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    Mobius 2000 L Single-use Bioreactor Brochure

    Mobius Bioreactors are a scalable portfolio of stirred tank bioreactors that provide flexibility by configuring software, hardware, and single-use assemblies for use in suspension and adherent cell culture ...

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    TETRA ColOX - Bioreactor System - Brochure

    De Nora Water Technologies offers the TETRA ColOX aerobic bioreactor system that uses a fixed-film biological process to provide superior nitrification, BOD reduction and filtration of suspended solids for water and wastewater applications where aerobic biological treatment is used. Configured as a submerged packed bed reactor, this compact space-saving unit offers greater efficiency, operational ...

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    MBBR Wastewater Treatment System - Moving Bed Bioreactor

    GWT Modular MBBR Wastewater Treatment System using advanced aeration and moving bed bioreactor technology. These systems are utilized for decentralized onsite wastewater treatment applications for domestic an industrial wastewater treatment. ...

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    ClearLogic Membrane Bioreactor Brochure

    The ClearLogic® membrane bioreactor (MBR) provides peace of mind to its owners through WesTech's 40+ years of designing reliable and practical wastewater treatment solutions. Customers choose WesTech for superior service and the ability to provide complete systems that can include all instrumentation and control systems, as well as headworks and tankage. Choosing an MBR integrator with the ...

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc.

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    microBLOX - Brochure

    microBLOX™ Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) systems are fully functional solutions to wastewater treatment problems and are ideally suited to a wide range of applications. microBLOX™ technology was designed and engineered to be extremely simple to operate and optimize. The process uses one set of blowers to provide mixing, air scouring and process oxygen. For higher strength waste, ...

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    The Enviroquip MBR System - Brochure

    Submerged Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology for wastewater treatment and reuse. Key features & benefits; • Fully integrated, complete systems from headworks through disinfection • KUBOTA® membrane technology • Membrane thickening/digestion for biosolids management • EQLogix™ integration and controls • EQuipTech™ aftermarket technical ...

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    EWT™ FlooBed - MBBR Bioreactor - Brochure

    Highly Efficient and Compact Wastewater Treatment Key features & benefits; • Wide industrial applications • Treats high organic loads • High performance biofilm carriers • Resistant to toxic shots • Optimized MBBR aeration ...

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    Memosens CPS171D pH electrodes for bioreactors - Technical Information

    pH electrodes for bioreactors with digital Memosens technology. For biotechnology production processes with ion trap for longtime stable ...

    By Endress Hauser AG

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    Xcellerex XDUO 2500 Mixer - Datasheet

    Xcellerex XDUO 2500 Mixer is a robust, versatile, and easyto-use 2500 L single-use mixer for use throughout the entire process workflow (Fig 1). The large volume, coupled with exceptional mixing capabilities, enables fast and efficient mixing for upstream applications such as cell culture medium preparation and harvest. The intelligent automation and process control capabilities simplify complex ...

    By GE Healthcare Life Sciences

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    2H Random Media - Brochure

    The effective purification of waste water requires an active biofilm which is not too thick and a good supply of oxygen and nutrients. In aerated moving bed bioreactors (MBBR) an intensive movement of the random media in the water is ensured by the injection of oxygen or air so that surplus sludge can be removed from the surfaces and clogging can be ...

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    EPG TTE100-CX Temperature Sensor - Brochure

    EPG Temperature Sensors are designed to be used in landfill recirculation and bioreactor systems to sense the temperature of their surroundings. Research has shown that monitoring and controlling temperature within the landfill will decrease the time necessary to degrade municipal solid waste. When used with EPG moisture, leak and pressure sensors, a complete range of real-time data can be ...

    By EPG Companies Inc.

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    EPG MS664-CX Leak Detection Sensor - Brochure

    EPG Leak Detection Sensors are designed to be used in landfill recirculation and bioreactor systems to detect leakage. Conductance is made from probe to probe through the presence of liquid. Typically, the sensor sends a signal to an intrinsically safe relay which can be used to annunciate an alarm condition or shut equipment down. The control circuit has an energy potential so low that it is ...

    By EPG Companies Inc.

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    SIMBA#water Features List

    New Membrane Bioreactor • MBR block supports the new model framework adding colloidal state variables. • Effluent TSS can be modeled as a fraction of the incoming TSS or as a constant ...

    By inCTRL Solutions Inc.

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    BioKube BioReactor - Model 50 to XL - Decentral Wastewater Treatment Plants - Datasheet

    The BioKube BioReactor is most commonly used for treating wastewater from smaller villages and factories and retro fit with daily wastewater outlet of more than 100 m³. The system is designed for placement in in-situ casted concrete ...

    By BioKube A/S

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    BioKube BioReactor - Brochure

    The BioReactor Series STP contains compact units of aerated biological treatment units - ready to build into in - situ cast concrete tanks. The BioReactors take up a minimum of space compared to traditional SBR systems. The daily load of sewage concentration determines the size and numbers of BioReactor ...

    By BioKube A/S

  • AmphiBio - Combined Baffled Bio Reactor (CBBR) Brochure

    The AmphiBio Combined BioReactor (CBBR) is a full composite, compact biological unit that incorporates at least 7 stages of any combination of anaerobic, anoxic and aerobic processes according to the treatment needs. The synergy achieved in this unit capitalizes on the advantages that each has to offer and is able to process a wide range of influents to a high-level standard with a minimal ...

    By AmphiBio Technologies, LLC

  • Packaged Membrane Bioreactor Systems Brochure

    The limited supply of fresh water to support communities and industries, the increased cost of centralized water and wastewater treatment plants and stricter environmental regulations make ARTAS Packaged Membrane Bioreactor Systems (armbr) a viable and ultimate solution for current and future wastewater treatment and reuse ...

    By Artas Group

  • Containerized Mobile Modular Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) - Brochure

    Meet North American / European effluent standards anywhere in the world. Available in 12,000; 35,000, 21,500 and 52,000 gpd capacity. The systems are designed to treat raw sewage between 300/300 mg/l BOD/TSS and 900/300 mg/l BOD/TSS. All in one 20’ or 40’ high cube container each. Each system has a stainless-steel rotary screen, aeration chambers one or more membrane modules, complete ...

    By Water Services Inc.

  • flexMBR - Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Brochure

    The flexMBR is the first membrane bioreactor open-source design that can operate MBR modules from different suppliers. It provides flexibility to switch from one membrane to another without having to redesign the entire plant. By choosing the versatile flexMBR platform over a specific module design. system owners have the flexibility to choose and change membranes. Replacement of modules becomes ...

    By H2O Innovation

  • Evac - Model MBR - Membrane Bioreactor, Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems - Brochure

    The Evac MBR advanced membrane bioreactor wastewater treatment plant is suitable for all vessel types. The MBR plant handles all black (sewage) and gray waters from galleys, sinks, showers, and laundry ...

    By Evac E.U.R.L.

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