Blackwater Treatment

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  • High-Frequency Hydrodynamic Cavitators
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    High-Frequency Hydrodynamic Cavitators

    By CT Systems

    Pre-cracking oil processing: Oil is high-molecular, heterogeneous liquid. Its molecules in atmospheric pressure and normal temperature conditions are complex-directed. Thus the energetic balance of intermolecular and ...

  • Black Water Tanks
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    Black Water Tanks

    By Rotational Molding Inc. (RMI)

    All green or black 300 gallon and above include a 1 1/2” spin weld fitting near top and2” P.P. bulkhead fitting near bottom.

  • Scraping Devices
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    Scraping Devices

    By SMC Manager S.A.

    The scraping installations consist of one or moreFOAM TRANSPORTERS WITH SCRAPING DEVICESand are mounded inside the primary rectangular separators from the technological flow of separation and recovery of black oil in ...

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  • Wastewater Australia

    Wastewater Australia

    Wastewater Australia provides solutions for both Commercial and Domestic applications. We have a keen focus on the treatment and re-use of ...

  • TNJ Group

    TNJ is Single window company for on-site energy generation through integration of renewable sources of energy and management of wastes.Water and ...