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Blue-green Algae equipment for Water and Wastewater

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    Ultrasonic Algae Control Technology

    Ultrasonic algae control technology can reduce up to 90% of the existing algae and prevent the growth of new algae. LG Sonic’s biofouling solutions lower algae, biofilm formation and reduce chemical consumption.

    By LG Sonic based in Zoetermeer, NETHERLANDS.

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    Precellys - Lysing Kits for Tissue Homogenizer

    Precellys Lysing Kits are prefilled tubes with specific beads and are suitable for use with all biological samples prepared for DNA, RNA, protein or drug extraction.

    By Bertin Technologies based in Montigny - Le - Bretonneux, FRANCE.

  • AlgaeChek - Model Ultra - Multiparameter Portable Fluorometer

    The portable fluorometer provides a cost-effective solution to monitor the effects of organic pollution, identify potentially harmful cyanobacteria and turbidity. AlgaeChek Ultra can be configured to detect up to three parameters.

    By Modern Water - Monitoring Division based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Environment - Fluorometers Product line

  • Vessel for the Separation of Biomass Particles

    Removal of biomass from a water surface with the use of a vessel separating biomass particles. The vessel for separating biomass particles from the water surface is used to remove biomass from the water surface.

    By ASIO, spol. s r.o. based in Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Water Treatment - Cyanobacteria Removal Techniques Product line

  • Felix - Water Quality - Blue-Green Algae Sensor

    Blue-Green Algae sensor accurately measures in 3 ranges from 0 - 2,000,000 cells/mL Cyanobacteria (phycocyanin or phycoerythrin).

    By Felix Technology Inc. based in Concord, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Hydrological Instruments Product line

  • Biological Conversion Technology

    LanzaTech’s process involves biological conversion of carbon to products throughgas fermentation.Using microbes that grow on gases (rather than sugars, as in traditional fermentation), carbon-rich waste gases and residues are transformed into useful liquid commodities, used in everyday applications, providing a novel approach to carbon ...

    By LanzaTech Inc based in Skokie, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • AlgaeChek - Portable Fluorometer for the Detection of Chlorophyll a or Cyanobacteria

    The portable fluorometer provides a cost effective solution to monitor the effects of organic pollution or identify potentially harmful cyanobacteria. AlgaeChek can be configured to detect either Chlorophyll a, phycoerythrin or phycocyanin. Chlorophyll a provides an indication of the algal biomass and is often used as an indicator water quality ...

    By Modern Water - Monitoring Division based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Environment - Fluorometers Product line

  • C/F 1015 - Model New Improved - Cyanobacteria Degrader

    Dry – Product: 9 gram-positive Bacillus and 6 gram-negative specialized strains, with additional proprietary ingredients, decreasing the competitive advantage of foaming algae and Cyanobacteria in waste water, lakes and ponds.

    By AquaBio Environmental Technologies, Inc. based in Hawthorne, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Aquaculture, Lake, Pond & Aquatic Treatments Product line

  • MICRO ALGAE - Tubes

    The ALGE-BARTs contain a ball, dehydrated medium, and geo-textile. Add water sample until the water reaches the top of the textile.  Below the ball, there is a layer of textile into which the algae can grow. Nutrients to support algal growth diffuse into the water sample from dehydrated medium deposits in the base of the tube.

    By Droycon Bioconcepts Inc. (DBI) based in Regina, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • Cyanobacteria Monitoring Systems

    Lakes regularly suffer from cyanobacteria blooms (blue-green algae). Some of these species are toxic and therefore swimming waters are closed for the remainder of the season when blooms occur. In the project CyMonS an efficient monitoring system will be set up, so waters only need to be closed when the blooms occur.

    By Water Insight BV based in Wageningen, NETHERLANDS.

  • WISP-3 - Surface water quality hand held instrument

    The WISP-3 is an easy-to-operate hand-held hyper-spectral radiometer for assessing both fresh and salt surface water quality. It contains three radiometers measuring reflectance (‘the color’) of the water. Advanced algorithms are used to translate the color of the water to relevant ecological surface water parameters that are displayed ...

    By BlueLeg Monitor BV based in JG Sneek, NETHERLANDS.

  • Reservoirs

    Many areas of the United States, especially the West, currently face water supply issues. The amount of water available in these areas is already limited, and demand will continue to rise as population grows. The Southeast and West (especially the Southwest) have experienced less rain over the past 50 years, as well as increases in the severity ...

    By Phoenix Water Technologies, Inc. based in San Pedro, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Government Product line

  • Municipal & Community Wastewater Management

    A logical choice for small communities. Whether for a residential development, a condominium building project or a resort complex, BIONEST technology helps simplify wastewater management while providing a higher quality of treatment. Our solutions offer unparalleled technical and economic advantages for both the user and the developer and/or ...

    By Bionest based in Grand-Mere, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Aeration Towers

    Pump aeration towers are mainly used to stir the water column of the lake. They mainly use the principle of the transport of oxygenated water that is beneath the surface, to layers without oxygen that are near the bottom. Aeration towers with an aerator are mainly used to oxygenate the water column. Air is supplied to the aerator that is installed ...

    By ASIO, spol. s r.o. based in Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Water Treatment - Cyanobacteria Removal Techniques Product line

  • PLANTECO - Microbial Mats

    PLANTECO uses versatile photosynthesizing Microbial Mats to treat wastewater and oil spills and produce reusable “Green Water” and “Green Energy”. Our engineered Microbial Mat Aquatic Treatment System (MMATS) utilizes contaminants in wastewater, oil spills, greenhouse gases and sunlight to rapidly produce biomass harvested ...

    By Planteco, Inc based in Athens, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Application Vessel

    The controlled dosing of a substance for cyanobacteria precipitation, by an application vessel. The vessel is used for the controlled dosing of an applied substance beneath the water surface.

    By ASIO, spol. s r.o. based in Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Water Treatment - Cyanobacteria Removal Techniques Product line

  • Microcystest Kit - Detection of Microcystins in Drinnking and Recreational Water

    Microcystins are a group of hepatotoxins produced by cyanobacteria during and after blooms in water bodies as a result of eutrophication. They are considered the most harmful cyanotoxins due to their natural abundant and potent toxicity, posing a hazard to animals and humans. Monitoring of drinking and environmental water is therefore very ...

    By ZEU-INMUNOTEC based in Zaragoza, SPAIN. from Toxins Product line

  • Water Treatment Systems

    Water quality is of the utmost importance as water is essential to human survival. Despite the advances of the 20th century, 25% of the world’s population still lacks access to clean, uncontaminated water. Even though most of the world has access to clean water, there are still many sources of contamination, such as:

    By Phoenix Water Technologies, Inc. based in San Pedro, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Government Product line

  • Alken CLEAR-FLO - Model 1015 - Concentrated Dry Blend

    ALKEN CLEAR-FLO 1015 is a concentrated dry blend of specially adapted bacteria (9 Bacillus & 6 vegetative gram-negative strains) ,which degrade oils , greases and biosurfactants created by Nocardia and Cyanobacteria (aka 'Blue-green algae'), thereby providing superior control of foaming in lakes and ponds. A touch of Yucca schidigera helps to ...

    By Alken-Murray Corporation based in Flint Hill, VIRGINIA (USA).

  • Model PAM-2500 - High-performance Field and Laboratory Chlorophyll Fluorometer

    The PAM-2500 chlorophyll fluorometers are successors of the well-known PAM-2000/2100 instruments which were introduced in the 1990s as the first portable PAM fluorometers. Since then they have been successfully applied worldwide by numerous scientists.

    By Heinz Walz GmbH based in Effeltrich, GERMANY. from Chl Fluorescence & P700 Absorbance Product line

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