2 Production and Logistic ...

  • AQUA-bioCarbon GmbH

    AQUA-bioCarbon GmbH

    The main products of AQUA-biocarbon GmbH are: biological waste water treatments active coke fixed bed bioreactor ( ACFBB ) constructed wetlands ...

  • Magellan BioTech - HEL GROUP

    Magellan BioTech - HEL GROUP

    We manufacture and sell gas analyzers and perfusion products for the bioprocess industries. Biopharmaceutical companies and organisations, from ...

  • BRS Biotech

    BRS Biotech

    BRS Biotech is an international company with headquarters in Finland. We make affordable and reliable equipment for biotech, pharma, food industries. ...